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RUSH: Barack Obama once again — this was either late last week or over the weekend, Obama’s out talking about the economy. It might have been in his Saturday radio address. I’m not sure. He said it before so it’s not new, but he said it again. He said, “We won’t win the race for new jobs and new businesses and middle-class security if we cling to this same old, worn-out, tired ‘you’re on your own’ economics that the other side is peddling. It was tried in the decades before the Great Depression. It didn’t work then. It was tried in the last decade. It didn’t work. You know, the idea you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again, even though it’s been proven not to work. That’s a sign of madness.”

This is Barack Obama essentially saying that America has never worked since the days of its founding. That this “you’re on your own” economics hasn’t worked. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him and say, “We’ve got $16 trillion in debt. No end in sight because of the deficits you’re running up. Every program that you have put in place has failed, and every program that people like you have put in place has failed in its objective. Would you give me one instance where what you believe in has resulted in private sector economic growth and prosperity? And would you please look back over the history of this country and tell me it didn’t work and give me examples. I want to know what was it before the New Deal that didn’t work?”

By the way, the thing that saved this country economically, after the New Deal, cause the New Deal was destroying this economy, was World War II. The New Deal was an abject failure, just like Obamanomics is an abject failure. But the characterization of capitalism as “you’re on your own” economics is so flawed as to be insulting, that this is what I mean about these people being ignorant. Conceited, ignorant. I have no doubt he believes this. He’s been taught this. He’s theorized about it in the faculty lounge. He believes that capitalism is you’re on your own. He believes that capitalism is people destroying each other, stealing from each other. That’s what he thinks of competition. Competition is immoral, it’s unhealthy because all it does is lead to cheaters. And who are the cheaters? The people that win.

This is striking, to have this kind of conceit and arrogance combined with ignorance in a president of the United States is profoundly dangerous, shockingly dangerous to have this kind of thinking. He’s put this in his books another way. He has written: white man’s greed runs a world in need. But capitalism is not “you’re on your own.” Capitalism is free markets and self-interest. You see, that’s what these people can’t abide, the self-interest. The mother and father who go to work attempting to improve their family’s economic standing is self-interest. It isn’t selfishness, and they’re not doing what they’re doing to take from other people, but Obama thinks they are.

They’re not doing what they’re doing to destroy other people. They’re doing what they’re doing to improve their own lot in life, and as they do their children’s lives prove and so do the lives in their neighborhoods and their communities improve, and this works geometrically in proportion. The president of the United States thinks this country has never worked. The most prosperous, generous, good country on the face of the earth in the history of the world.


RUSH: Capitalism is simply economic freedom. If you’re against capitalism, you’re against basic economic freedom. Simple as that.


RUSH: So capitalism, the most successful economic system ever created by man, stop and think of this in more than just political terms. Think of it in terms of whether somebody’s smart and knows what they’re talking about. The greatest economic reality in the history of mankind. In 300 short years, compared to the length of time other nations have been on earth, societies, cultures, none ever got close to the standard of living, economic output. We start with 13 colonies and become the only genuine world superpower. We create a standard of living for our citizens and others around the world. We feed much of the world. We are the first on the scene for disasters that happen anywhere else around the planet.

It’s striking to look at the history of the United States and call it a failure. But that is what our president is doing. And he’s doing it as part of his reelection campaign. The United States of America is a failure. It’s a failed experiment. It needs to be cast aside. Now, stop and think of that. In real world terms, we have to throw it out and replace it with what? Six decades of failed liberal social programs, the New Deal, FDR, and we had the Great Society, LBJ, the war on poverty, all of these things did what? Did we reduce poverty? No. Not with liberal programs. The abjectly failures, demonstrable, provable failures, are the things Obama believes in. But it’s not just ignorance. It’s not just arrogance. It’s not just conceit.

What is happening under Barack Obama is a willful destruction. Barack Obama really believes, he’s not just saying, he really believes and he is campaigning on the premise that the United States is a failure, as founded. And the last three-plus years we have been involved in a purposeful, willful transformation of this country from what it was that made it a failure in his mind to what it will take to make it successful or morally just. You see, in his world the United States is immoral and unjust. The wars that we have fought are immoral and unjust, and our superpower status did not arise out of our own creativity, industry and production. It only happened because we stole the resources that we don’t have from other people around the world. We stole their oil. We stole their best people. We stole their best ideas. We stole whatever. And we made people poor. We took other people’s wealth. We stole it.

Meanwhile, we didn’t steal anything. People from all over the world have wanted to come here for as long as this country has been the United States of America. Capitalism is the most non-ideological, nonracist, most successful economic system in the history of the world. What’s worked better, capitalism or the New Deal? Capitalism or the Great Society? Capitalism or Obamaism? Capitalism or the Soviet Union? Capitalism or communist China? Capitalism or Cuba? Capitalism or Venezuela? In every one of these countries where I’ve offered a comparison, I’m comparing a land of freedom and economic liberty to tyranny and totalitarianism. China, the old Soviet Union, the current Cuba, the current Venezuela.

Wherever you go that there is entrenched socialism, you have tyranny and totalitarianism. And you don’t have human life anywhere near as just flat-out enjoyable as it is in the United States, and that might be part of the reason Obama and people like him are mad. It could well be that they look at it as just not fair, that the United States has such wealth, such opportunity for contentment, pursuit of happiness, enjoyable lifestyle, expectation of all that. Maybe that’s what bothers them. It’s unfair. In fact, I think it is. I think a lot of Obama’s belief is rooted in it’s time we found out what it’s like elsewhere in the world. The problem is he thinks that the way it is elsewhere in the world is our fault because we’ve taken, we’ve stolen, or we’ve conquered or what have you.

You boil it all down to a very simple explanation, and Obama is running for reelection on this premise: the United States of America is the problem in the world, not the solution. And that, folks, is scary. That’s frightening. That we have a president of the United States who thinks that his country is the problem in the world, it’s time this country was knocked down a couple of pegs, find out what it’s like to be exploited by other people, like we did to the rest of the world. Every previous president in this country… well, take it back. Certainly not Woodrow Wilson. But I would dare say 99%, 98% of all American presidents have believed with every fiber of their soul that the United States was the solution to the world’s problems.

We have one who believes it’s the problem. We and everything about us are the problem. Why else apologize, folks, to all these world leaders in his first year? Why bow down to these other leaders? Why run for office on the premise that the United States will once again be loved if we have a president who also dislikes this country, like other foreign leaders do? Yeah, I was gonna add Jimmy Carter in there. I mean we wouldn’t want Jimmy Carter in charge of desert rescues, would we? There’s a degree of difference between Carter and Obama. I still look at Jimmy Carter as just a bumbling fool bouncing into the walls, trying to get around the house. I look at Obama knowing exactly what he’s doing, where he’s going, what his plan is, and what he intends on doing.

I think he told us when he didn’t know the microphone was on talking to Dmitry Medvedev. What was it he exactly said? I don’t remember what he exactly said. (imitating Obama) “I’ll have a little bit more flexibility after the election. I gotta get reelected, Dmitry. Tell Vlad, tell old Putin to cut me some slack. Be patient and everything will be cool. I’ll get rid of our nukes then.” And of course Medvedev, (imitating Medvedev) “We will gladly wait eight months for you to disarm and then we will nuke you.” Jimmy Carter had the same intentions as Obama, but even Rosalynn knew that he was just bumbling around in there incompetent, wearing the cardigans and lowering the thermostats, you know, giving speeches on malaise.

Those of you new to the program, this is a fun story. It’s true, but I think there’s more to this than we know and I think what I suspect is true. It was at Nixon’s funeral. You gotta understand, now, Richard Nixon was hated and despised. But when he died and they had the funeral out next to the little house where he grew up, every respected American political leader shows up to eulogize Nixon, and they all talked about how great he was. Clinton flew a whole bunch of these people out there. A big party on Air Force One flying out to the Nixon funeral. Clinton eulogized Richard Nixon. Henry Kissinger eulogized Nixon. Ronald Reagan was there. He didn’t speak, but he was there. George Bush eulogized Nixon. Liberal Democrats eulogized and just said the greatest things in the world about Nixon.

Jimmy Carter is sitting there with Rosalynn, and what I am convinced happened — because at the time Jimmy Carter was putting houses together at Habitat for Humanity, that was his attempt to rehabilitate his poor image coming out of the worst presidency anybody could ever remember. Here’s the hated Richard Nixon, and everybody is eulogizing him, and the Carters can’t believe this, particularly Rosalynn. She’s jabbing Jimmy there in the ribs, (imitating Rosalynn) “Do you believe this? Do you believe what they’re saying about this slimeball, Nixon? Do you think they’re gonna say stuff like this about you?” From that moment on that’s when Jimmy Carter put down the hammer. He still went to Habitat for Humanity. That’s when he started ripping this country. That’s when he started campaigning for the Nobel prize. That’s when he started joining the Democrats, and that’s when his legacy and his image began to rise.

And then he was given the primo seat at the Democrat National Convention in Boston when John Kerry and his swift boat buddies retook Boston Harbor on the night that Kerry was to go there and accept the Democrat coronation. And who did he invite to sit with him in the box up there, none other than Michael Moore. The whole Jimmy Carter thing is what led me to evolve the theory that failure, embarrassing, dismal failure is a resume enhancement for the left. It’s like when Dan Rather got caught making up documents about Bush and the National Guard service, George W. Bush. It’s a great story. Wasn’t true. It’s a great story. And even after it was proven that the documents that they used were forged and could not have possibly been created in the era that they were created, Rather hung in there. It’s a good story. The documents may be false, but the story’s true.

Then I remember somebody, maybe it was a Fox News crew or somebody confronting Rather. He got out of the airport and he was walking to his cab or his car out in front of terminal building, and this news crew walks up to Rather, and they say, (paraphrasing) “It has been established these documents were forged,” and Rather said, “I want to break that story.” “Uh, Dan, it’s been broken here, and we’re asking you –” (laughing) “If that’s true, I want to break that story.” But what did they do? Rather had a party thrown for him by Brokaw and Peter Jennings and the rest of the lib media, and they gave him an award for something in the middle of all this. Failure gets promoted. The more embarrassing the failure, the greater the elevation of the resume. The more prominent the award. It’s funny. It’s what happened. So whoever doctored this tape at NBC is gonna get a Pulitzer before it’s all said and done.

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