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RUSH: To Toronto, Canada. Steve, I’m glad you waited and great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing? I’m a big fan of yours from Canada.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I wish we had an equivalent Rush down here for us to listen to.

RUSH: You can’t have everything. I understand that.

CALLER: What I wanted to say is, I think the Republicans are total suckers. I mean, we have a conservative government up here, and when I look at blogs and posts, we’re talking about money, deficits, government spending, the phony green movement, things like that. I look down there, you guys are talking about abortion, religion, contraception. Isn’t this the Achilles’ heel of the Republican Party?

RUSH: We —

CALLER: You’re always letting the libs control the narrative.

RUSH: We have all that stuff on our blogs, until the whole question of contraception was raised by George Stephanopoulos on March 7th, and then it came up recently again. You’re right. It was the Democrats, it was Obama who put this into the public dialogue — and the reason he did is because he acted in this totally extraconstitutional way by mandating contraceptives be provided by the Catholic Church and at schools and so forth. That’s what entered all this stuff into the public arena.

CALLER: And didn’t it take Romney last time ’cause he’s a Mormon?

RUSH: Uhhh.

CALLER: The religious aspect?

RUSH: No. This had nothing to do with taking down Romney last time. What took down Romney last time was Huckabee and McCain and Charlie Crist.

CALLER: I remember the Mormon thing seemed to be talked about quite a bit.

RUSH: Well, but in terms of abortion and contraception?

CALLER: No. The fact that he’s a Mormon. It was talked about a lot and I don’t really understand the Mormon religion.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. You’re introducing a second element of the discussion. Oh. Well, what’s going on down here is that Obama is losing his butt! Obama is in deep trouble and needed to stir up his base. He was really polling poorly with women, and they had to drum up this phony contraception business. The Republicans were not talking about it, Steve. The Republicans didn’t care about it until Obama, in violation the First Amendment, mandated that churches and insurance companies provide it “free.” That’s a violation of religious liberty, and he did this on purpose to stir up his base. Even now, I’m getting e-mails even now from supposed friends and acquaintances and people who feel the need to advise me. I’m making them nervous by continually discussing this, and they’re just begging me.

“Would you stop it? Would you stop it? They’re saying things like, “Women don’t follow this. Women are not logical! Rush, you’re losing ’em. You’re doing great harm! I know you’re trying to help but women don’t think this way, and when they here contraception they don’t think of religious liberty and Obama. They’re thinking Republicans want to keep ’em in the kitchen!” Okay. So I’ll tell you what I’ll do. No more! I’m gonna put a restriction on Open Line Friday, which we hardly ever do. No more discussion of contraception. No more discussion of abortion. I will not mention anymore that Obama believed in infanticide.

Because it makes you so nervous. I will not discuss how Obama is violating the First Amendment and taking away religious liberty. I’m not gonna discuss it. We will not discuss abortion; we will not discuss contraception. We will not discuss abortifacients in any way. We just will not do it. Too many of you people are getting nervous and thinking that I am leading the party down to certain doom and defeat. So that’s it. If you don’t want to hear it discussed, you think it’s a guaranteed loser, fine. We’ll let Romney and Santorum and these guys determine what’s talked about, and Obama, and we’ll go from there. We’ll move on to pond scum. That’s what we’ll do.


RUSH: All right, a special treat for those of you watching on the Dittocam. I’m going to put the equivalent of a condom on my microphone. I used to do this on the Rush to Excellence Tour way back in the late eighties. I would put a condom on my microphone to protect people from any profanity that I might utter. The condom would shield it all out, it would never escape the microphone down the electrical circuitry to the Speakers, the amplifier or any of that.

I’ve got a latex glove here. It will serve the purpose of a condom, and you watching on the Dittocam will watch me deploy this. So if I utter the word “contraception” or if anybody wants to talk about “abortion,” you won’t hear it. Oops, it’s a little tight. Let me try that again. And there we go. See how this works? See how easy this is? And now, ladies and gentlemen, you are shielded, you are protected. Even if somebody tries to, it will not happen.


RUSH: There’s nothing wrong with your radio or your radio station. If you’re just tuning in, I got a latex glove on the microphone. It’s doing the job that a condom would do, ’cause Republicans in my audience are tired of me discussing… well, I can’t say. They think it’s gonna drive off all the voters that we’re gonna lose, social issues stuff. So I got this latex glove on the microphone acting as a condom to protect you from anything that you might not want to hear. Let’s see if it works. Abortion. Did you hear it? Yeah, but it wasn’t clear. Contraception. Did you tell hear it? Well, I’m trying, anyway.


RUSH: Well, folks, our condom was not actually working. I said the word “abortion,” and everybody heard it, and I said the word “contraception,” and everybody heard it. So I’ve removed the latex glove which was sufficing as a condom from the Golden EIB Microphone. But you get the point.

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