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RUSH: Bobby Rush went to the floor of the House today. He is a congressman from Illinois, Chicago. He went to the floor of the House today dressed in a hoodie to show solidarity with Trayvon Martin and with the Civil Rights Coalitions case, Trayvon Martin’s situation. Now, there’s a dress code in the House that does not include hoodies, and he was chastised and stopped from speaking. He was cut off for breaking the House dress code, and here’s how it sounded.

BOBBY RUSH: Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them (gaveling) a hoodlum. (gaveling) The Bible teaches us, Mr. Speaker, in the book of… (crosstalk)

CHAIR: The member will suspend…

BOBBY RUSH: …these words… (gaveling)

CHAIR: The member will sus…

BOBBY RUSH: These words. (gaveling)

CHAIR: The member… (gaveling and crosstalk) the member will suspend.

BOBBY RUSH: …what is good.

CHAIR: The chair must remind…

BOBBY RUSH: What does… (crosstalk)

CHAIR: … clause 5 of Rule 17. (crosstalk)

BOBBY RUSH: …what does the Lord require you but to do justly… (crosstalk)

CHAIR: Member is out of order.

BOBBY RUSH: …and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (crosstalk)

CHAIR: The member is no longer recognized. The chair will ask the sergeant-at-arms to enforce the prohibition on decor.

RUSH: He showed up wearing a hoodie. Well, he got what he wanted. He got all the attention and then tried to make the case the hoodie is a fashion statement. Now, Bobby Rush is a former Black Panther. You should know that. He’s a former Black Panther. So let’s now go to sound bite number 17. J. Christian Adams appeared on Fox & Friends today with Brian Kilmeade. J. Christian Adams worked in the Obama Justice Department. He was handling the case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in Philadelphia when Eric Holder basically shut down the case. And J. Christian Adams — and this is really the CliffsNotes version of this — he resigned and wrote a book and explained what was going on.

He basically said that the Obama Justice Department had determined they were not going to pursue black defendants. Just weren’t gonna do it. It was payback time now. Just dropped the case. And J. Christian Adams was handling the case and they had plenty of evidence. They coulda gotten a conviction, he thought. So he’s now an expert on these matters. We’ve interviewed him for the Limbaugh Letter. He was on Fox this morning, Fox & Friends with Kilmeade. By the way, J. Christian Adams’ book is Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department. They were talking about the New Black Panther Party bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman, and Kilmeade said, “You investigated the Black Panthers for what they were doing in 2008. That went nowhere. Why is this case with the New Black Panthers now, why is this one going nowhere or why is it slow off the mark?”

ADAMS: It’s because the New Black Panthers think they’re above the law. What would have given them that idea? I mean we all know the answer. The answer is Eric Holder. Look, we live in a country where lawless mobs don’t offer bounties on citizens’ heads to be captured. We don’t live in that country, but these guys think we do. You cannot solicit kidnapping in the state of Florida. It’s a felony in Florida. It’s a felony to travel across interstate lines to solicit kidnapping. So here we have the New Black Panthers once again probably committing crimes and going completely unpunished.

RUSH: Unpunished? If I may interject, they’re not even being pursued. They haven’t been charged. We haven’t gotten to the punishment stage. Nobody’s even condemning this. Certainly Holder isn’t, from the Justice Department, nor is Obama. But I would say that, with all due respect, J. Christian Adams is mistaken. We do live in a nation where this is happening. He said we don’t live in that country. We do. He said we don’t live in a country where lawless mobs offer bounties on citizens. Yeah, we do. In fact, I happen to live in the state where it’s happening. Disney World is not far from where this is happening. So I must respectfully disagree. We do live in a country where lawless mobs can issue… certain lawless mobs can. Kilmeade said, “Besides Eric Holder, is there fear of inflaming race relations if you crack down on people who want to inflame race relations like the Black Panther Party?”

ADAMS: There’s a fear among some, but there’s no fear among people like Al Sharpton. Even the president has inserted himself in a racial way saying that Trayvon looks like —

KILMEADE: Do you think wrongly?

ADAMS: Absolutely wrongly. No president in our country’s history would have injected himself into a criminal matter using racial code like Barack Obama did.

RUSH: This is a brave guy, folks. J. Christian Adams is a brave man to be saying this. A former member of the Obama Justice Department, very courageous and brave. This is not gonna sit well with the forces of tyranny. A lot of people are maybe a little surprised I’m using the word tyranny to describe what’s happening to the country. I think it fits. I think it’s apt. It’s perfectly descriptive. A friend of mine made a point to me in an e-mail last night. I thought it was great. One of the reasons that the left in this country — stop and think about this. The reason they’re so tyrannical, tyrants never have to explain anything. They don’t have to explain why they’re doing anything.

Your earliest encounter with tyrants was your parents, and your parents didn’t have to tell you “why” anything. They just said, “because I said so.” Now, it’s not considered tyranny, parent to child. It’s considered child rearing. Most parents are trying to protect their kids from doing the wrong thing, teach ’em to do the right thing, and sometimes parents don’t know what to say when kids go, “Why? Why?” “‘Cause I say so.” But when you get into adult to adult, government to citizen, they don’t have to explain. Tyrants never have to explain anything. They just issue the tyranny. And if you fight back and demand an explanation, it makes it worse. You’re never gonna get one because they don’t have to.

Now, here’s J. Christian Adams taking it right to ’em. “No president in our history would have injected himself into a criminal matter using racial code like Obama did.” Everybody thinks that, but J. Christian Adams is one of the few to say it. Kilmeade finally says, “In the terms of this case, isn’t it pretty clear, especially from a guy in your situation, there’s much more that we’ll all have to learn about this case?”

ADAMS: No question. That’s what the process of law is. That’s why what the Black Panthers did is so bad, because we have a system to analyze complicated facts like this. It’s not a lynch mob. It’s not a posse of lawless thugs. You can’t solicit kidnapping under Florida law, so where’s the Florida department of criminal justice on this? Where’s the attorney general of Florida? Where are they? Something needs to be done.

RUSH: They’re scared. They’ll be called racists. I’ll tell you what the attitude is. Let this play out and it will go away. That’s what the attitude is. The attitude is, if we try to enforce the law here it’s just going to inflame these already high tensions. Let’s back off. Let’s not make it any worse than it is. It’ll go away. The problem with that is once you stop the pursuit of criminals, you’ve empowered ’em. Once you stop asserting your morality and the primacy of your law, that sends a message to people who want to break it.


RUSH: Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Hi, Josh. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to speak to you. I understand I’m on a limit time. I want to speak upon the Zimmerman case and the left’s reaction to jump out of the gate. And you made a comment that they wished that — well, not so much as wished, but — people would just let it go away. But what you know, Rush, is that’s exactly what happens. They did it up north when he said the Cambridge Police Department “acted stupidly.” They did it in Raleigh when they slandered those four guys for allegedly victimizing a female and when they found out she was the utmost liar.l

RUSH: Wait, wait. That’s the Duke lacrosse case you’re talking about, the four guys in Raleigh?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Yeah, Duke lacrosse case. Okay.

CALLER: They went running. Al Sharpton and “Reverend” Jesse Jackson, they went running with their tails between their legs. Nobody, nobody gave the due respect to those four guys after it was absolutely proven that that woman absolutely lied. And how they can show their face now in this situation? You’re right, it does just go away, and that’s a disgrace. And now they rush to judgment with the Zimmerman case. Look, everybody (garbled). Not everybody but a majority of the public listening to the left-wing media just focuses on a fact, on what they… You know, the point that they make, which are unfounded facts, and then what did they do? The truth is coming out, and now you don’t hear so much about it as much. And then when you do, they come up with more lies to try to support their side of it. And the Black Panthers, to turn around and say that they don’t follow the law? They’re not under the law? And it was quoted this morning that the one Black Panther said, “We don’t follow the white man’s law.”

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And they got a bounty. And now the other guy, Spike Lee, whatever his name is, has got that elderly couple on the run and hiding because he gave out the wrong address?

RUSH: Right. And nobody is saying a thing! Nobody is trying to stop it! Nobody is even condemning it! Oh, they’re reporting the poor elderly couple has run for the hills, but they’re not condemning it when they report it. I know. But the question was asked — J. Christian Adams on the sound bite, Josh, asked — Why doesn’t Florida act? It’s Florida law that’s being broken here, too. There are Florida felonies that are being committed. Why don’t they do something? My answer is, there’s fear! In a highly charged situation like this, where the victim is a dead 17-year-old, to go after the Black Panther feeds (it is thought) Sharpton and Jackson.

So the theory is, “Just let it blow over,” and then they cross their fingers and they hope that nothing really comes of this bounty. They hope that nobody really starts tearing down houses where they’re told that George Zimmerman’s hiding out. And they’re hoping that the New Black Panther Party doesn’t really mean it. And, okay, so the elderly couple had to flee, but they’re safe. So it’s okay. The attitude is, “So let’s just let it run its course and it’ll all die down. And in the meantime, we’ll try to get the facts out about what happened with Zimmer and Trayvon Martin, and, ah, we’ll put it to bed in due course. But let it all play out.”

Nobody wants to exacerbate tensions, and the people that have done that are high-ranking Democrats.


RUSH: While we’re on the subject of the New Black Panthers, I told you yesterday about the former NAACP leader from Garland, Texas. He’s a conservative by the name of C.L. Bryant. We had the story yesterday. It was two guys that he was publicly very critical of: The Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton. He accused them of exploiting the Trayvon Martin case. And, by the way, our caller, Josh, had a good point. Have you seen much of the Trayvon Martin case lately compared to what it was earlier in the week? It must not have been going the way they wanted it to go because it kinda quieted down.

I know the Supreme Court oral arguments came along and maybe took precedence, but still. Anyway, Mr. Bryant — the Reverend Bryant of the NAACP — appeared last night on CNN with Erin Burnett on her program, Out Front. He appeared with Roland Martin, the African-American host of Washington Watch on TV One, and I think he’s a commentator at CNN as well. So these two guys are on, and Reverend Bryant buried Roland Martin. And I want you to hear the sound bites. We have three of them. Erin Burnett said, “Reverend Bryant, you have made the comment that Reverend Sharpton and Reverend Jackson — both of whom now are involved in this situation — are, quote, ‘exploiting the tragedy.’ What do you mean?”

BRYANT: Wherever there is something like this that occurs like Tawana [Brawley] or the Duke lacrosse team, you can guarantee you that two faces will show up in order to heighten the tension in this type of situation. And they’re usually Reverend Sharpton and Reverend Jackson. Our hearts do go out to this mother because she’s lost a son who is 17 years old. That, though, is an issue that I do believe justice will find its way to remedy.

RUSH: Okay. So after Bryant says that Sharpton and Jackson have “heighten[ed] the tension,” Roland Martin steps in to say this…

MARTIN: I say, “As a pastor, where are you?” See, I get pastors who differ. I know that the Apostle Paul differed with the Disciple Peter. But where have you been? Are you leading marches? Are you leading rallies? Are you stepping up?

RUSH: So you see, the definition of an authentic African-American is leading marches, leading the rallies. “Are you stepping up?” So Roland Martin says to C. L. Bryant: Where have you been, buddy? I haven’t seen you out on the march! I haven’t seen you out at the rallies! Where have you been?

And so Reverend Bryant responds…

BRYANT: Your question is: What dues have I paid? I’ve had the Klan and the skinheads after me —

MARTIN: That’s not what I asked!

BRYANT: — over school busing —

MARTIN: That’s not what I asked!

BRYANT: — 20-some years ago. Just this past month here where I live in Shreveport, in Louisiana, the skinheads and the Aryan Nation was try to move into our area.

MARTIN: I asked —

BRYANT: I, along, with other pastors have in fact done that. What we’re doing…

MARTIN: (interrupting)

BRYANT: What we are doing is, in fact, trying to deal with a powder keg here that we need to keep the top on.

MARTIN: Erin! Erin!

BRYANT: That’s what we’re trying to do.

RUSH: “Erin! Erin!”

Roland Martin wants some help there from Erin Burnett. Ronald Martin wanted Erin to stop the Reverend C.L. Bryant. But he was challenged on his credentials and on his authenticity. So he became back (summarize): “Okay, fine. I got the Klan. I got skinheads after me here. We got Aryan Nation here running around trying to move into our area.” But apparently that’s not good enough. And from the Examiner.com: “New Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz Threatens to Burn Detroit Down — Angry over steps being taken due to a financial emergency in Detroit, New Black Panther Party leader Malik Shabazz declared he would burn the city down.

“‘This is white-on-black crime,’ he said during public comment at the two hour meeting held Monday afternoon. ‘This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down,’ he added. According to the Detroit Free Press, Shabazz was one of about 100 angry and defiant Detroiters who attended the meeting. The Detroit Free Press reported: ‘Detroit’s financial review team this afternoon declared that the city is under a financial emergency and no consent agreement between the city and state has been adopted, a move that forces Gov. Rick Snyder to appoint an emergency manager within the next 10 days under state law. State officials, however, are hopeful that an agreement can be reached before an emergency manager is named.’ …

“[S]ome locals see the move as a ‘hostile takeover of a predominately black city,’ the Free Press added.” The local newspaper said that some locals see the move to appoint a new manager to handle the financial situation in Detroit as a “hostile takeover of a predominantly black city.” That makes sense to me. The city of Detroit has been run by black Democrats for a long time, and New Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz has threatened to burn it down, and he’s black. He’s threatened to burn it down if the manager appointed here by the governor to take over the finances of the city doesn’t meet with his approval. Detroit’s in a shambles as it is. What are the stories we’ve had?

Houses have been bulldozed. Neighborhoods have, too, where the houses have been abandoned and so forth. At the end of the story, the last line of the story — you’ll like this — is: “Last December, talk show host Rush Limbaugh offered his advice for fixing Detroit: ‘Get rid of every liberal in government.'” I did offer that advice last December, and I stand by it. If you want to fix Detroit, get rid of the liberals. Wherever they run the show… (sigh) Take a look wherever they run the show, wherever liberals are in charge unchecked with no opposition. I don’t care what their skin color is. It doesn’t matter. Liberalism doesn’t know race or any of that. You take a look at any city dominated by liberalism for a long period of time, unchecked, and you will see major problems.


RUSH: So let’s put this in perspective. An unhinged nut goes crazy with a gun in Tucson, Arizona, and wounds a member of Congress, and for months after we get preached to by President Obama and the Democrats that Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh need to clean up their language, even though it was learned that that deranged lunatic in Arizona didn’t even listen to talk radio.

Then we had an avowed, acknowledged Obama fan threaten to kill Joe Arpaio, and we get crickets. Now we got Malik Shabazz threatening to burn down Detroit, and we got crickets. The New Black Panther Party with a bounty on George Zimmerman in Florida, we get crickets. But this Malik Shabazz thing, his reaction, folks, it’s a precursor. It’s Greece. What Malik Shabazz is saying in Detroit: You put somebody in charge here who’s gonna start cutting the budget; you put somebody in here who’s gonna cut payments to unions; you put somebody in here who’s gonna cut benefit payments, and we’re gonna burn the city down.

That is exactly the kind of reaction the Democrats want. Isn’t that how they intend to counter any Republican demands for budget cuts or fiscal responsibility? Imagine Romney or Santorum are elected president, the Republicans take over the Congress, start cutting the budget, here come the threats. Isn’t that exactly what’s gonna happen? This is the signal. So Malik Shabazz says we’ll burn down Detroit. If you implement any kind of a financial austerity plan here, we’ll burn down the city. It’s a precursor. His reaction’s exactly what the Democrats want. That’s what Occupy Wall Street is. You better not start cutting our freebies. You do that and we’re gonna start defecating on your cars, whatever else they did. Worse, of course.


RUSH: It might be useful to remember that Spike Lee hosted President Obama in a fundraiser back in January. Obama raised $1.6 million at Spike Lee’s house. The same guy who tweeted the address where he thought George Zimmerman was so the New Black Panther Party posse could go out. That’s the kind of people raising money for Obama, and of course Obama is not giving the money back.

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