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RUSH: Last week I noticed, the bounty on registered Democrat George Zimmerman was still in place, the bounty placed by the New Black Panther Party. The New Black Panther Party has put a bounty on him. I’m hearing different numbers. I heard a $10,000 now. Somewhere else I heard $1 million bounty. Regardless, there’s a price on the head of George Zimmerman issued by private group of citizens, the New Black Panther Party, and they are saying that they’ve rounded up 5,000 black posse members to go out and find this guy and to bring him to them for justice. And so far not a peep from the Obama administration. Not a peep that I’ve heard from the government of Florida.

Folks, I have to tell you: I’m literally in a state of disbelief over this.

A bounty on a private citizen who has not been charged yet with anything, to bring him in for punishment? Who knows what would happen to him? A bounty! This is clearly causing unrest, stirring the pot. There’s no attempt to cool this off from the highest levels of our government. Nowhere. From no one. The Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama, nobody has said anything about this. They haven’t made one effort to calm things down here. I am literally… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because this is the kind of chaos that I have long predicted that would happen, and I’ve told you since the Obama was inaugurated that this kind of chaos is what they like, because this kind of chaos is when people turn to the government and say, “Please, do you do something?”

Which is what they want. They want to be the final arbiter. They want to be the solution for everything, for everybody. But in this case they’re letting this ride, folks. They’re just letting it ride. (interruption) Well… (sigh) I was just asked if I’m surprised the mother is trademarking his name. No. Nothing surprises me. That actually makes me sort of sad, some of the stuff going on here. The Miami Herald and a number of their news organizations have… Remember, this story is a month old. Three weeks went by and nobody knew anything about this. Now, I could put on my tinfoil hat and go conspiracy theorist on you and say, “Why is that? Why did this story sit there unknown to anybody for three weeks?”

Well, what was going on during those three weeks? The manufactured Democrat plan to create this notion that there was a Republican war on women. And incumbent in that war on women is an effort to get me, and maybe they didn’t want to interrupt the war on women by having this story pop up and take that off the front page. I don’t know, but for three weeks nothing happened (actually a little longer than three weeks, three and a half weeks) and then all of a sudden the lid blows on this story as though it happened yesterday. Now the Miami Herald and other news organizations are learning who Trayvon Martin was. They have found his Twitter handle and they’re looking at some of the tweets and it’s not pretty.

And they’re looking at some of the quasi-criminal activities he might have been involved in; that’s not pretty. And they’re looking at other aspects of him. So his mother is now out there saying, “First they killed my son, and now they’re trying to destroy his reputation.” I would have to say, folks, I don’t care what he said on Twitter, and I don’t care what he was doing with screwdrivers and stuff. That doesn’t justify his being shot! Now, we don’t know even yet what the details of this story are. So whether or not this is a justifiable shooting, we don’t know that yet. But just because the kid said some strange stuff on Twitter, that doesn’t mean he should get shot. I’m starting to notice everywhere I look, it’s becoming…

Again, the National Football League, there’s a… Well, talking about bounties. Now, there’s somebody that knows how to deal with bounties. The NFL shuts ’em down. Maybe the NFL should be in charge of shutting down the New Black Panther Party bounty, now that I think about it. What was it I was reading this morning? The owners meetings are here, and… Oh, I know what it is. Get this. Last Friday Warren Sapp, former defensive tackle (nose tackle) for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who now works at the NFL Network said something. He got a tweet last week from a source that he said is a good source identifying Jeremy Shockey as the whistleblower who gave up everybody.

“Snitched” was Warren Sapp’s word. He “snitched” on the Saints and their bounty program. So Shockey started tweeting (paraphrased), “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me,” and he’s out looking at lawyers and so forth. And the NFL Network is getting a little heat because, after Warren Sapp tweeted this, they went and got him and put him on camera and had him repeat it on the NFL’s own network. So in reporting this story another sportswriter said, “We’re waiting to see if there are any penalties handed down to Sapp for what he said.” Everywhere we look, somebody is justifying the notion that some high authority should be able to penalize people for what they say!

Now, this is not a First Amendment case. The First Amendment is strictly the government abridging free speech. If you work for a company, they can tell you what you can say — and if you violate it, they can fire you and all that. Don’t misunderstand. But my concern here is that no matter where we look, including in the world of sports: “Well, let’s set up a federal commission to deal with concussions. Let’s set up a federal commission to deal with the drug abuse in the NFL.” It just rolls off the tongue. Just like saying, “Yep, the sun’s gonna come up tomorrow,” it’s, “We’re still waiting on whether or not Sapp will be penalized and suspended for what he said.”


As though it is now expected, common, everyday thought that you can be shut up — punished, penalized, sent to the corner, fired — for what you say as a matter of routine, rather than it being a rare exception. It boggles my mind how oblivious people are to their own freedom, advocating for what would ultimately be the loss of their own freedom. You sit around, and you start saying, “Yeah, well, the league needs to do something about this! The league needs to fine Sapp, suspend Sapp, fire Sapp, get rid of Sapp!” For what? For what he said? He’s a football player! He’s not a journalist, for crying out loud. The league put him on the air. It’s getting out of hand here. I know we’ve got authoritarians and totalitarians that love to shut people up, but when average citizens just go along with it and think they’re sounding erudite and enlightened so forth?

This is outright censorship that people end up supporting, whether they know it or not. Outright censorship. And yet the New Black Panthers can put a bounty on a citizen and nobody does anything! Nobody at the upper levels of government even objects publicly. But you let somebody say something wrong on a football network? “Let’s shut ’em down! Let’s suspend them. Let’s penalize them. Let’s punish ’em. Let’s fire ’em or whatever.” The New Black Panthers, after getting away with vote fraud in Philadelphia, voter intimidation at the polling place, can now issue a bounty and put together a posse of 5,000 people, and we twiddle our thumbs and go, “Ho-hum, no big deal”?

Out of whack, huge, big time.


RUSH: I just was told the New Black Panther Party has upped its bounty to $1 million. The $10,000 was apparently not enough to get somebody to tell ’em where George Zimmerman is. So the New Black Panther Party has upped that bounty to $1 million. I am nearly speechless over this. A million-dollar bounty! I don’t need to provide any more details. I really don’t.

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