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Spencer in Los Angeles. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi there, Rush.


CALLER: I just wanted to call and let you know that I have first-hand experience with the indoctrination you talk about at universities, and it’s crazy because you can’t really step up and, you know, voice your opinion back to them or else you will be kind of singled out and until you bend to their ways, you know, they don’t want to hear anything besides what they teach.

RUSH: Because you’ll get grade penalized, and this is tyranny. They don’t have to explain themselves. You’re just supposed to conform.

CALLER: That’s right. I was in an international relations program, a very good international relations program, and it blew my mind how, you know, single sided a lot of these discussions were. And what’s really funny is, all we talk about is international institutions and strengthening state to state, you know, as countries, bonds, and all this stuff, and basically we would be talking about Europe and the euro. And that was all we’re talking about three years ago when it was flying high. And now, you know, you see Greece, you see Portugal, Spain, all these places falling apart.

RUSH: Yeah, and what are they teaching you? They’re teaching you how dangerous conservatism is, right?

CALLER: Well, what they’re teaching you is if you believe in the status quo, if you believe in doing things the way things have been done, you’re a bad person. And the truth is, things are done the way they are because they work. And all these different radical ideas —

RUSH: That’s exactly right. We use oil because it works. We don’t use solar because it doesn’t work.

CALLER: And that’s all I really wanted to say, Rush. I’m very, very happy that you do what you do, and you have a lot of support.

RUSH: I appreciate it. When did you graduate, Spencer?

CALLER: Two years ago.

RUSH: What are you doing now?

CALLER: I started my own business.

RUSH: In international relations?

CALLER: No, I actually build software.

RUSH: (laughing) Good for you. Do you write applications for computers and programs and stuff?

CALLER: Yeah, specifically mobile phones, and it’s actually funny, for universities.

RUSH: Hey, would you like to have one of these new iPads? I’ve got a Rush Limbaugh signature EIB engraved iPad, 64 gigs with LTE. You want one?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: I mean you could write apps for it. You could test it out. All right, I’ll put you on hold and somebody’s gonna get your name and address for where we send it. Do you want AT&T or Verizon?

CALLER: AT&T, please.

RUSH: Okay. I have it in black so that will have to do, but we’ll get you one ASAP. Just don’t hang up so our nice call screener, Mr. Snerdley Jr., can get your shipping address, FedEx address, okay?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: You bet, Spencer.

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