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RUSH: Tim in Salem, Oregon. You’re next. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.
CALLER: Thank you, sir. Before I start, I would like to challenge your listeners to get the message out locally that addresses your humanity.
RUSH: Uhhhh, that addresses my humanity?
CALLER: Yes. All the work you did —original
RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh.
CALLER: — last week on charities.
RUSH: I’m surprised when I run into somebody who thinks I have any. It stops me for a moment. I appreciate that. That’s very, very nice of you. Appreciate that. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You’re welcome. Here’s some interesting facts or comments that were made, first of all, by some people in their early thirties. I thought you would find this interesting. The first one was, they felt that in every campaign they use the same tactics and the same slogans. They felt that they really didn’t believe in the system because the candidate wouldn’t be able to, and Congress won’t, change anything.
RUSH: And so what do they base their decision on?
CALLER: Oh. You’ll like this. They felt they were “vulnerable,” and they used that word, to a charismatic leader.
RUSH: Okay, what I’m hearing you say here — what you’re telling me — is you’ve talked to some young people in their twenties and thirties, and they don’t believe either party. They don’t believe the system. They think both parties say the same stuff. The same campaign slogans are used every four years, the same charges, same allegations, same this or that. And so what they do is they make up their minds on charisma, likeability, personality, whoever they like the most. It doesn’t matter what they stand for because these people don’t think there’s any difference. So who they like the most is who they vote for. Is that what you’re saying?
CALLER: Yes, sir.
RUSH: All right. Now, you know how you combat that? This is exactly why I have gotten blue in the face telling people that we are going to have to get to these people ideologically. As far as they’re concerned, every campaign may look and sound the same, the two parties may look and sound the same, but conservatism and liberalism are in no way similar. They don’t share anything in common. That’s why these people that you’re talking about — and they’ll eventually figure this out when they get older. It always happens. If they haven’t already been corrupted and turned into little liberal skulls full of mush, then it’s still possible to get ’em.
And as they get older, they will automatically, many of them — whether they know it or not — start living their lives and managing their lives according to conservative tenets. But they may not want to admit it because of how conservatism is labeled, impugned, laughed at, and made fun of in the media. That’s why we’ve got to get to these people ideologically. That’s why Obama has got to be described as the ideologue that he is. Not that he’s a Democrat. Liberalism has to be explained. That’s what everybody wants Romney to do! That’s what everybody wants the Republican nominee to do, especially now when we’ve got the biggest example of it we’ve ever had in our lifetimes govern the country and ruining it.
Everything wrong with this country today is because of liberalism. Everything in Detroit that’s gone wrong? Liberalism. New Orleans? Liberalism. You go anywhere, any state, any city that has been run unchecked for years by liberals and you’re going to find destitution. You’re going to find destruction. You’re gonna find bulldozed houses. You’re gonna find elevated levels of poverty, hopelessness, all of this stuff. That’s the earmark of liberalism, all those things! So your job… I’m telling you here: When you run into these people, your job is to educate ’em. They don’t know what they are talking about. They are wrong in what they think.
It’s totally understandable, given what they think, that they would vote for who they like the most. Your job, any of you, when you run into people like this — particularly young people — is don’t be afraid to tell ’em about liberalism. I’m telling you, it’s our salvation. It is the way this country’s ultimately going to be saved. Nobody would vote for this garbage that’s happened! It’s why I said, “I hope he fails,” ’cause I knew what would happen. And if more people knew that, the guy would have never stood a chance. It’s an uphill battle. The media is contradicting it each and every day. No matter what we teach about liberalism, they’re making it look like it’s compassionate, big-hearted, loving, fair, all that rotgut BS.
But that’s it is answer to it.

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