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RUSH: I am here to tell you nobody has got this November election right. Everybody’s looking at it through the Obama-can’t-lose prism, and the prism you need to look at this through is Obama could very easily lose this election, and nobody knows it better than him. He’s not gonna have a billion dollars. He’s told Pelosi and Reid, (paraphrasing) “I’m not giving you any money. I’m not even gonna fundraise for you. I’m gonna do one event for the House, one event for the Senate, and that’s it.” He’s not gonna fundraise, which they’re probably happy about. He’s not gonna be on the campaign trail for ’em. I guarantee, they’re gonna be happy about that. I don’t believe these polls that show Obama 50% approval. It’s a trumped-up 800 respondent poll of adults, not even likely voters.

You see the exit polls of Super Tuesday? Economy, economy, economy, economy. That’s what people care about. There’s no “war on women.” They asked these Republican women at the exit polls, “Do you think there’s a ‘war on women’?” These women are concerned about the economy. They don’t think there’s a war on against them, other than Barack Obama doing damage to the economy. The real war is the one Obama’s conducting against us and on our private sector economy. Seventy, 75% of the exit polls: the economy, the economy, the economy. Well, guess whose it is? It ain’t Bush’s. They can’t lay that one off on me. Owns it, Barack Obama. It’s his. After three years, this economy, every bit of it, is Obama’s. And they know that people know it.

So don’t tell me that Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a chance. All this talk about the Democrats taking back the House. Ha! I’m not saying it can’t happen. Folks, it’s not written in stone. It’s not what’s likely. It’s not a given. None of the conventional wisdom is a given. Obama’s reelection is not a given. They want you to think it is. You are assisted in that thinking when you look at the Republican field, and you don’t feel inspired. But you have to understand, this election is going to be about Obama. And even if the unemployment rate — I shouldn’t say “if.” When they report the unemployment rate at 7.9%, it’s still gonna be an election about Obama, because that isn’t going to be true. And when they report 250, 300,000 new jobs, that isn’t gonna be true. And even if it is, it’s still gonna take close to 600,000 jobs a month for a long time to get us back down to 6%. Legitimately.

Obama’s not a slam dunk. The election is not over. Either Santorum or Romney can win. You just have to ignore Republicans that live in New York or Washington and you’ll be okay. If you talk to Republicans in New York or Washington, you are gonna be as depressed as Republicans were after 1964. I know a bunch of ’em, and they are depressed. They can’t help it. They live in the sphere of the New York Times. That’s everything to them. Well-meaning Republican conservatives, they think there’s no hope. If you talk to them, they will convince you there’s no hope. That’s why ignore talking to them. I mean I’m about ready to delete e-mails from New York and Washington Republican friends. They’re just too damned depressing and they’re not realistic.

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