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RUSH: Now, a little housekeeping here, folks. Yesterday on this program we played for you a couple of audio sound bites from an advertiser of this program in New York City, a guy by the name of Mark Stevens. He was on the Fox Business Network with Stuart Varney. And he pointed out that he’s being hit by a coordinated attack that he calls “terrorism.” It’s not angry consumers, but he thinks that this is a coordinated attack. He doesn’t name the group, but we will. It’s Media Matters. And he knows, Mark Stevens knows, that the people contacting him — many of them — don’t even live in New York and have never patronized any of his businesses. They’re simply trying to intimidate him.

Let’s go back. Let’s just listen to a brief sound bite from Mark Stevens yesterday from Varney & Co. on Fox Business Network.

STEVENS: I just want… The reason why I want … What I’d like to say is that what is not known about this is this is not a boycott. That is a polite term for organized terrorist activity that is descending on people, on businesses that are advertising on Rush, and it’s part of the larger war on business in America today.

RUSH: That’s an excellent point. It’s an organized action by the left attempting to terrorize individuals who own businesses and operate radio stations. It’s not angry consumers. These people couldn’t have cared less what happened three weeks ago other than the opportunity it presents them. They’re not even really offended by what happened. This is just an opportunity to execute a plan that they’ve had in their drawer since 2009. Well, today on the Fox Business Channel, on Varney & Co., the co-host of this show is Charles Payne. And he has his own show. He interviewed Mark Stevens yesterday on his show after Stevens appeared on Fox, and he had this little recounting of how that went talking to Varney about it.

PAYNE: I actually had him on my radio show. He didn’t say “near terrorist.”

VARNEY: He doesn’t.

PAYNE: He says flat-out, “This is terrorism and it’s terrorism against, you know, everything that America stands for, and now he has become the brunt of it. Now Mark has put himself right in the center of this thing. He has now become the same sort of target that Rush Limbaugh has become. Listen, it’s brutal. He’s gonna stay the course because he feels like this is more than just a First Amendment thing. This goes deeper. He thinks it’s a war on America as we are as a country right now.

VARNEY: We’ll discuss the free speech (unintelligible).

PAYNE: Oh, by the way, the good news, though, for him: I think he said of 40,000 e-mails, 38,000 were supportive.

VARNEY: Really?

PAYNE: So there are a lot of people out there who are coming to his defense.

VARNEY: Thirty-eight thousand?

PAYNE: Yeah.

VARNEY: That’s Rush Limbaugh reach and power I suspect.

PAYNE: Yeah.

RUSH: Stuart Varney, Fox Business Network, recognizing the “reach and power” of the program. But what happened is, after Mark Stevens appeared on Fox… And I’ve never met him. Just so you know, I’ve never met Mark Stevens. Yesterday was the first time I saw him and it was quite by accident. I don’t even know how the Fox Business Network ended up on the monitor, but it did. He was interviewed by Payne, and as a result of his appearance yesterday, 38,000 of you e-mailed him in support — 38,000! This is why… And I say this with all the love and appreciation and affection for you that I can muster.

This is why they are never going to succeed in their primary mission of ousting me. They don’t understand, nobody else in media understands the… (sigh) I don’t quite know how to say this myself, because I don’t want to make it sound like I take it for granted. I don’t. It’s something unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career, this program. And I’m talking about the relationship that I have with you. I’ve often said this. At Thanksgiving and Christmastime when I am feeling particularly thankful, I always try to tell you how familial this all feels to me, that we’re one giant family. And it’s because of things like this.

Nobody asked you to e-mail anybody. You didn’t even know how to get hold of Mark Stevens. But 38,000 of you took it upon yourselves to find out who this guy is, where he is, how to get an e-mail to him, and then you did it. And the terrorists that he’s describing who are hassling him managed 2,000. There’s no way, folks, that they cannot be beaten. There’s no way they can win. They’re not going away, however. They’re on a mission now. But it’s all based on the fact that their ideas cannot win in the arena. Their ideas are representative of a genuine minority of thinking and of the population. They have to use intimidating tactics.

The mistake that they’re making is that they’re going after people who have never advertised on this program and don’t understand what this is all about. And, as such, are figuring out that this is a coordinated attack by the Democrat Party and its operatives. It is a great learning opportunity for a lot of these people. And I think the upshot at the end of this is that all of these attempts to create boycotts and secondary boycotts are ultimately gonna be blown to smithereens because the objects, the targets, are gonna realize it’s all phony. None of it’s real. None of it’s genuine. It’s all drummed up. It’s a political operation, opposition research.

Now this guy Mark Stevens, what a gutsy guy! Because he has willingly made himself as big a target as I am in this. And as I say, I don’t even know him. So I just… I don’t know how to thank you all. (chuckles) You did this, and you do it every day, by the way. This man is not the only one hearing from you. You know what you’re doing, and you’re doing it on your own. Never, ever, have there been marching orders. The only marching orders we’re giving is to follow me on

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