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RUSH: Look at the way we’re talking today. I have just one question: Whatever happened to the independent judiciary, which is what we are supposed to have. We are supposed to have an independent judiciary, separation of powers and all that. Look at the way we’re discussing it, and we’re only discussing it by virtue of reacting to the attempt by the president of the United States to influence the outcome, blatantly so. It’s a violation of decorum, ethics, any number of things. Tradition. But here’s the thing. This is what we know: If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare, the public will concur with it. Every poll taken on this shows a majority opposed, anywhere from the low sixties all the way up 75%.

There’s not a poll where a majority of those polled outnumber the people who agree with Obamacare. There was a poll last week that said 49% oppose it and 34% support it, so that’s not a majority, but it was clearly a plurality of those polled. There’s not a poll out there where the majority, whatever the percentage is, supports Obamacare. So at the end of the day if this thing is struck down, the public will concur with it. What could be better? Obama’s out there talking about all of these people who have insurance, who didn’t have insurance before.

I take you back to last week. It was an AP story in a Las Vegas newspaper. We finally got truth of the number of uninsured Americans. All this time the Democrats, the media, have thrown around numbers anywhere from 30 million to 43 million uninsured, just like they constantly threw around there were three million homeless during the eighties. They finally did a homeless census and found there are less than 500,000. Totally made up number. Made up by an activist, a guy named Mitch Snyder, and the media just ran with it. So 40, 30, 43 million uninsured. We found out that in a nation of 311 million people, there are 15 million who don’t have health insurance, and I remember last week saying, “We’re going through all of this for that?”

We’re going to go into debt that we will never get out of. We are going to try to implement a health care system here that will destroy the greatest health care system in the world, all for 15 million people. And then we learned something else. We learned that the 15 million who don’t have health insurance don’t want it on purpose. Remember, everybody gets treated at the emergency room, whether they’ve got insurance or not. So it doesn’t matter. In terms of catastrophic injury or if you just have some other debilitating illness for 24 hours, you go into the emergency room, you get treated whether you’ve got insurance or not.

The number of uninsured was 15 million, and it was made up of two groups of people. Rich people who didn’t want insurance who will pay for their health care as they go, and young people who didn’t care about it because they’re young. They don’t think about getting terminally ill. They don’t think about having catastrophic injuries. They don’t think about dying in their twenties and teens, thirties, what have you. It’s not a bunch of people who are desperate to have health insurance who don’t have it. He’s talking here of all the people who have insurance who didn’t have it before, but that would mostly be all those young, healthy people who don’t want to buy it in the first place. It’s those people being ripped off to pay for somebody else’s benefits. That’s all that’s happening here.

So this phony construct of the president today, that all these wonderfully poor people that finally have health insurance and never had it before, they’re finally getting treated and they never got treated before. You judges are going to take that away from ’em. That’s pathetic. And it’s beneath the office of the presidency.

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