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RUSH: I think the regime is in utter panic. And I don’t believe this notion that Romney’s behind Obama by big points in women. That’s from an ABC poll. ABC was number 17 in accuracy in the 2008 presidential race. They rated all polls throughout the presidential campaign plus the final one: ABC was 17th on the list in accuracy. But they’re all out there applauding. (clapping) “Yeah, war on women! This Republican war on women, yeah, it’s working! These women really hate Romney.” We are to believe on January 6th, when there was no war on women…

American women were just like any other citizens. They’re individuals. They’re going about their lives. They’re paying higher gas prices. They’re losing their jobs. Their husbands are losing their jobs. Their homes are underwater.

On January 7th George Stephanopoulos asks Mitt Romney in a debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, “Do you think contraception should be banned?”

And Romney says, “What? What what what what?”

“I’m just asking you if you think conception should be banned.”

“George, what are you talking about? Nobody’s talking about that.”

“I just want to know, Governor: Should the states have the right to ban contraception?”

“George, it’s silly. Nobody’s talking about that.”

And from that point on there’s been this Republican “war on women,” that Republicans want to take away women’s birth control pills. And starting on January 7th, you know what we’re also to believe? Starting on January 7th, every woman in this country started hating Republicans! That night — the night of that debate — why, every woman in America started to understand that Mitt Romney or Santorum or Rush Limbaugh or whoever wanted to take away their birth control pills. And they all believed it!

And now it’s worked so well that all those women now support Barack Obama! Do they really think we’re that stupid? I know they do. Well, I don’t think they “think” we are. I think they think most Americans are. And particularly you women, they think you’re that stupid. And now they want us to believe — they want us to believe — that in a couple of months, out of the pure ether, women now hate Romney. Just like that! “Well, we’ve got an ABC/Washington Post poll here that proves it.” I don’t buy it for a second. I don’t believe it, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Even if the poll’s true, it’s April 11th! It doesn’t matter right now.


RUSH: We were just talking about this the previous hour, and here comes the evidence. David “Rodham” Gergen is a pundit at CNN. And we talk about “conventional wisdom” on this program a lot, and I make mention frequently that whatever the conventional wisdom is, I am the opposite. I turn and run away from it. Conventional wisdom is groupthink. Conventional wisdom is what all the so-called smart people “know” for sure is going to happen and what is happening. And if there is one guy in Washington who epitomizes conventional wisdom — the essence of what would be a moderate, reasonable, soft-spoken, non-confrontational, brilliant, intelligent, boring individual — it’d be David “Rodham” Gergen.

He is Mr. Conventional Wisdom. Whenever he says what he thinks, it’s what all of the prime movers and thinkers inside the Beltway think. He was on with Suzanne Malveaux on CNN. Remember when you had a crush on her? (interruption) He still does? Snerdley still got a crush on Suzanne Malveaux! Even though you know she’s a commie babe? See, folks, that… (interruption) What do you mean, she doesn’t look like a commie babe? How do you know? What does a commie babe look like? How about that Anna Chapman, the Russian spy that they had to send out of the country because getting too close to somebody in the Obama regime? (interruption) That’s all I’m saying. She’s a hottie, Snerdley, and she’s a commie. Anyway, she said to “Rodham” Gergen, “Big question: What does Mitt Romney need to do right now to get Santorum’s endorsement and more importantly to get the social conservatives behind him?”

GERGEN: These primaries, in — in effect, sucked Mitt Romney to the right and the positions he took, especially on social issues. Because he chased after the so-called Santorum social conservative vote. He got himself mired into some of these women’s issues like contraception and so forth —

RUSH: He did not!

GERGEN: — which I think have cost him among independents and cost him especially among women. So he’s gotta be careful now that he’s no longer seen as being sucked to the right, pandering to the right, but becoming his own person. Who is Mitt Romney himself?

RUSH: The primaries “sucked” Mitt Romney to the right? Boy, there are a lot of people on the right to whom that’s big news, that Mitt Romney got sucked to the right — and being mired in these women issues like contraception has cost him? He didn’t get mired in women’s issues on contraception! This is a total fabrication these people have built. It’s a surreal narrative that they have created. There is no reality in it. Romney has no position whatsoever on contraception. Zilch. The Republican Party doesn’t care about it! This is how they lie to themselves. This is how they set themselves up.

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