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RUSH: Ohio: This is Randy. Nice to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks, Rush. A great honor talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I just want to say if Mitt Romney’s wife isn’t allowed to talk about the economy because she doesn’t have a job, then Michelle Obama shouldn’t be able to tell us what to eat because she doesn’t have a degree in nutrition.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s another good analogy here. But I want to expand on Karl Rove’s point. The analogy would be this. In a trial a lawyer will make an observation or ask a question of a witness that is improper and the opposing counsel will say, “Objection, your Honor,” and the judge will say, “Strike that. The jury will pay no attention to this outrageous allegation.” It’s exactly what’s happened here. The thought has been put in people’s head. Hilary Rosen put the thought out there. That’s what they intended. The DNC and Axelrod and these guys, yep, they backed up, they sent out their tweets and then they got out of the way and started dumping on Hilary Rosen. Hilary Rosen says she’s been called by the White House, don’t know who, but she’s been called. She’s been told to hang in there. Publicly they are throwing her under the bus. But she’s a player.

Folks, she is one of the Democrat establishment players. She works with a PR firm, strangely enough, with Anita Dunn, and Anita Dunn was in the regime, she was part of the administration. Anita Dunn is the one who went over to the National Cathedral or somewhere over there and made a speech praising Chairman Mao, if you recall. That’s her partner in business, is Anita Dunn, and so she’s gonna be in there, she’s gonna be strategizing for the Obama reelect. But the great thing about this incident, as I said yesterday, was how revealing it was, what an absolutely wonderful, teaching moment it was about the hostility that people on the left have for people like Ann Romney.

In fact, let me expand. I have a theory. I could be a little off on this. But I think Mitt Romney and Ann Romney may be the stereotypes of everything Obama and people like him resent in this country, just the way they live, just who they are, I think they are highly resented. Now, this may not be a politically correct observation, but when you look at Obama’s life and his friends and his associates and his enablers, what do you find? You find the Reverend Wrights and the Bill Ayerses, and the guy in Hawaii who instructed him, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the Communist Party. He was a genuine radical who told Barack Obama, (imitating Davis) “Ain’t never gonna let nothing happen to you, boy. You’re black. You ain’t going nowhere in this country.” That’s the way he was raised. Then he was coddled and cared for and so forth. But agitators, radicals, people unhappy, people that don’t like this country, those are his friends and associates.

Can you imagine somebody more likely to arouse resentment in Obama than somebody like Mitt Romney, who is as white bread as anybody you could find in this culture? And I don’t mean racially. I’m talking about plain, ordinary, just dull, boring, all those things that white bread is. He’s the quintessentially successfully guy, Romney, straight-laced. He doesn’t consume adult beverages. He’s an investor. He’s a businessman. He’s a Republican. He’s a guy who makes money while he sleeps, with his investments. He doesn’t have any union ties. He donates millions of dollars to charity. He doesn’t appear to be outwardly angry at anybody, and he’s certainly not angry at his country.

I’m gonna watch Obama as the stress of the campaign builds, and I won’t be surprised if I find Romney ahead in the polls over time now and then, sporadically, and if Romney begins to pull away, who knows, let’s see if Obama becomes a version of Jack Nicholson, his character in A Few Good Men. “You can’t handle the truth!” Obama wants to blow his stack just like Colonel Nathan Jessup. He wants to tell the truth, either way, I don’t give a damn about what you think you’re entitled to. So I think they look at the Romneys and what they see are the kind of people that this country has been run by since its founding, who set things up in their favor, from the get-go.

Hilary Rosen saying Ann Romney’s never worked a day in her life, you know what that really means? Born lucky; never had any hardship; nobody ever discriminated against her; same thing with her husband. She doesn’t view them as people who worked hard to get where they are. They just sort of swerved into it, and they’re kooky, they’re nerds, they’re not hip. They’re probably the stereotype of exactly the kind of people — without a racial component, race doesn’t matter here, not what I’m talking about — that Obama and people in his circle just instinctively don’t like.

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