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RUSH: While the Secret Service agent was getting in and out of bed with the hooker for 47 bucks, Mrs. Clinton was having a party at some pro-Cuban bar. Clinton boozed at Cuban bar in Cartagena. “Hillary Havana Heck of a Good Time — America?’s top diplomat was all smiles as she arrived after midnight with a dozen pals and her State Department security detail at Cafe Havana in the Colombian seaside town.”

She “ordered a dozen beers, two shots and bottles of water. They left their waiter a $40 tip,” which is less than the $47 the Secret Service agent spent on the hooker. (interruption) Well, we’re interested in prices. You know, money is being thrown around. (interruption) It looks like she had a good time. This is after midnight in Club Havana. She’s dancing. There are pictures of her dancing around and she’s got some beer. (interruption) Yeah, there was real music this time. Snerdley’s being a wiseacre here. I forget the year the Lewinsky story broke. But a month before the story broke…

Nobody could figure this out at the time, folks, a month before the story broke. Here’s the whole thing. One morning the LA Times, on the front page, had a black-and-white photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton dancing in their swimwear on a beach somewhere in the Virgin Islands. It was just in the LA Times. At the White House press briefing that afternoon, six hours after the paper hits the streets (or maybe seven hours) Mike McCurry, the White House press secretary, is doing the briefing. And some reporter says, “What is this picture on the in front of the LA Times? What is that?”

And McCurry gets all righteously indignant. (paraphrased) “That is the most outrageous invasion of privacy! We can’t believe that! The Clintons were enjoying a private moment on the beach, and that long-lens camera violated it.” And up until that time, nobody had heard of the picture. It was just in the LA Times. They wanted that picture out, as it turns out, ’cause it’s just a month later Lewinsky story hits. And it was later learned, ladies and gentlemen, that the whole thing was posed. Mrs. Clinton was in a one-piece, Bill was in a one-piece, and they were dancing.

It turns out there was no music!

They were on the beach, the whole thing was staged, and there was no music. They were “dancing” so they could get a bunch of still shots, and that hit a month before Lewinsky. So that picture was able to be revisited when the Lewinsky story hit. When they first denied that there was anything to it, they said, “Why, look at this loving couple just a month ago! They’re on vacation in the Virgin Islands and they’re having a great time together, dancing on the beach.” I forget who it was, but somebody looked into it and found out there were no speakers, no music, no nothing.

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