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RUSH: You know, I oftentimes struggle here, as I mentioned last week. We trying to be as persuasive as we can on this program. Yesterday, I had a bunch of people send me charts. “You need to tell ’em this!” A chart is worthless on a radio program. It’s literally worthless. It might be brilliant to look at a chart. A chart might be, when you look at it, so persuasive that everybody would get it. But it’s worthless on the radio. So is showing a video, particularly if you need the pictures. On the radio it’s worthless. There have to be other ways, which is what I, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, have specialized in, is these ways of persuasion.

You look at this talk about the unemployment rate, 8.2%, “Oh, coming down. It was over nine. Why, it must be going in the right direction.” Okay, the challenge here, how do I explain to people that that number is meaningless? How do I illustrate the reality about unemployment? You can use real numbers. For example, and I had this yesterday, I didn’t get to it, but something I think Romney should use, by the way, or Santorum, anybody, somebody on the Republican side. The RINOs need to be swept aside here and let somebody who really wants to roll up their sleeves take this stuff head on and do it. The number of working-age Americans out of the workforce, 88 million. The population of the country is 300 some odd million. So the 88 million still by itself is not all that illustrative. But there’s a way to make it so.

Eighty-eight million working-age Americans out of work is larger than the total population of Germany, 82 million people. Now, that has a little bit more impact. When you tell people that 88 million Americans of working age are out of work. When you say that more working-age Americans are out of work than live in Germany, well, that has a bit of a different impact.

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