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RUSH: “If you don’t believe in climate change, you must be sick.” This from a professor, Oregon University, who likens skepticism of global warming to racism. This again is not from an American paper. This is from the UK Daily Mail. “An Oregon University professor has controversially compared skepticism of global warming to racism. Sociology and environmental studies professor –” Now, how do those two go together?
“Sociology and environmental studies professor Kari Norgaard wrote a paper criticizing non-believers, suggesting that doubters have a ‘sickness.’ The professor, who holds a BS in biology and a master’s and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistanceÂ’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognized and treatedÂ’ as an aberrant sociological behavior. Resolving skepticism about climate change alarmists, she added, is a challenge equitable to overcoming ‘racism or slavery in the US South.'”

So if you doubt manmade global warming you are sick and the equivalent of a slave owner. Now, before you start laughing at this, understand that this woman is teaching impressionable young skulls full of mush this stuff, and they’re coming out of Oregon University believing this. And if they’re not challenged anywhere the rest of their life they’re going to believe this everywhere they go, and some of these students end up at the Environmental Protection Agency or end up in a Democrat administration either at the statehouse level or at the presidential level, this is the kind of person that Obama would hire. This the kind of person Obama has hired. This is the kind of thinking that Obama believes and sponsors. It’s what he believes. It’s what he was taught.

This is what has passed for science education for over ten years now, and it is not science. It’s pure politics. It’s pure politics disguised as science. This professor, if you read whole story, this Kari Norgaard, sociology and environmental studies professor, wants everybody packed into the cities so that we’re not strolling around nature and ruining it. She wants it something seen only in pictures, with accredited photographers allowed to go there and take pictures of nature, but the mass population should not be allowed.

“Norgaard added that effective international action on climate change is being hampered by ‘weakÂ’ responses to the crisis by both individuals and societies. ‘We must first be aware that this resistance is happening at all levels of our society. If you have to push a heavy weight, it doesn’t mean it can’t be moved, but in order to push it you had better know that you have something heavy and figure out how to move it — where to put the lever to shift the weight.'” This is what passes for a PhD.

“Norgaard last week attended the annual four-day ‘Planet Under PressureÂ’ international conference in London, where she presented her controversial paper to delegates on Wednesday. The scientists behind the event recently put out a statement calling for humans to be packed into denser cities so that the rest of the planet can be surrendered to mother nature. And fellow attendee Yale University professor Karen Seto told MSNBC: ‘We certainly donÂ’t want them (humans) strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].Â’” Man is not part of nature, you see, we corrupt it, we pollute it, we destroy it.

No, nobody stands up and says they’re nuts. There’s nobody there that thinks they’re nuts. The media covering this doesn’t think they’re nuts. The other attendees don’t think they’re nuts. The hotel staff might think they’re nuts, but they would rather have their money. I’m sure the waiters and waitresses running around might think it’s absolutely insane what they’re listening to, but they’re holding out for tips so they’re not gonna rip ’em. This woman wouldn’t know what to do with a serious scientific challenge to her political belief. She would set out to destroy whoever was criticizing her or to impugn their character or what have you.

I looked at this woman’s bio. I wanted to find out a little about her. “I enjoy being outdoors, especially hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, skiing, both telemark and cross-country. Pretty much any excuse I can get to sleep on the ground.” So it’s okay for her to go out and enjoy nature, but not the rest of us. It’s fine for her because she’s sensitive and understands, and she knows not to trample on the twigs or whatever it is she knows not to damage when she’s out there. Anyway, it all adds up to centralized command-and-control power, federal government getting bigger. This woman would support that to deny people the right to go into whatever she thinks is nature. Look, it’s lunacy. But she’s teaching students. They’re a dime a dozen, these people. They’re all over the place.

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