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RUSH: You know, just like the Obama administration’s effort to manufacture a recovery taking place, a dynamic, ongoing economic recovery, virtual recovery, nobody believes that. And nobody is moved by this phony, staged contraception nonsense. Everybody knows where to get this stuff, everybody knows where to get a birth control pill or a condom. Everybody knows. And everybody knows it’s cheap. Nobody thinks anybody’s going broke because of this. This is how they overreach. Send a woman up there talking about going broke regarding a place that costs $45,000 a year to attend?

Now, see, I welcome this. The reason I’m spending a little bit of time on this is because it’s about much more than just this one woman wanting us to pay for her to have sex all the time. If this is where the left wants to fight the battle of government-run health care, then this is where it should be fought, and that’s what they’re doing. This whole episode is to advance the premise of government-run health care, and notice the left is choosing contraception, not cancer, not heart disease, not diabetes. They’re choosing one-dollar condoms. They have decided to build their case for government-run health care around a female law student attending an expensive law school, who not only wants a scholarship — the Wilt Chamberlain Scholarship — to pay her tuition, she wants the rest of us to pay for her sex.

This is the issue they have gone to the mat on. They want contraception to be the battle where government-run health care is fought over. Not cancer, not heart disease, not diabetes, but one-dollar condoms. But here’s what they don’t get. Talk about all the women that use birth control, the percentages, 98, 99%. Fine. But up ’til now, individuals paid for that themselves, because what really is going on here is the end of personal responsibility. Ms. Fluke is asking to be exempted from personal responsibility. She wants all the sex that she wants all the time paid for by the rest of us. She wants no consequences for it, or to it. She wants a penalty-free, moral-free life where everybody else pays for the mistakes that she makes as a consequence of the way she lives her life.

So she’s asking to be exempted from any personal responsibility for her life and for her health. She doesn’t want to have to take on the personal responsibility of all that. Furthermore, the Democrats obviously now want to control women’s birth control. They want to decide who can have it and when. And they have decided to circle the wagons and fight the concept of government-run health care over a dollar condom, or a prescription for birth control pills. This is what happens, folks, when you give up a freedom. Somebody’s glad to take it from you. This woman is hardly courageous. This woman is a useful idiot. She marches to Capitol Hill and says, “Here, take my freedom. And make everybody else pay for what I do.” I have to remind people of this each and every day.

And who’s the villain? I am. I’m the villain for pointing out the consequences of women giving over control of birth control to the government. I’m the villain for pointing out the absolute insanity of all of this. I’m the villain because I’m spoiling the party. I’m not playing along. I’m not winking. Now, the latest is — Snerdley, who sent the letter to Issa? Fourteen Democrats on Darrell Issa’s congressional committee have sent him a letter demanding that he renounce me? Oh. Led by Elijah Cummings, the former head of the Congressional Black Caucasians. The CBC. The Congressional Black Caucasians, Elijah Cummings — is his daughter named Filet? No, Mignon. No, that’s Clyburn. Okay, so they’ve sent Issa a letter demanding that he denounce me or renounce me or whatever. This is how they do it. They’ve tried this. ‘Cause if Issa renounces me, they’ve hit their grand slam fundraising and all this.

You know what I ought to do? I ought to grant him permission to do it. I ought to give him an “exemption,” a one-time exemption. Go ahead, Darrell, we’ll wink, we both know what’s going on here. Then they’ll go to Boehner and then they’ll go to Paul Ryan and then they’ll go to Eric Cantor and then this is gonna come up in the next debate, whatever it is, this will come up. Could be in the Huckabee value debate, could be the presidential debate, it’s gonna come up. “Mr. Obama, President Obama, do you agree with Rush Limbaugh that 99% of the women in America are sluts,” will be the question. (laughing) And I’m gonna say, “Oh, my gosh, why couldn’t my parents be alive to see this?” The Democrats want to convince us personal responsibility is something the government should do for you, and that’s what this episode is all about. It’s exactly what this is all about.


RUSH: I don’t do this very often. I do this less than once a year. But I’m gonna do it now. Folks, I have something I want you to do. I want you to find — and I want you to do it on your own. I want you to find the e-mail address for Darrell Issa, chairman of his congressional committee. I-S-S-A. I want you to send him an e-mail asking him to renounce Elijah Cummings for being so ignorant. Or just renounce Elijah Cummings for manufacturing a phony issue and not understanding what’s going on, because Cummings has sent a letter — with all the other Democrats on Issa’s committee — asking him to renounce me. I thought about exempting Issa and saying, “Go ahead, Darrell. Go ahead and renounce me.”

But that would be the wrong way because then they would never report the wink and the nod and the humor contained behind it. So Issa needs to renounce Cummings for attempting to gin up something so obviously phony. By the way, let’s put something together. Here this babe goes before Congress and wants thousands of dollars to pay for her sex. Well, that’s what it is. If she wants her contraception to be provided, that means she wants to have sex without consequences, with no worries, no responsibility. We’ve learned that you can get a month’s supply at Walmart (and the Democrats hate Walmart because there no union workers there). So one of the most economical places to get birth control is Walmart, and the left will not even use it.

No, we gotta go to the government to get it! We got to go to the government to get it.

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