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RUSH: CNN has a story, ladies and gentlemen: “Not Everybody Hates Health Reform.” Why would they run such a story? What is the premise? If CNN, after yesterday’s so-called debacle, says, “Well, not everybody hates health reform,” doesn’t that mean that most people do? It’s in trouble. With the American people, it’s in trouble. And that ought to matter, but it doesn’t. If it’s not in trouble with Anthony Kennedy, it’s not in trouble. “But, Mr. Limbaugh, the American people’s representatives were elected and then supported and voted for this.” Don’t give me that, Mr. New Castrati. This thing couldn’t have seen the light of day without a bunch of legislative tricks like people who voted for it not reading the bill.

Don’t give me that the representatives of the people wanted this! Obama had a full Democrat House and Senate and it took every trick in the book, including considering “deeming” the thing to be passed without even voting on it. The Democrat Party has been governing against the will of the people since Obama set foot in the Oval Office. The American people do not want this bill, but that doesn’t matter. To the phones! People have been patiently waiting. Here is Mark in Portland, Maine. Mark, welcome to the program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, thanks very much, Rush, and a real pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thanks much.

CALLER: I love what you’re doing. Just a real quick thing, Rush. A friend of mine has a son who’s in high school and was recently enrolled in a health class. He took a test, and the question was something to the effect of: “What’s the biggest problem facing Americans today on health care?” And they were given a choice of about four multiple choice answers. They were “mental illness,” one was “sexually transmitted diseases,” one was “drug abuse,” and this type of thing. The number one answer that got your answer correct was “access to health care.” That was the answer of the biggest problem facing Americans today. Now, mind you, this was taken by a student who comes from a large, large family of nine who are all on MaineCare and have never missed an opportunity to go to the emergency room.

RUSH: Wait, wait, I’m not… I need you to take me back to the beginning here. This was a multiple-choice test?

CALLER: Multiple-choice test in high school, a high school health class.

RUSH: High school health class. And how many students in the class, would you guess?

CALLER: Twenty-five.

RUSH: Twenty-five. And the number one answer was —

CALLER: Number one.

RUSH: — the biggest problem in health care is “access to health care”?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: In this class of 25?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And your point is that everybody in that class has access to health care one way or the other, right?

CALLER: Not only everybody in the class, but the student that was taking is on MaineCare which is a fantastic program for people who can’t afford health care.

RUSH: That’s what confused me. You said, “The student who’s taking it,” but I thought all 25 were taking it.

CALLER: Yeah, but the exception here is this student happens to be a prime example of access to health care. You know, she has access to health care, and yet the number one answer says nobody has access to health care.

RUSH: Well, see, but that makes sense, because she’s been told that the country’s unfair and only the rich have access. She doesn’t at all… She hasn’t been taught to look at herself and her own family as evidence of “access.” She’s been told that the poor don’t have it, that there are 42 million people that don’t have it. That’s been out there: 42 million, 50 million. That’s been out there for 25 years and she’s heard it. Her mother and dad have heard it, even though they’re getting health care. This is the thing that’s always amazed me about it. I’ll take you back to 2006.

The media was do its best to convince the American people we were at the beginning of a recession. Unemployment was at 4.7%. Economic growth was way, way up. The liberals hated the Iraq war. They hated Bush and had to get rid of Bush. So for years they ran story after story and man-on-the-street stories about how rotten the economy was, on how we were headed toward a recession. People called me on this program and said they were doing fine. There wasn’t any recession in their own lives. But they heard on the news it was bad, they thought their neighbors were hurting. Well, just like your student here. She has plenty of access. She and her eight brothers and sisters or whatever the number of the family is, have access with MaineCare and whatever else, but she’s been told that access to health care is the big problem, and that’s mainly because how unfair and unjust this country is to the poor and to minorities.

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