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RUSH: From The Daily Caller today: “Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of ‘exploiting’ the Trayvon Martin tragedy to ‘racially divide this country.'” Those are his words. That’s in quotes, “racially divide the country.” “‘His family should be outraged at the fact that theyÂ’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,’ Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller. The conservative black pastor who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP called Jackson and Sharpton ‘race hustlers’ and said they are ‘acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.’ Jackson, for example, recently said MartinÂ’s death shows how ‘blacks are under attack’ and ‘targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business.'”

I don’t remember the numbers. I saw them yesterday. The numbers of black citizens murdered by other black citizens as compared to white citizens is off the charts. Most violent black crime is intra-racial. It was FBI numbers or Census, I forget which, but the Reverend Jackson is entirely wrong here in his implication that violent crime against blacks is committed mostly by white people. It isn’t. It’s committed by blacks and other minorities. So, it’s one NAACP guy from Garland, Texas.

Now, here’s the Miami Herald story detailing the life of Trayvon Martin. This story happened a month ago. This stuff has been out there. It’s been known for a while. It’s just now surfacing. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this because none of it justifies him being shot. I think the reason why it’s coming out is the original portrayal was of an innocent young teenager eating Skittles shot by a “white Hispanic” cop wannabe, and it turns out that the original picture was not accurate at all. And I think now there are gonna be some people concerned that we might be dealing with a variation of the Duke lacrosse case where you had a stereotype.

Everybody wanted it to be the way the stereotype is written and it’s turning out not to be, and they’re a little upset about it ’cause it’s not as cut-and-dried as either the Reverend Sharpton or the Reverend Jackson wanted it to be. But they talk about the contents of his backpack. There’s a little marijuana dust in there, a screwdriver that he had used as a burglary tool. They’ve looked at his Twitter handle and it used the N-word, and they’ve reprinted some of his actual tweets. And they’re, you know, teenager-type stuff. And that’s got his mother all ticked off now. “They’re trying to destroy his reputation,” she says, “after they’ve killed my son.” But, meanwhile, “The mother of slain Trayvon Martin recently filed a trademark to protect the rights to his name as an attempt to control- and collect funds from- the masses of merchandise being produced in support of their cause.”

This is the UK Dailiy Mail. “It was revealed today that Sabrina Fulton, the boyÂ’s mother, filed two petitions last week to the US Patent and Trademark Office to specifically gain the rights to the phrases ‘I Am TrayvonÂ’ and ‘Justice For TrayvonÂ’, both of which have been frequently used by protesters across the country.” (interruption) Dawn is theorizing that maybe this is to help pay the bounty the New Black Panther Party bounty on George Zimmerman. By the way, according to a local Miami TV station, Eyeball 10 News: The police are reporting that Trayvon Martin protesters have ransacked a Walgreens store in North Miami Beach. They’re reporting that, “North Miami Beach police said surveillance video shows dozens of high school students demonstrating in the Trayvon Martin case Friday ransacking a Walgreens store.

“The incident occurred during a walkout from North Miami Beach Senior High School in support of Martin … Surveillance video shows dozens of teenagers running through the store. Police said about 80 to 100 students stormed in, ransacking the shelves, before the school’s vice principal ordered everyone outside.” What, the vice principal followed them over to Walgreens? “Some of the students dropped their IDs on the way out of the store, police said, so investigators have an idea of who was inside.” So it continues to fester. And, yes, the New Black Panther bounty is still there, and yet not one entity from any government has denounced it, criticized it, or called anybody in and said, “Hey, yank it.” Not one. You’d almost think that people want this chaos!


RUSH: Here is Robert, Texarkana, Texas, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! My question today, or more of an observation, would be: Where is (I hope I’m saying this correctly) La Raza or any of the other Hispanic leadership or the Hispanic community standing behind Zimmerman, seeing as how he is the victim, how he was assaulted, and you don’t hear anyone standing up for him from the Hispanic community.

RUSH: You know, that’s an interesting point. You’re right. I haven’t heard a word from La Raza about this.

CALLER: It just takes me back. I guess it doesn’t further any of their goals. My wife is Hispanic, and she is asked every day —

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. We’ve learned, I’ve got it right here, that George Zimmerman is a registered Democrat. He’s not a conservative. He’s not a Republican.

CALLER: Right. Where is anyone coming to his aid? He was assaulted —

RUSH: Well, look, one thing: He did pull the trigger on the kid. Until we know what happened, it’s gonna be tough for somebody to come out and defend that, but clearly you can speak up for him on this bounty, for crying out loud.

CALLER: Yes. The bounty is just absurd. I just cannot believe that they’re allowing this to happen here in America.

RUSH: Yeah, that is mind-boggling to me. That’s a great way to put it: They’re “allowing” it.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s being permitted. It is stupefying. It really is. But once they label Zimmerman — the New York Times, once they label him — a “white Hispanic,” then that’s a built-in excuse for La Raza to take the day off.


RUSH: I also have a minor, minor La Raza correction. There is, or I should say there was, a piece posted at La Raza by Janet Murguia who is president and CEO of the NCLR, whatever that is — oh, National Council of La Raza. And it’s a report of an article posted at the Huffing and Puffington Post, and it was posted at La Raza about Zimmerman. I said there was nothing there about Zimmerman, there is, but it’s on March 22nd. It’s five days ago. And it’s actually just a repost from the Huffing and Puffington Post: “Complete Investigation Vital for Justice in the Trayvon Martin Case.”

This piece never mentions Zimmerman as being Hispanic on the La Raza website. It calls for a thorough investigation because there’s such a long history of race crimes against African-Americans, on the La Raza site, but it doesn’t say anything about Zimmerman being Hispanic. Here’s a little ditty here from the article they posted five days ago. “Unfortunately, Trayvon Martin’s death reminds us of a frightening time in our country’s history when violent crimes perpetrated against African-Americans went unreported or were protected by law enforcement authorities.” So that’s what’s posted five days ago at La Raza. So the caller was right. Nobody in the Hispanic activist community is piping up here.

Here’s Greg in Chatham, New Jersey. Welcome to the program. Great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Yes, thanks, Maha Rushie. Rush, to my knowledge no one has yet taken a poll of the Hispanic-eligible voters who may seem, in light of Obama’s comments, to have taken sides against them and for Trayvon. I just wanted to get your comments on that.

RUSH: Well, I understand your thinking. I think that’s a little premature. He did pull the trigger. He did shoot and kill Trayvon Martin. That is a tough thing to stand up and defend, the act itself. So I think people are waiting to see the final detailed version of the story whenever that happens. Now, whether the Hispanic community decides someday to get upset at Obama for choosing sides on this remains to be seen. It depends on what the details of the story are, I would think. And then to assume that the media is gonna go out and do a poll that would end up showing something negative for Obama on this is another stretch. But you never know. It could happen.

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