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RUSH: Jacob Tapper, our old buddy. Jake Tapper, ABC News. He may be in trouble today, folks, ’cause all the good graces he found himself in the way he reported on me this week, he’s now stepped in it. Last night on ABC’s World News Tonight, he happened to report the truth. There was a new Obama reelection campaign documentary out there, The Road We Traveled, it’s a film directed by An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim, and this Guggenheim guy, by the way, has said in all of his investigating he can’t find one thing wrong with Obama. He’s a perfect human being. I kid you not. Obama is perfect. He told this to Piers Morgan on CNN. The only thing he could find that Obama had failed at was persuading more people to abandon their own political point of view and agree with him. He couldn’t find anything wrong, a perfect individual. So Tapper is reporting on this documentary, and Tom Hanks is in here. I guess Jacob Tapper is basically reviewing it.

TAPPER: The inconvenient truth for President Obama is that with a current approval rating at below 50%, his odds of reelection are likelier if he makes the election not about him.

HANKS: Do we look at the day’s headlines, or do we remember what we, as a country, have been through?

TAPPER: The unemployment rate when President Obama took office was 7.8%. It went up to 10%, and is now 8.3%. Gas prices when the president took office averaged $1.84 a gallon. It’s now $3.79 a gallon. And home values have gone down since the president took office.

RUSH: I don’t believe this.

TAPPER: There have been more than 2.8 million foreclosures under his watch. President Obama has his work cut out for him with the Democratic base. Compared to four years ago, Diane, Democrats are deflated and Republicans are much more enthusiastic about voting this November.

RUSH: I don’t know how Jake Tapper has a job today: You don’t hear this kind of stuff from the Drive-By Media. Well, some people you do now and then just to create the illusion they are somewhat objective sometimes, but this is right-on-the-money true. All of these economic statistics are true. The report on voter enthusiasm, Republicans far more enthusiastic than Democrats, true. This documentary by the Guggenheim guy, Goebbels would not allow this one out. Goebbels woulda not allowed this one out. Putin wouldn’t let this one out. This is so one-sided that everybody rolls their eyes at it. And Jake Tapper says the inconvenient truth for Obama is that with a current approval rating below 50% his odds of reelection are likelier if he makes the election not about him. And that’s what he’s not going to be able to do. The election will be about him, and that’s where the enthusiasm on our side will come from, the election being about him. Don’t doubt me on this.

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