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RUSH: Let’s cut to the chase, and let’s get to the real question in the Secret Service hooker scandal in Colombia. What I want to know is, did those Colombian hookers have to pay for their own contraception, or are they covered under Obama’s health care plan as it extends to the Secret Service agents? That’s the question. That’s what everybody ought to be asking. With the War on Women being waged at full strength, how could that question not come up? How could that question not be asked? It wasn’t asked by anybody on the Sunday shows. It hasn’t been brought up by Hilary Rosen. It hasn’t been brought up by Anita Dunn. I don’t think’s Obama brought it up, but is it not the most important question? Who pays for the hookers’ contraception?

Do you realize, this whole brouhaha is over $47? The hooker charged one of the Secret Service guys $47, that’s what this is all about. That’s what I heard. And Hillary is out there drinking and dancing on a Saturday night, and the tip that she left the servers at the nightclub where she was, was 40 bucks. So Hillary left a smaller tip than the Secret Service agents are paying Colombian hookers. And again, folks, we do not know if they had to buy their own birth control pills or other kinds of contraception. This we just do not know. I don’t care what anybody says. I really don’t. I’m just glad to see that there’s one person in government who’s still stingy with the taxpayers’ dollars, and I’m talking about that Secret Service guy who got in and out of there for 47 bucks. (laughing) Ahem. Got in and out of there for $47. There’s a part of me that says more power to the guy. We are a country in debt. This is a guy that’s watching and counting his pennies.

There’s that photo of Hillary dancing in a pro-Cuban bar in Colombia. We don’t know if she was dancing or if she was dodging “snipper” fire. Where did that happen, where she had to corkscrew land? Kosovo. She had to corkscrew land in there and had to dodge “snipper” fire. That’s what the story said, folks. Do you know what a corkscrew is? Because of the threat of terrorist missiles, you have to — for people not familiar with flying, it can be a frightening thing. You’re not going straight down, but your angle of descent is pretty steep, and you’re corkscrewing to not make yourself a target. (interruption) Denver International? No, no. No. I know what you’re talking about, airports that have dangerous approaches. I think Aspen is riskier than Denver.

But, anyway, who do these Secret Service guys think they are, the GSA? Can I get serious here for just a second? Everybody is asking, what or how can this happen? And in all candor, folks, how can people be surprised? Our institutions have been under cultural assault for I don’t know how many years. Can I mention a name to you? Bill Clinton. The president of the United States had an intern in the Oval Office, and there was oral sex going on. Eliot Spitzer, Client No. 9, the governor of New York, and now he’s on his second television show. Bill Clinton is the most popular, the most famous, and the wealthiest of all elected Democrats, well, that made his money in politics. Well, I don’t know that that’s true, but as Clinton will tell you, (imitating Clinton) “I don’t need that tax cut because Hillary and I are rich now.”

How old are these Secret Service guys? Let’s look at their generation. They came from a generation — no, no, no. I’m being serious here. They come from a generation where hooking up with somebody you barely know was the order of the day when they were young kids. And what is going on at the upper levels of our great institutions that are promoting historically traditional morality? All that’s under assault everywhere you go. Did you see — it’s not really related, but in a way it’s telling — the story about all the people who tweeted, young people, who had no idea that the Titanic actually happened. They thought it was just a movie. Dawn, it’s a lot of people. Well, figuratively young people, were shocked this weekend with the 100th anniversary. They said, “Hundredth anniversary? That movie was only out ten years ago.”

They didn’t know the Titanic actually happened. Well, what are they being taught, if they don’t know that the Titanic actually happened? To them the Titanic was Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and I frankly don’t even remember the story between the two so I can’t go there. But then you have Obama partying in the White House like crazy with these state dinners and them being crashed by people that are getting past the Secret Service. Why didn’t heads roll when that happened? How many times have people crashed White House events now? Is at least two? And now we’ve learned, one of the Kennedy kids, oh, yeah, access to the White House, you gotta buy it. Big donors, lobbyists, that’s who gets in there. That’s why 31 guests at the last state dinner, which was for the Canadian prime minister, I believe, were big donors and lobbyists. Clinton started ball rolling, selling access with the White House coffees.

You got the General Services Administration people making videos of how they are spending taxpayer dollars and getting away with it. And apparently they’re not concerned that they’re gonna get caught and punished. They’re making videos about it. They’re planning trips to Las Vegas where the business requires one hour of their time but it’s a five-day trip. Here you have Michelle Obama taking her own Boeing 757 with the kids and the mother and the mother-in-law and whoever else to Martha’s Vineyard four hours before her husband, the president, takes Air Force One, the 747, to Martha’s Vineyard from Washington. From Washington to Martha’s Vineyard, a 757 goes, and four hours later the president goes on his own plane. The first lady is vacationing like crazy. In fact, Obama even said that one of the reasons he was in Colombia was to scout out vacations for Michelle. Grab audio sound bite number one. Did you not hear this? This is Saturday morning in Cartagena at the CEO Summit of the Americas, and this is the portion of Obama’s opening remarks.

OBAMA: I want to thank President Santos and the people of Colombia for the extraordinary hospitality in the beautiful city of Cartagena. We’re having a wonderful time, and usually when I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation.

RUSH: You don’t have to take her. She’ll go on her own, and we will pay for it. What is this scout out vacation locations? She’ll find ’em on her own. Spain. Can Costa Rica be far behind? That’s pretty hip now. Costa Rica is a hip place to go.

Let’s go back. Last Thursday night St. Louis, KMOV-TV Eyeball News 4, St. Louis. The anchor, Larry Conners, was interviewing Obama during a discussion about the economy. This exchange occurred…

CONNERS: The economy is a big issue and concern for folks. I mean, the unemployment, trying to make ends meet, gas prices, food prices going up. Some of our viewers are complaining, they get frustrated, even angered, when they see the first family jetting around, different vacations and so forth, sometimes maybe they think under color of state business and that you’re out of touch, that you don’t really know what they’re experiencing right now.

OBAMA: I don’t know how many viewers you’re talking about that say that —

CONNERS: We do hear from some.

OBAMA: Yeah, I hear from all kinds of —

CONNERS: I’m sure you do.

OBAMA: — viewers about everything. But the fact of the matter is, I think if you look at my track record, I’m raising a family here. When we travel, we gotta travel through Secret Service in Air Force One. That’s not my choice. I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this administration’s working on behalf of the American people.

RUSH: Yeah. Okay. So vacation’s a big deal with these people, and here he is making excuses. (By the way Hillary “snipper” fire was in Bosnia, it was not Afghanistan. She had to corkscrew land in Bosnia. It was not Afghanistan. I want to be as correct as I can be.) So does that answer explain Michelle in Spain with the entourage and the trips to Paris with the girls? Does that answer how hard they’re all working? At any rate, I don’t want to get off the beaten path. This Secret Service business: In a way, it’s understandable. In a way. I know that a lot of Americans think that there are certain institutions that are just simply incorruptible. They think the Supreme Court is one. Congress used to be one.

But the White House, Americans have this view. Everything’s been corrupted now. And if you get serious for a moment, this — even if it was hookers, but — if there’s something else that was going on and nobody wants to talk about? What are these…? You know, there’s always the possibility of blackmail, with the hookers getting information. These people are on the ground before the president arrives. They’re having a pre-arrival party. Suppose the hookers give ’em some drugs or loosen ’em up with liquor, and get some information on the president’s arrival or security? Who knows? Now, I should point out when Bill Clinton was cavorting with Monica Lewinsky, remember what was said.

“It’s just sex! It’s nobody’s business. It didn’t get in the way of him doing his job. He was just as good a leader as he was before. It doesn’t matter.” And people asked, “What about the possibility for blackmail? What if Lewinsky had turned out to be a foreign agent or whatever?” They said, “Doesn’t matter. It was just sex!” Now, people are starting to talk about the possibility of blackmail with the hookers in Cartagena. (interruption) That’s the point: They get trained. But when you have people who get past the Secret Service at the White House and heads don’t roll?

As it turns out, everybody laughs about it because of these party animals that were the crashers: That tall blonde and her husband, whatever. But there have been a couple of breaches. I think there was one other instance. But when heads don’t roll, when there’s no accountability, when nobody gets in trouble for it, what’s the message that’s sent? Now, there are some people asking, and you probably have been thinking this yourself: “What do you mean, ‘prostitutes’? There’s more going on here with these guys being sent home than prostitutes. They found something else out about ’em or whatever.”

The Russian spy Anna Chapman was just sent home because it was theorized (it was thought) that she was having an intimate relationship with a ranking member of Obama’s cabinet. Now, sex has always been around politics, as you know. I mean, there nothing new about sex scandals at all. And I’m sure this is not the first time a Secret Service agent has had a, you know, little in-and-out with a prostitute somewhere along the line. But this many of them getting caught over $47 and an argument in the hall over 47 bucks? Who knows, the argument might have been about contraception, given that it’s in the news. Who knows? But it’s a sad thing. More and more of the institutions that everybody wants to have complete faith and trust in seem to be as corrupted as anything in your local community has been.

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