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RUSH: Mark Stevens is back. Let me refresh your memory. Mark Stevens is a local advertiser on this program in New York on WABC, our flagship station there. And last week he appeared on the Fox Business Channel on Varney & Co. to describe how he’s being targeted by Media Matters for America and related groups. And he said two interesting things last week. He said that this is not a boycott. It’s terrorism. It’s a small number of people trying to make themselves sound like a large number of people. They’re trying to make themselves sound like they’re angry customers who are never gonna patronize the business again when that’s not who they are.

They’re Democrat operatives, and they are running a terrorism campaign. They are calling and sending e-mails to his female employees, and they are threatening them. He said after his appearance on Varney & Co. last week, and after we played the sound bites, he received 40,000 e-mails. That’s his number. Thirty-eight thousand of them were supportive. Two thousand were critical of him and his decision to keep sponsoring. Well, today he showed back up on Fox with Megyn Kelly and we have two sound bites. She asked him, “Does the intimidation campaign cause you any concern?”

STEVENS: Absolutely no concern. Let them come. Let them come! The e-mails I’ve been getting, Megyn, by the tens of thousands. I’m trying to answer them all because they’re so heartfelt and they’re really tapping into something that’s going on in America that the story is not being told. People who run little manufacturing businesses, retailers, people in the military, all kinds of people across the country who feel powerless, they’re suffocated. It’s like the lid is blowing off in the e-mails they write me. God bless me. They think I’m a hero, which I’m not. But I have to answer all of them because their e-mails are so heartfelt. Something is going on here that has to be addressed because the country’s at risk. If I can’t advertise where I want to advertise my business because of a small group of people… We can tell, because the vast majority of e-mails are in support of us, Rush, America.

RUSH: He wants to advertise. And he is, by the way. He has doubled or tripled down on his buy. He is not being intimidated by it because he wants people to know what is going on. Tens of thousands of e-mails here. And she asked him, Megyn Kelly said, “Well, Mr. Stevens, what are you going to do next?”

STEVENS: Advertise more heavily! Stand my ground! Absolutely not give in in any way. Give no quarter to those who will intimidate me or my company. And if I can do anything else for others, try to be the bulwark that stands in the way of this terrorist activity. Because I love the country, and it’s gotta stop!

RUSH: And his advertising works. That’s why. It’s a business decision. He said on the show he doesn’t care about the politics of it. And he said he had a problem with what I said but he accepted the apology. But the advertising works. It’s a business. And he’s not gonna stop advertising. And he wants to run around and tell anybody else who’s got a little fear over what’s happening to them out there. You know, people still send me e-mails. “You sound like you’re fine, Rush. Are you doing ok?” In fact, I have to tell you something. This is a little inside baseball, but we were in New York last week. We went up Thursday night for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation annual gala and ball. It’s really a great night.

The Commandant’s Own drum and bugle corps performed, and there were a number of people who spoke. MC-LEF, by the way, we sponsor them at Two If By Tea. They provide college scholarships for the children of men and women, Marines, killed in action. And sometimes in extreme circumstances such as 9/11 or the Oklahoma City bombing, they will extend assistance to the children of other federal law enforcement agents who are killed. And there was… I hate to single one out, but there was a father who lost his son, I believe. It was a real hearing challenge for me that night, but I believe his son was killed in Afghanistan. He spoke for 20 minutes. It would rip your heart out. So many people came up to me and were supportive.

“Are you doing okay? Are you doing okay? You sound great on the radio! Are you doing ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Nothing’s going on.”

“Well, all these boycotts. Is it hurting you?”

“No, no, no. There really isn’t one. There’s a fake boycott. There’s no advertiser boycott. There’s no consumer boycott going on. It’s something that’s being made to look like it. It’s as phony and ginned up as the Occupy Wall Street movement is.”

But they were all concerned. And then the next day we went by and saw some people over at Fox, and we stopped by Neil Cavuto’s office, and he put his arm around me.

“Are you doing okay? You okay?”

“Yeah, Neil. Everything’s fine. Everything’s cool.”

“Really? Are you? Tell me now, are you really okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.”

A couple other people asked, too, and I came to the conclusion here that a lot of people think that this has been profoundly effective, and it hasn’t been. Again, it’s the power of the media to create a picture and an image. But, no, we’re fighting back on this. It’s why we’ve activated our Twitter account. People ask, folks, “What about what Media Matters is doing?” Media Matters is like jock itch. Have you ever had jock itch? Most every guy that has played sports has had jock itch. Women get jock itch. Yes, they do! Media Matters is like jock itch. It’s a chafing little rash in there. That’s all they are. That’s as serious as it is. Yeah, they’re just a bunch of little twerps sitting around with nothing better to do, trying to occupy themselves.

But they’re just jock itch, folks.

Pure and simple.

David Brock is jock itch, and any of these other people whose names come out. They’re just jock itch.

It’s all it is.

We’re moving forward. This guy Mark Stevens is exactly right. They’re little terrorists, jock itch terrorists who are trying to make themselves sound like they are numerous, when they’re not. They’re trying to make themselves sound like they’re consumers and angry customers, when they’re not. And they’ve even admitted it. They’ve had this program in their drawer waiting to activate it since 2009, and it’s the fourth or fifth such attempt. It’s just an election year, and it’s a little bit heightened. But it’s jock itch, folks! That’s all it is. It’s the way you need to look at it.


RUSH: You ever notice, folks, when a conservative does not like a talk show, they change the channel. They don’t watch. That’s why these left-wing networks don’t have much audience. But when a leftist doesn’t like a talk show, they scream, “Racism, elitism, bigotry, homophobia,” and then they start demanding censorship. That’s exactly who they are and what they do. Okay, Obamacare tomorrow. Oral arguments on the mandate before the program starts.

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