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RUSH: Rigo in Fresno, California. Hi, Rigo. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Oh, great. Great, Rush. As Mark Levin would say, thank me very much for the phone call. Anyways, you know, I really appreciate what you’re doing, Rush. I’m all with you. But unfortunately, you’re preaching to the educated and informed crowd. You see, I’m a truck driver, and I travel all over the Southwest from Houston, Texas, all the way to California, and talking to the youth and the Hispanic vote, they actually believe that Obama’s it. They don’t have anything negative to say about him.

RUSH: For some of them, that’s true. There’s no question for some of them that’s true. But the polling data, Obama is losing ground in the youth vote. We had two polls on that yesterday, and the same thing is happening with the Hispanic vote. There was a couple big stories yesterday, Rigo, that the Hispanic vote, just like any other voting bloc, it’s not monolithic, and it’s not automatic now vast majority Obama. Every voting group, every bloc, however you want to describe it, has a people who voted for Obama who are now unhappy.

CALLER: I don’t know who they’re talking to because I’m talking to them all the way across the southwest.

RUSH: Rigo, here’s the problem with anecdotal stuff. How many people are you talking to?

CALLER: On a daily basis?

RUSH: Millions? Thousands? How many are you talking to?

CALLER: Well, like I said, all up and down the I-10 route, at least 30 or 40 people a day.

RUSH: Okay, tell me how it happens. You can’t talk to ’em when you’re driving the truck.

CALLER: No, no, but I’m at truck stops. I’m in towns. I’m at restaurants. I’m at all of this, and it’s just —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — but here’s the thing. You ever hear the saying that there’s people that play the game, those that watch the game, and those that don’t have a clue of the game being played?

RUSH: That’s my next question to you, Rigo, did you ask them when was the last time they voted?

CALLER: Oh, they voted for Obama.

RUSH: All of them?

CALLER: Well, I’d say 75%.

RUSH: But how many are we —

CALLER: Okay, I understand, I understand what you’re saying.

RUSH: You are giving me what is known as anecdotal evidence. You’re talking about your truck routes in the Southwest, and you’re talking to a comparative handful of people and you’re extrapolating that to think that this represents the entire country.

CALLER: Yes, I understand. But, you know what, I’m very confident that, as you were saying before, you know, we’re gonna win in a landslide, but I am still so — I would just say — I don’t know if you’d call it scared —

RUSH: Look —

CALLER: — but I’m very, you know —

RUSH: I happen to live — Rigo, you know, you’re describing people as the uninformed and all that. I live in the second wealthiest ZIP code in the country, and plenty of these people here are blooming idiots, and they’re gonna vote for Obama. They think they’re the smartest people in the world and they’re blithering idiots. So they’re everywhere. But we’ll deal with it.

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