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RUSH: We get results here at the EIB Network. According to TheHill.com, the Ron Paul campaign has just put out a new attack ad on Romney, calling him a flip-flopper. You know, it was on this program some short few days ago that the specter of an alliance between Romney and Paul was raised. It wasn’t predicted. It wasn’t categorically stated to exist. It was a possibility that was raised, and everybody denied it, “Ah, it’s just conspiracy theory stuff.” And then there began to be research. All right, how many times in the debates has Paul really hit Romney, and at best you could find one time in, I don’t know, most of the recent debates. And so now the Ron Paul campaign has just put out a new attack ad on Romney calling him a flip-flopper.

It also attacks Newt and Santorum. And, in fact, you could argue that what it says about Romney is gentle by comparison to what it says about the other two. But the ad is called Three of a Kind. Cookie, I don’t need the audio for it. That’s not why I’m mentioning it.


RUSH: Folks, have to make a correction. I was wrong — well, yeah, I gotta take the blame. I was wrong. There is not a new Ron Paul ad that attacks Romney. The Hill is reporting it is a new attack ad, but it isn’t. It is an ad that first ran January 16th on Ron Paul’s website. They’ve simply brought it back to life. It is being interpreted as something new, but it’s over a month old. All they did was upload it to YouTube so that it shows a new date. Now, why would they do that? Why would the Ron Paul campaign get a month-old ad and post it on YouTube as though it’s new as of today? The day after Romney wins, why would they do that? Isn’t it somewhat obvious why they would do that?

The timing of this is exquisite. Everybody is running around suggesting there might be some alliance between Romney and Paul, so here comes Romney, wins Michigan, Paul with a supposed attack ad: “Well, look, they can’t possibly have an alliance — see that? Ron Paul’s out there attacking Romney.” And if you look at the ad he hits Santorum and Gingrich as though he were a woman and hates ’em. Far more than Romney. But it’s not a new ad. It’s the same one.

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