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RUSH: Here’s Jerry in Wilmington, Delaware, as we start on the phones in the first hour, we always try that on Open Line Friday. Jerry, thanks for the coal.

CALLER: Ooh, first throw. Thank you, Rush. Listen, Rush, a big fan yours, listening for years, agree with 98%, but I had to call in today. Last couple weeks I’ve been getting more angry —

RUSH: Seminar caller. Seminar caller alert.

CALLER: No, I’m not a seminar caller.

RUSH: Every seminar caller —

CALLER: I’m not a seminar. I’m a conservative. I was gonna talk about Santorum and what you said about the poll.

RUSH: Okay, go ahead.

CALLER: Okay, here’s what I think. I think this poll is bogus. I think it’s Democratic Operation Chaos in reverse.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I think they want Santorum in there.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And that’s what I really believe. The debates the other night, I think he looked like a deer in the headlights.

RUSH: I suggested to you that if you don’t believe this poll, the only option you’ve got is to think that ABC and Washington Post got together and totally made the poll up so that Santorum will stay in because what he’s really doing is destroying the party.

CALLER: Well, maybe they just got Democrats or lied.

RUSH: That’s what you think. That’s what you think this is?

CALLER: That’s what I think. I think it’s reverse —

RUSH: You think it’s a rigged poll?

CALLER: I think it’s reverse and we’re gonna see more and more of it, and they haven’t even got to the worse part. Let’s say Santorum gets the early lead, then they’re gonna reverse it again and start going into his nickname, Santorium and things like, and then they’re gonna really be vicious at him.

RUSH: Yeah. I bet you can’t wait.

CALLER: As soon as he starts rising again, then they’re gonna put a knife in him, and then where are we? You know, we spent all this money, all this time —

RUSH: Yeah. Okay, so, Jer, old buddy, old pal, to avoid all this, what should we do?

CALLER: What should we do?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Ooh, good question. Ignore the polls, don’t even listen to the Democrats.

RUSH: Well, no, I’m saying if the Democrats are getting together, the Washington Post and ABC, to rig a poll in order to run a Reverse Operation Chaos, essentially —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — is what you’re saying. Then I guess we have to support Romney, right, or, Newt?

CALLER: Well, yes, what I’m saying is —

RUSH: Just tell me who it is, just tell me who it is you think we should support.

CALLER: Well, if I really gotta say, you know, words mean something, when you think of somebody, what do you think?

RUSH: Let me guess. Romney.

CALLER: When I think of Romney, I only think of two bad things: flip-flops, not a purebred. Okay, that’s what I think of. Is that real bad? When I think of Newt, I think of divorce, marriages, really bold ideas and really bad ideas. I think of Fannie and Freddie.

RUSH: What do you think of Ron Paul?

CALLER: Oh. I don’t think of him at all. You know. Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. I like his fiscal ideas —

RUSH: Well, it doesn’t sound like you think any of them have a chance.

CALLER: No, look, if you want my opinion, one of them, unfortunately, yeah, the other guys aren’t gonna come in, everyone’s wishing other people would come in.

RUSH: Just tell me who.

CALLER: Of the four, if I wanted to run —

RUSH: Just tell me.

CALLER: Romney. Of the four.

RUSH: Romney. I knew it. Okay, great. I knew it. Seminar caller, Romney. Don’t doubt me. I’m not go to tell you how I knew because that would give it away, then you seminar callers would start trying different tactics and I would still catch you. I just know, I just know. It’s my business. I didn’t say anything about what kind of callers are for Romney. I just said this guy I knew. The minute he said, “This poll is a fake. This poll is designed to keep Santorium in the race so as to hurt the party.” I knew however long it took that the alternative was gonna be Romney. And so he thinks that the poll was totally rigged and if you don’t believe it, if you don’t believe the ABC poll then you have to believe it was totally faked in order to fake all of us out.

Now, all polls, as we’ve discussed on this program countless times, all polls have bias. They are all rigged in one way or another from the percentages of each party as samples. For example, Democrats are always oversampled in every Drive-By Media poll. Independents are always oversampled. Republicans are always undersampled. Then the way the questions are phrased. I mean there’s rigging in practically every poll that’s out there. But this one, if you don’t believe this one, you have to believe it is a lie from the first word to the last word. And the purpose of the lie is to keep everybody, “Well, okay, let’s keep supporting Santorum,” because you think the Post and ABC realize or believe that Santorum as a nominee is instant victory for Obama.

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