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RUSH: Kristen in San Antonio, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush! I thank God to the blessing of being able to speak to the Voice of Truth. We really need you now.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, I’m a physician, and my whole life has been focused on the doctor-patient relationship, and we are under siege by the government takeover of medicine. So, after being betrayed by the AMA, physicians are coming together and we have spoken out, and we have come out with a response to the infamous granny ad from last year. And I hope you will please see it, particularly the four-minute video.

RUSH: I have. Is that your ad? I’ve seen it.

CALLER: Yes! That’s it. And I’m in it in the end, not (garbled).

RUSH: These people have done an ad with Obama pushing granny off the cliff as opposed to Paul Ryan.

CALLER: Yes. Well, because we had to give him credit for his signature legislation. And we used his own words. Our patient is absolutely in context with the town hall where he tells us that government will let us know what they deem the patient should have as treatment. And then the thing that’s in the four-minute video is that we catch granny at the end, as the doctors, and we educate our patients about what is actually in the law, which I have read.

RUSH: So in your ad, granny doesn’t die like in the Democrat ad?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely not. We save granny and say, “Don’t worry, grandma. We will take care of you.”

RUSH: Let me ask you a question.

CALLER: And we will.

RUSH: Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that the Founding Fathers would approve of Obama?

CALLER: Oh, my God. Goodness. The Founding Fathers were so…

RUSH: That’s what she’s saying.

CALLER: Okay, well, you know, two years ago today she did her gavel walk when she forced this down the throats of the American people. And the Founding Fathers had just finished turning over from that and now they’re turning over from her implicating them and supporting something that they designed the Constitution to avoid. This is the exact sort of legislation that they created our government and Constitution to avoid. That is just laughable. In fact, I think we should make a parody of that.

RUSH: Yeah, you should. You ought to do another parody with Pelosi saying that “pursuit of happiness” means that we have to provide everybody with free birth control pills.

CALLER: Well, I really want to call you back and talk with you about that one from a physician’s perspective. But I’ll tell you, Rush: Please spread the word to the American patient. I’m a doctor; I’m a patient; I’m a mother; I’m a small business owner. And, my goodness, we are under the gun here. And, you know, earlier, on your earlier hour you said, “Truth is not powerful enough to stop these people,” and I fear that you are right. So We the People must be powerful enough to stop them, and as physicians and as people we’ve gotta resuscitate the truth.

RUSH: Well, the reason why it doesn’t is not that there’s anything wrong with the truth. It’s that we’re up against people with no moral core. Truth is a relative, floating point to them. Truth is whatever they happen to say that day. And they have no compunction about lying. There’s no conscience. There’s no restraint whatsoever, and so the truth up against somebody or some organization without a moral core needs assistance. But I tell you… You tell me to keep talking? I think you should by all means keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve got a story here, Kristen, from the LA Times.

“Obama Health Care Law Not Yet Resonating with the Public.” Let me read to you a first paragraph, and I will translate it for you. From the Los Angeles Times (pedantically): “As President Obama and his allies gear up to defend the landmark healthcare law he signed two years ago, they confront an unforgiving math problem: Just a tiny fraction of Americans has experienced a major benefit from the law,” and that’s because it hasn’t been implemented. The major benefits? They have delayed the benefits so they keep the costs down. Anyway: “At the same time, tens of millions have continued to see insurance premiums and medical bills rise as they did before the legislation was signed.

“That reflects the design of the complex law, in which many of the key provisions were delayed in a bid to hold down costs and minimize disruptions while new systems are put in place to expand coverage. The law will not guarantee insurance to all Americans until 2014, and may take many more years to rein in healthcare costs. But the president and congressional Democrats had nonetheless hoped that a handful of early benefits — such as allowing adult children,” (pause) adult children “to remain on their parents’ health plans until age 26 — would rally the public behind the law by now. That hasn’t happened, surveys indicate. ‘The law is still not real for the vast majority of Americans,’ said Mollyann Brodie, polling director for the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.”

Can I translate this for you?

(pedantically) “You idiot hicks in flyover country and the Deep South just don’t realize what an incredible gift your benevolent president and all-knowing government are giving you! Since you’re clearly not capable of health insurance decisions and choices for yourself, we are taking care of that for you now. Just trust in the president and Kathleen Sebelius, who will take care of you so that you can go back to clinging to your guns and religion, and leave the important stuff to those of us who know what’s best for you. The Los Angeles Times admits that the Obama health care law ‘is not yet resonating with the public,’ but it’s because you are too ungrateful to understand just how much they have done for you, and you are too ungrateful (and maybe stupid) to see how much they care for you.

“And you are too dumb and disengaged to understand that, yes, prices may be going up now, but they will eventually come down. It says so in the bill.

“So you dumb hicks, if you would just start telling our pollsters that you love Obamacare, we wouldn’t have to write stories that disappoint us like this. So please, would you start trying to understand how wonderful Obama is and how wonderful Kathleen Sebelius is and how wonderful the health care plan is, and how it’s never, ever, going to be a problem for you ever again? If you get sick, and if you die, you will be taken care of … Maybe.” That’s like the translation. The LA Times is terribly upset that you don’t get it yet. But the real news here is that you’re not buying it. And they’re all flabbergasted by it, and they’re upset, and they’re pulling their hair out. Because they look at it as themselves being ineffective. They haven’t yet, with all the power they’ve got, turned you into big supporters. And, of course, that’s your fault. You’re too stupid to understand how wonderful all this is.

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