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RUSH: Stan Greenberg, pollster extraordinaire. He’s got this polling company with Carville. Stan Greenberg is married to Rosa DeLauro, a congresswoman from Connecticut. Enough said. National Journal: “Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg is out with a must-read polling memo this morning, which offers some eye-opening advice to President Obama and his re-election team. After testing several of the president’s economic messages, he finds the argument that the economy is back on the right track polls miserably — and ‘produces disastrous results.'” I’ll read that to you again, folks.

Look at me when I say this to you. Greenberg, Democrat pollster from the Clinton era along with Carville and The Forehead. “After testing several of the president’s economic messages, he finds the argument that the economy is back on the right track polls miserably — and ‘produces disastrous results.'” Quote… This is from the memo. I have printed it out from Greenberg. “It is weaker than even the weakest Republican message and is 10 points weaker in intensity than either Republican message. A third said this message made them less likely to support Barack Obama,” meaning the economy-is-back message.

“Alarmingly, this message barely receives majority support among self-identified Democrats — and even less support among all other groups.” Let me translate for you: Obama’s running around on this virtual economy. “It’s back! We’re roaring back! Unemployment’s down! Jobs are being created! We have algae and pond scum out there that are gonna bring gasoline prices down!” It ain’t working. You’re probably saying, “Well, why? Why?” I’ll tell you why. Because Greenberg also discovers why it isn’t working. The voters don’t believe him. It’s even in the headline: “Dem Pollster: Voters Don’t Think America’s Back “

Greenberg has sent out in memo as a warning to Obama and the White House: Do not sit there and think that you’ve got the magic of 2008 when you tell everybody pond scum is gonna bring gasoline prices down to $2.50. Don’t think that lying to them about how good employment is and all that will work, ’cause people don’t believe it. And you know why they don’t believe it? Because it isn’t happening! The gas price is going up! It’s getting harder and harder to get a job. That’s nothing evidentiary to support a roaring-back economy. And while this lie is going on, here you’ve got Moochelle on the slopes in Aspen.

The next night, she has a big blues bash with The Wrinkled One, Mick Jagger. He needs to iron his face, like Ann what’s-her-face. Ma Richards. I always thought, “Just iron your face.” Mick Jagger, the same thing. The Obamas had B.B. King at dinner. Did you know this? I love B.B. King. One of my all-time favorite tunes, my all-time top-ten favorite, he sang it. B.B. King is in a wheelchair. He’s diabetic. He’s 80-some-odd years old, Snerdley, and he can still belt it out! And you know he sang The Thrill is Gone to Obama and Moochelle! He actually sang it. That was part of his repertoire: The Thrill is Gone. I know we got it in our Prophet System. You donÂ’t have to find it right now, Mike, but get it up. We’ll have it ready here and the song up in mere moments.

Gosh, it’s a great song. Back from early seventies. I remember playing that song my very first-ever radio job, and I remember it was popular in February or March. I remember songs seasonally, and that’s when it was huge. Wintertime, very end stage of winter. So Greenberg is warning Obama: Hey, you need to find another big lie. So two bits of information: Independent Democrat women are not bothered by Santorum; Republican women are not bothered by Santorum. The American people are not buying Obama’s big lie on the economy coming back. They’re not buying the notion that pond scum will bring down the price of gasoline to $2.50. Gallup tells us: His approval numbers last week or maybe early this week fell five points. He’s like 42, 43% in Gallup. Chin up, folks. Chin up.


RUSH: (music) There you go, folks. B.B. King. Think it’s 1970, 1971. The title of the tune is The Thrill is Gone, and he performed it live in front of Obama and Moochelle this week. (song continues) Can you imagine Obama sitting there listening to this and probably not getting it? Ha-ha-ha-ha.

B.B. KING: You know you done me wrong, baby, and you’ll be sorry someday.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s what we all hope. (song continues) B.B. King and The Thrill is Gone.

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