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RUSH: Today we give away an iPad, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve been doing this for a week now. We activated our Twitter account. We’ve got a two of them that serve the same purpose: @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh, no space between Rush and Limbaugh. What are we up to? What’s the number of followers we’ve got now? Somebody just tell me. Almost 300,000 followers. Now, that’s just superb. Here’s the way it works. What you do, if you don’t have a Twitter account, is you go to Twitter.com and get an account. Use your e-mail address. That’s all. Nothing will happen to your computer. Your computer will not catch fire. Gremlins and goblins will not find their way into your hard drive. Nothing will happen unless you do something else.

Once you become a Twitter member, there are people out there on Twitter that you can follow by finding out what their handle is. Our handles are @Limbaugh and @RushLimbaugh. Just simply say you want to follow @Limbaugh or @RushLimbaugh. Or you can follow ’em both. And we’re going to post things as we have done within the past hour, and these things (as of now) are helping to get the truth out about this terrorism that’s going on sponsored by Democrat operatives and conducted by Democrat operatives against local advertisers and radio stations which carry this program. In fact, the tweet that we put up recently is the video of Mark Stevens on Fox Business Network today.

He’s describing that this boycott is not a boycott, that it’s a pure act of “terrorism,” that they’re not angry consumers reaching out to him and trying to intimidate him. They’re Democrat operatives and terrorists, and he revealed that after he was on Fox yesterday, he got 40,000 e-mails — and 38,000 of them were in support of him! Two thousand were probably written by five or six little Democrat operatives in their pajamas in the basement of their parents’ house trying to make themselves look like 2,000 people. So we’ve put him saying this up. Charles Payne actually said it after talking to him on the radio, but the video of all that is what we tweeted with some of the news about it.

Then what you do after you follow us is you simply retweet it, and that will send it out to all the people that follow you. And then we have a geometric expansion of the number of people who will see it. So our almost 300,000 followers could become multiple millions who will see it. And what we are doing is randomly selecting from our new list of followers a person each day to win the new third generation iPad. And these are top of the line, full-boat iPads, 64-gigabyte storage, which is the biggest they make, 4G LTE. They’re either gonna be AT&T or Verizon and they come in white or black. And I have a stash.

As a powerful, influential member of the media I was able to get enough of these to be able to give one a day away for a week. I actually have more than that. So we’ll be doing that, and we’re not gonna announce on air who wins the iPad each day. We will contact the person via their handle and let them know that they have been randomly selected. Just so that you didn’t think that we forgot to announce the iPad winner, we’re not actually going to be doing that on air. Now, you might think that we only have 142,000 followers, but that’s on one handle. You gotta combine both handles. If you combine both handles, you get close to 300,000 followers, and it’s growing.

We’ll be over half million followers by the end of the week.

I feel fairly confident that you will make that happen.

I don’t have too many doubts that you will make that happen.

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