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RUSH: A couple of more tweets we put up @Limbaugh and @RushLimbaugh today with one right as the program started and one about a half hour prior. We are continuing to give away free iPads, one a day. The new iPad winner is chosen randomly from all of the new tweeters who follow me @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh. The rules of this (I don’t want to waste your time here) are explained fully at RushLimbaugh.com. Basically, if you haven’t done it, you just get a Twitter account. That’s easy: You go Twitter.com, and if you have an e-mail address, use that and sign up. Then you have an account.

Nothing happens to you after that ’til you do something. Follow anybody you want to follow. Anybody else who tweets, you can follow ’em. We want you to follow us at two places — @Limbaugh and @RushLimbaugh — and then retweet what we put up. It’s that simple. And in geometric proportions, retweeting all this stuff out means hundreds of thousands of people will end up seeing it. We continue on this little fun project, and you could win a new iPad. We chose another one today. We’re not gonna announce winners’ names here on the air when they are notified, and we’ve got a bunch of these. I don’t know how long we’re gonna go with this, but it’s working out well, and the number of followers is increasing and therefore the retweets are huge.


RUSH: By the way, I just decided we’re gonna extend the Twitter iPad giveaway a couple of days. Today was supposed to be the last day. This is day seven. Well, it’s day five. We started last Tuesday so this is day five, five working days. I’m gonna extend it to a full week, seven days. So we’ll have one to give away today, tomorrow, and then on Wednesday will be the last one. If you sign up for a Twitter account and start retweeting the stuff that we have @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh, you’ll be eligible to win one of these fabulous new generation iPads.

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