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RUSH: Aaron in Valdosta, Georgia, great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Nice to speak with you, Rush. My girlfriend goes to Walmart with a prescription and gets birth control for five dollars a month. A month of birth control, five bucks.

RUSH: Five dollars a month birth control at Walmart?

CALLER: Yep. My girlfriend’s father’s retired and mother works at a college —

RUSH: But how do you know? Are you paying for it?

CALLER: No. I’ve been there with her. I’ve bought them for her a couple of times when she didn’t have the five bucks on her.

RUSH: Well, it’s none of my business, but what does five dollars get you?

CALLER: A month of birth control.

RUSH: A month?

CALLER: A month. One pill a day for a month.

RUSH: Wow. Wow, wow, wow, that makes PMS almost worth it.

CALLER: Her insurance might cover a little bit of it, but her father’s retired and her mother works at a university as an administrative clerk. So if they can afford a health insurance plan that reduces the cost of birth control to five dollars a month at Walmart, then I’m pretty sure a law student can afford —

RUSH: Well, Aaron, the bottom line is you know that enlightened women like Sandra Fluke wouldn’t be caught dead at a Walmart. Pelosi, Cantwell, Sheila Jackson Lee, these women wouldn’t be caught dead in Walmart. They hate Walmart. Walmart’s not union. That’s one of the reasons why your girlfriend’s supply is only five dollars. They wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmart. No matter. But Planned Parenthood birth control, five to $50 a month, depending on the plan you want. I wouldn’t buy birth control from Planned Parenthood. They need unwanted pregnancy there. I wouldn’t touch Planned Parenthood’s birth control. It’s gotta be full of holes.


RUSH: Kelly in Murphy, North Carolina. Hi. Welcome the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. We can kill two birds with one stone here: Government and birth control. Let these women join the military. They can finish their law degree in the military and get contraception free.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: It’s government-controlled, government’s giving it to them. There you go. They’re going into the military, we’re getting something back, kill three birds with one stone, and their contraception is being paid.

RUSH: Three birds with one stone. I like that. Contraception’s being paid? Well, I like people thinking on this. The creative efforts that are being developed here to provide women from Georgetown Law unlimited, no-consequences sex. Join the military. Join the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion, formerly led by sergeant major Molly Yard. She’s the one that scared Noriega out of where he was, old Pineapple Face.

Gene in Claremont, Florida, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Yeah, I have a question. All of our candidates have talked about pretty much the religious factor with contraception. I was just wondering: How come them and other Republicans aren’t talking about the fact that all companies will have to provide birth control. And unlike your other caller about the $5 birth control, I know like generics can cause up yard of $85-plus. So my point is on this free birth control: Are there statistics out there how many women right now are on birth control? And then times that by a hundred bucks a woman. Who’s paying for that? And in the meantime, I know the senior who’s on Medicare who obviously deserves to have Medicare working all their lives and their Singulair for their asthma condition has just been upped the current month. So I guess asthma is not a life-threatening condition, but yet pregnancy is some kind of disease? I’m just wondering if there is any statistics out there, how much it is gonna cost to provide everyone free birth control, or are seniors going to be paying for that.

RUSH: Yes!

Everybody else is going to be paying for it. Where is the money? Everybody else is going to be paying for it via their own health insurance premiums. And whether it’s a company provided benefit or not, it’s still money to you out of your pocket, money you never see if it’s in the form of an employment benefit or something. Of course! Now, you ask, “Why aren’t the Republicans talking about this?” That’s the point. They weren’t talking about any of this! This is a totally manufactured issue. How long do you think this Fluke woman’s been prowling campus in frustration waiting for her moment to go testify? You think this just happened and evolved naturally? All of this has been manufactured. None of this is real. It’s all trumped up.

And it’s all part of a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed political plan by the Democrats. Obama was losing the women vote. In every poll you looked at, up until January, he was down big in women. He’s across the board, other than with blacks — and even with blacks, he’s formed African Americans for Obama. Why would he need that? So this is page 1-B of the Democrat Party playbook: “Scare Women.” That’s the title of the chapter. And then the various things in the chapter are “Accuse Republicans of wanting to deny them abortion. Keep them barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen. Take away their birth control pills.” It’s all there. They’ve tried this for years, decades.

Soccer moms, NASCAR mom, whatever. It’s all part of the playbook. They can’t go to women and say, “Look what we’ve done for you! Look at all the great things in our record that would warrant you voting for Obama again for four more years.” So what they have to do is go scare everybody into what the Republicans are going to do. If you think birth control is expensive now, wait ’til it’s free. When Obamacare fully kicks in. We are all being asked to pay for everyone’s birth control pills. That’s exactly, Jean, what this is about, a hundred percent. We’re all paying for it. That woman goes up to congressional committee and is asking for her contraception to be paid for so she can have unlimited, no-consequences sex. The congressional committee gets its money where?

Via taxes.

In all of their various forms.


RUSH: Here is John in Columbus, Ohio. Hi, John. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks very much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just had a couple of quick comments. If this Miss Flake (sic) was having trouble making ends meet because she had to buy so much contraceptive, perhaps if she had more trouble making ends meet she wouldn’t need so much contraceptive.

RUSH: Exactly right. Exactly right. We’re talking about making ends meet here. If that doesn’t happen in all this, the rest of it’s academic.

CALLER: Right. The other thing is if Georgetown wants to improve their academic standards they might teach a little more of the Constitution so that Miss Flake would know is unconstitutional.

RUSH: It’s “Fluke.”

CALLER: What she’s asking Congress to do.

RUSH: By the way, it’s “Fluke.” We don’t want to disrespect her here.

CALLER: Oh. Oh, okay.

RUSH: Her name is “Fluke,” like in an accident.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, maybe she’s just trying to avoid another accident.

RUSH: Hee-hee-hee-hee.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: They both work, but “Fluke” is it. Fluke is it.

CALLER: Okay, thanks for the call.

RUSH: You bet. Thank you. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Hicksville, New York, this is Bill. Welcome, sir, glad you waited, great to have you on the show.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Nice to talk to you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thanks a lot.

CALLER: I was reading an article today in Yahoo about gas prices, how we’re better off handling them now than we were back in 2008.

RUSH: Really?


RUSH: What a miracle, kind of like how lying was good for us back in 1994 and ’95.

CALLER: Right. Exactly. Well, one of the reasons is they say we’re back to almost 2009 employment, you know, and companies have better trucks with gas mileage and stuff like that, and people have cars that get better gas mileage. So it’s not gonna be so painful this time.

RUSH: It is just amazing, isn’t it? It’s just classic. We’re back to 2009 unemployment levels, which we’re not, and high gas prices, nobody’s feeling ’em. We’re adjusted now. We got cars with better gas mileage, so out-of-pocket aggregate expenses, no different than what it used to be and we’re totally accustomed now to high gas prices. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it amazing how that works? Why, I can remember five years ago, six years ago, high gasoline prices were the end of people’s lives. But the problem with that statistic is that we’re keeping our cars longer than ever. It’s almost up now to just over ten years, the average length of time people are keeping their cars now. So how does it work that people are buying all these fuel-efficient cars that helps them adjust to and accept with a smile on their face, by the way, five dollar gas? You don’t care. Folks, you’re adjusted to it. It’s the new norm.

You know what else, as these gas prices go up, there aren’t any windfall profits. The oil companies are not in the crosshairs, except on Ted Baxter’s show, where they’re always in the crosshairs. But as far as the Democrats are concerned, the oil companies are not evil. There are no windfall profits. There are no obscene profits. There are no oil execs being flown to Washington on private jets to explain themselves because five-dollar-a-gallon gasoline is the new norm, and you’re cool with it, you’re hip to it, you’ve adjusted to it. It’s okay. Yahoo News. I’m not surprised at all.


RUSH: This is Eileen in Boise, Idaho. Nice to have you here. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thank you very much. Hey, I have two questions that I might ask, if I may.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: One: While I disagree with your characterization of Miss Fluke, I would note that having been in law school several decades ago women even then — and very much so today, especially in Georgetown — would have no problems asking their male contemporaries for contributions to sexual protection. So the first question is: Is the 40% represented by Miss Fluke indicative of participation of sexual activity with men in a super position of power for whom they would be reluctant to ask for contribution such as professors or supervisors —

RUSH: No, wait. Everybody knows professors don’t pay.

CALLER: — internships?

RUSH: Professors do not pay for abortions. They don’t pay for contraception. Everybody knows professors are exempt.

CALLER: And so that 40% may not be indicative of interaction with —

RUSH: Well, it doesn’t matter to me. Okay, so there’s a different degree of status for women so now it’s embarrassing to ask the guy? Why ask me? Why go to a congressional committee and demand it?

CALLER: Well, then it leads to my second question.

RUSH: With all this status, get it herself!

CALLER: If it’s the case that these are men that are employed and have money, and her costs that she’s sampled from that 40% are higher than what your research indicates, that would indicate that there’s a higher rate of sexually transferred diseases that are now being treated that is increasing their costs.

RUSH: Well, now, you’re throwing things in the mix that she didn’t even mention — and we ran our numbers and they are close to hers: $900 a year for condoms at Amazon. She wants $1,000 a year for contraception from the Congress, which is us. The numbers are pretty close. But now we’re throwing STDs in there like gong’orrhea and stuff.

CALLER: Well, it stands to reason that if birth control is the preferred — as compared to condoms and foam, which reduce sexually transmitted diseases — that if you pay for birth control, and it becomes a national health care as compared to individual health care, then as a nation don’t we have a right to reduce disease and have a public listing of those people that could be carriers?

RUSH: No. Eileen, it is incumbent upon individuals to assume responsibility for themselves. Now, you’re a smart woman. I can tell you’re a smart woman. I don’t know how you’ve been educated, but you’re smarter than this. There are national challenges on everything, and a lot of people derive from the fact that people are no longer assuming responsibility for their own actions — and, in fact, want there to be no consequences for them or to them. And that’s one of the things that’s wrong here. Look, I don’t care. If this woman wants to have sex ten times a day for three years, fine and dandy. If she wants no consequences, let her take the steps necessary. I shouldn’t have to be, and nobody else should have to be, responsible for her and guarantee her a life of no responsibility or no consequence whatsoever.


RUSH: It was our old buddy “white comedian Paul Shanklin.” I can’t take credit to this. Shanklin today reminded me that professors are exempt from having to pay for abortions. Professors never have to provide or pay for contraception in college, and I would think a female law student would know that. So thanks to Shanklin for that reminder.

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