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RUSH: Pasadena, California. This is Tamara, and I am glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good morning.


CALLER: You are fired up, and I had to call. I was at the gym, and I heard your opening comments about Spanx and Sara Blakely so, of course, as a woman entrepreneur I had to call and share — and enlighten you, I guess, really — about Sara Blakely. And there’s a couple of quick points I want to make. Number one: She started out selling business machines door-to-door. She was in sales. And in her mind, she said, “There’s gotta be a better way. I live in America. I’ve gotta be able to come up with something that is gonna make a difference, right? For myself, for other women, in this country.” She saved $5,000, and she started her business on her own terms — with her own tenacity, hard work, positivity. And she didn’t do it with the premise of, “Oh, I’m gonna get rich and drive a fancy car and eat at the finest restaurants.”

RUSH: Wait a minute. What’s wrong with that?

CALLER: Hey, trust me, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a capitalist, baby, and I want to follow in old entrepreneurial footsteps.

RUSH: What’s wrong…? Wait a minute, now, Tamara. What’s wrong with getting rich, driving a fancy car and eating at the finest restaurants? Somebody has to? Why not you?

CALLER: Well, my point is she did it without that. Her motivation was entrepreneurship, wanting to make a difference, be her own person, and fulfill her dream. As a woman and an entrepreneur getting ready to launch my own company, my business partner and I looked at Sara Blakely, and we said, “She is a shining example — not just for women who have a dream, but for men — of what America is all about!”

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: Oh, my God!

RUSH: That is exactly right.

CALLER: I’m fired up because I’m so glad you finally got a chance to talk about her, because you know what?

RUSH: I think it’s great that she’s a role model for people.

CALLER: She’s awesome! She’s awesome! And, you know what? When you look at her, she exemplifies the exceptionalism that this country was founded on. I am an American woman. I still live in “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” and I still have opportunity to go big and fulfill my dreams. I believe in America, and I believe in myself, and I want all your listeners — especially the new ones that you’ve gotten — to know we are gonna make a difference in election season. Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: Believe in yourself!

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: It is our country, and I’m not going down without a fight.

RUSH: You hear this passion? This passion is all over this country!

CALLER: You bet!

RUSH: This is all over this country! I’m convinced this passion is all over this country.

CALLER: I love it! Anyway, thank you, Rush, for highlighting her and just highlighting the spirit of entrepreneurship. You’ve given me such a great inspiration for today. Keep at it and keep working. It just affirms exactly why I believe I have something to share and I’m going to keep pushing.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. You sound like you’re an expert on Sara Blakely and since I saw the story in the New York Post today, I did a little research. In limited time, I tried to find out some things about her. She’s from Florida, by the way.


RUSH: Is it true that what she really set out to do was make pantyhose that weren’t so hot?

CALLER: Well, not too hot.

RUSH: Uncomfortable hot?

CALLER: She actually came up with a premise. She used to cut her pantyhose because she had a favorite pair of white pants. And as we all know, women, you have to be very careful in what your undergarments are wearing white pants. She couldn’t find the perfect undergarment for white pants. And they were her favorite pants! She said, “Okay, there’s no product out there. I can make a better product!”

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: “Because I know exactly what I want and what women are gonna want.”

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: She did it! She did it! It’s awesome!

RUSH: And —

CALLER: And tons of women entrepreneurs that are doing and have done exactly that.

RUSH: And she taught herself marketing from just reading books.

CALLER: She did! From books! From BOOKS! I love it. It’s just great! I love this country, I love America, and I don’t care what any of the media is telling you. This is why I listen to you, Rush. Because, you know what? We can do it! If you get rid of the noise and you focus? Oh, my goodness! We still can fulfill our dreams. It’s, like, people are dying to come to America.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Let’s hold up the light of liberty and show them we can do it!

RUSH: Tamara, thank you. This passion is all over this country. You’re not hearing it because the mainstream media doesn’t find people like Tamara. They’re out looking for people in misery and suffering. They want to try to blame Boehner for it, or Bush or the Republicans. But this kind of passion is all over this country, and it is waiting to be unleashed, and it will be. Tamara, thanks much. Great call, great to hear from you.

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