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RUSH: Karen Finney is the Democrat strategerist. She was on MSNBC last night. They were in total shock, total shock. “Santorum won last night! Santorum? Conservative women? How can this happen? “ Karen Finney, big-time Democrat strategerist, said it hurt her that women voted for Santorum.

FINNEY: (haltingly) Well… This woman vote really hurts me, I gotta say. (snickering) It’s a little painful ’cause I’m wondering if those women really heard the full message that: Yes, there is the economy, but if you’ve gotta worry about your basic health care, how are you then gonna be able to do what you need to do in terms of having a job, paying your rent, taking care of your kids.

RUSH: In other words, she can’t believe that the women voting in Republican primaries are concerned about the economy first. Exit poll data: 75% of the people voting, including women: What’s the number one issue but the economy! She’s ticked off. They’re not selling this war on women business. She actually thinks women are gonna be concerned about being denied abortion or birth control pills? She thinks that’s what Santorum’s about? They think that they have succeeded in convincing the American people that Republicans equal no abortion and no birth control pills. And they can’t believe it when you women aren’t falling for what they are trying to tell you is happening, that you are stuck in the economy.

So you’re stupid. “Oh, yeah, it’s okay to be concerned about the economy. Well, what about your health? What good is the economy if you don’t have any health, and the Republicans want to destroy your health! Aren’t you listening to us?” That’s why she’s upset. So the question was asked of her: “Santorum did particularly well in Alabama among working women. Karen, can you believe this? And even after sending out a mailer with a quote from Rush Limbaugh, Santorum… Can you believe it, Karen? You were in Alabama! Can you explain this to me? How does it happen that women vote for Santorum even after he sends out a flier with Limbaugh’s quote on it?”

FINNEY: You know, I’m stunned. Uh, the only explanation that I can come up with is — and I think this would be a question I’d want to go back and ask these women. For these women: Did race — or… or, in other words, “conservative values;” that’s the code, right? — trump gender? You know, it’s still a very conservative state. The racial issues are alive and well in Alabama and Mississippi. Remember those polls that we saw where large percentage don’t believe in interracial marriage and think the president is a “Mooslem.” So clearly there is some sort of racial stuff in there, and I wonder if that — ultimately for white working women — trumps their own gender.

RUSH: All right. So you white working women, who the Obama’s campaign’s abandoned you anyway. Specifically your husbands, soon to be you. Karen Finney, spokesman (paraphrased), “Don’t you Republican women understand what’s going on here? Don’t you understand the code word was ‘conservative values’ means ‘race’? Don’t you understand?” So you Republican women are being fooled. Just so silly, you’re so stupid. You don’t understand the Republican war on women out to deny you birth control pills and now you don’t understand as you’re actually voting for a bunch of racist pigs. Democrats are beside themselves. Same network, MSNBC. A question to Richard Wolffe, reporter. Do you think Santorum really signed off on that after all Limbaugh’s been through and been in the news about? You think Santorum really put that quote from Limbaugh on his flier knowingly?”

WOLFFE: Rush Limbaugh still has an audience, even though we all think that he should be losing it. If you are a Christian conservative who is also a woman and maybe you don’t actually care for the other side of the Rush Limbaugh debate, and Rick Santorum is your family values guy.

RUSH: “Rush Limbaugh still has an audience, even though we all think he should be losing it,” and you stupid white Republican conservative women, you don’t care! You’ll vote for racists every time.

That’s what the media has decided they have learned about you.


RUSH: You know, I’ve got an audience that the media has probably just doubled while they sit out there telling themselves that I should be losing audience.

Gotta take a break here at the top of the hour. We’ll play these sound bites again. They’re worth having you hear what the Democrats think of you one more time.


RUSH: If you were with us at the conclusion of the previous hour and heard the three sound bites from Democrat strategist Karen Finney, I think you would agree with me it sounds like Karen Finney is launching a war on Southern women. Karen Finney and the Democrats are clearly not happy with the way you Southern women voted yesterday. Not happy with you at all. And they think you’re being duped or you’re racists or you don’t hear the racist code words in the Republican Party, and you’re not putting your health first. You women concerned about the economy, don’t you understand? That’s not the important thing. The important thing is the Republicans want you to get sick!

That’s what Karen Finney wants you to believe. That’s what the Democrats want you to believe. The Republicans are trying take away your birth control! They’re trying to take away your abortion. They want you to get sick! There’s a war on women, and you women in the South, you don’t see it. You’re out there, you’re misguided and you’re all focused on the economy. So I hope you’ll keep Karen Finney’s feelings in mind the next time you go into a voting booth. You wouldn’t want to cause her any more pain. You know, we live in a very sexist world, according to the Democrats, and that means that women do…

Wouldn’t you agree women do most of the shopping, or is it not that way? They do enough to know what things cost, right? Guys do a lot of shopping, too. I know that’s a change. But the women know what things cost. A lot of the women pay the bills, right? A lot women pay the bills. They know better than men what Obama has done to the economy. That’s why they’re concerned about it. Some of their husbands may not have jobs; they may not have jobs. Karen Finney and the Democrat Party are telling these women, “Well, to hell with that! What about your health? Don’t you know the Republicans are trying to take away your health?” They really think that you Republican women, particularly in the South, are a bunch of idiots.

And they were really sad and disappointed. You sent them for a loop last night, the way you voted for Santorum. They couldn’t believe it. And, by the way, just to remind you: The Department of Health and Human Services implemented a rule either yesterday or the day before (it’s now finalized), and this new rule, part of Obamacare, establishes state health care exchanges under Obamacare, including an abortion premium mandate. You now, because of this implementation of the rule, will be forced to pay $1 a month to cover abortion on your insurance policy. You may not see it. The employer may pay it and deduct it so you may not see it, but the cost has been levied, and it is coming out of your pocket one way or the other. Kathleen Sebelius, Department of Health and Human Services secretary, implemented that rule yesterday.

Now, I remember saying back on January 23rd, Republicans were panicking.

And, by the way, for the record, during the top-of-the-hour break I just received four new commercials that I have to voice by Friday. Just wanted you to know. Four new spots that I have to voice by Friday that start running next week. And I was looking at those during the top-of-the-hour break. I had to take a little time away from show prep during the top-of-the-hour break to accommodate what’s gonna be necessary between now and Friday to get that done.

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