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RUSH: Here’s Dick Morris, by the way, audio sound bites. Fox News Channel, The O’Reilly Factor last night. O’Reilly said, “Jimmy Carter was running, as you said, an economy that was just terrible, inflation off the charts, unemployment was high, and that he looked bad with Iran. But he still led Reagan after all that in the polls. Be was still well ahead of Reagan, but Reagan basically got him in the debates. I think that’s what’s happened. Reagan came across much more confident, much more credible in the debates than Carter, and that’s what turned it for him.”

MORRIS: Certainly the debates helped. All of this, Bill, is based on a fundamental misreading of what the situation was back then and what it is now. People are not reading these polls accurately. They are saying that right now it’s very close and in most polls Obama is somewhat ahead. Totally untrue! Obama is waaaaay behind.

RUSH: He’s right. That New York Times poll of three weeks ago, 41% approval. The likability numbers are up, but Dick Morris is right. You’ve got an incumbent president below 50% approval. The White House knows it. They are in a state of panic. And very few people on our side are confident enough to say that. Confidence, of course, is not something I have a problem with. But many other people do. And plus there’s the jinx factor. See, I don’t believe in jinxing.

For example, I don’t think if I tell you that they’re panicking in the White House that I’m gonna jinx something. But there are a lot of people that do. I don’t believe in the jinx factor. So O’Reilly said, “Oh, really? Well, why is the president losing independent support?” Don’t forget now the Fox News poll came out yesterday, and Obama is losing independents to Romney by 13 points, after the war on women, after all this phony trumped up stuff for the last six weeks. O’Reilly wanted to know from Morris why is the president losing independent support.

MORRIS: The president is running an absolutely stupid campaign. His campaign is based on the assumption of not appealing to the middle, not even regarding the middle. He’s just going after the left. He’s trying to re-create the coalition that elected him in 2008. He’s trying to re-create that environment.

RUSH: That’s right.

MORRIS: Instead of using hope and change and uplift, he’s using envy and fear and dislike and distrust. In the course of it he looks horrible, his personal approval ratings are dropping.

RUSH: That’s exactly right again. There is no hope and change. There’s just fear, envy, class warfare, all that stuff. It’s not playing. This morning on CBS This Morning the magazine editor Jann Wenner was being interviewed by the BFF of Oprah, Gayle King, “In the four years that Rolling Stone’s done the interview, you’ve had it the last three years with the president. So I’m thinking there must be some kind of rapport between you, Jann Wenner, and Obama, but you said he seemed a little somber in this interview.”

WENNER: He’s — I think, just really stressful and at points it just gets wearisome and tired. You know, and he’s been pounded back and forth. Not that he — you know, he’s more somber, the stakes are higher. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s tough. Hillary looked tired. I mean even at three years, a job that you can’t imagine.

RUSH: So Obama and Hillary are tired and they’re running scared, and this guy loves ’em. Jann Wenner loves Obama and loves Hillary, but he can’t help but acknowledge these people have had it. Look tired, such a tough job. Oh, man, it’s a job that you just can’t imagine. Charlie Rose was not happy to hear what Jann Wenner was saying. He said, “Well, do you think that they’re running scared or not?”

WENNER: The Obama people? I think everybody is running scared. You have to. If you’re not running scared, you’re crazy. If you go in with overconfidence, youÂ’re going to make mistakes. You go in there like every last vote counts and I think that’s the way they mean to take it.

RUSH: Jann Wenner, the last expert on Obama because he did an interview.


RUSH: Not only, folks, can Obama not run on his past, he very likely can’t even run on his future. He has no plans to address Social Security. He has no plans to address Medicare. He has no plans to address the debt. He has no plans to address any of the problems we’ve got. All of his plans — and he can’t run on these, either — all of his solutions boil down to one thing, and that is taking more of our money. And that’s not a very good selling point, except maybe for people who are so poor they don’t have to worry about it. He’s gonna make it sound like he’s gonna only take money from the top 1%, but he’s gonna be taking everybody’s money. That’s his plan. That’s his solution. That’s all he’s got. I was in Los Angeles on Monday. I had to kill some time out there, and I’m driving around town. I saw a down-and-out homeless-looking guy holding a cardboard sign that said: “Please give money or I’ll vote for Obama again.” Honest. (laughing) This guy hadn’t figured out Obama’s gonna give him some.

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