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RUSH: This morning on Joe Scarborough’s program on MSNBC. He had former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean, former Democrat presidential candidate, talking about the Republican primary. Here’s Howard Dean.

DEAN: This is fascinating. People have asked me, “Well, do you fear Romney?” I’ve always feared Romney the most of any candidate since 2008. I actually fear Santorum more, not because he’s a right-wing extremist, which he is, but because he actually can connect with people. I actually think he would be —

BRZEZINSKI: Yes, he can.

DEAN: — tough for us, much tougher than I would have thought, given his positions.

RUSH: Now, what’s going on here? With these guys, it’s never apparent. Too often they mean the exact opposite of what they say. And Howard Dean saying: You know what, this guy’s a right-wing extremist, but I’m shocked, he’s connecting with people. And I think he might be tougher than I would have ever thought, given his positions. Well, now, wait a minute, Governor Dean, how can he connect with people if his positions are so wacko? Don’t the two kind of go hand in hand? If you’re gonna connect with people, don’t you have to sorta say things that they agree with, relate to, understand? That’s part of connecting with people. I mean if he’s a right-wing hayseed extremist, that must mean — oh, I get it; that’s right. Howard Dean thinks all of you are right-wing hayseed extremists, and that’s why Santorum’s “connecting.” Okay. And that’s why Romney isn’t. At least Howard Dean is saying, “I don’t know, this guy could be a bigger problem than we thought.”

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