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RUSH: I want to move to some other areas that are in the news as well because one of the things… I understand it, but still one of the things that — well, didn’t bother — just disappointed me is, I kept shouting the name “Obama” as I’m watching this debate last night, particularly during the first hour.

I kept shouting, “Hey, hey, hey, hey! The name is ‘Obama.'” There are news stories today about how the American people.. Here’s one from State-Controlled Associated Press. “Obama Benefiting from Improving Economy.” Folks, there is no “improving economy.” Now, I know that Obama has created one. He literally has invented a virtual economy — where everything is hunky-dory. And everybody’s happy. And jobs are being created. And people are buying homes. And the gas price is not rising. And the media is helping him create this image. But the United States economy has 13 million unemployment, and the unemployment numbers that are out this week?

What a scam this is. The AP is reporting unemployment numbers this week “unchanged,” but you know how they did it? They compared the seasonally adjusted numbers last week (which were not reported) to the not seasonally adjusted numbers. It may be vice-versa, but they’re comparing apples to oranges in order to say that there’s no change. In other words, unemployment compensation claims may have increased from the last report. The AP is saying they stayed the same. It’s static. But regardless, there are 13 million — minimum, 13 million — Americans unemployed. There are 46 million Americans on food stamps. And Obama is advertising for more.

Twenty-nine percent of mortgage holders find themselves underwater. Almost 30%. And this is portrayed as the new norm. And right now on cue, here comes the Drive-By Media. “President Barack Obama is reaping political benefits from the country’s brighter economic mood. A new poll shows that Republicans and Democrats alike are increasingly saying that the nation’s heading in the right direction, and most independents now approve the way Obama’s addressing the post-recession period.” Why, it’s a miracle! It’s magic! All of a sudden Obama got the independents back, folks. And how did he do it? The independents now approve of the way Obama’s talking about the economy. But then the AP says, “Trouble could be ahead. Still, struggling Americans…” What do you mean, “still struggling”? I thought that was all over?

We got the headline: “Obama Benefiting from Improving Economy,” which, by the way, is a fake, made-up-in-his-mind economy. So you go from that headline to: “Still, struggling Americans are fretting over rising gasoline prices…” You know, Obama and his press secretary are out there saying, “Nothing we can do about gas prices. There’s nothing we can do about it.” Wait a second. Mike, I’m looking for it. Hang on. Let’s see. Da-da-da. Yep, grab audio sound bite number 11. I want to take you back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bite Hits. July 30th of 2008. Obama was in Springfield, Missouri, at a campaign event. Gasoline prices were going up. And back then, Obama and the Democrats, they knew exactly why they were going up.

Bush and Cheney were personally benefiting from their association with Big Oil!

Bush and Cheney were purposely having oil prices go up!

And here was Obama’s solution.

OBAMA, JULY 30 2008: We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires and — and — and getting regular tune-ups, you could actually save just as much.

RUSH: Yeah, we could save all that oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling. He was opposing drilling in ANWR. (impression) “We don’t need drill in ANWR. Just make sure your tires are properly inflated.” So four years ago, Obama had a great idea to deal with rising gas prices: Make sure your tires are inflated. Now they’re saying, “It’s not our fault. Can’t blame it on us. It’s beyond our control.” It most certainly can be blamed on him. This is another thing. Newt was just fabulous last night on how much oil is available in the continental United States. With fracking and a number of other shale oil extraction measures, we could end up with the world’s largest supply of oil in not that long a period of time.

But even without that, you’ve got Obama with a drilling moratorium in the Gulf. No to the Keystone pipeline. No to any effort to expand our own domestic supply, which would have a profound impact on price. I think Obama likes a rising price. In fact, he said so. He loved it when it got to $4 a gallon. What he said: He was a little unhappy about how quickly it got there. But this AP story: “Obama Benefiting from Improving [Made-Up, Fake] Economy.” Well, it doesn’t say that in the headline. I threw that in. “It’s seemingly no coincidence that Obama this week is promoting the expansion of a domestic oil and gas exploration and the development of new forms of energy.” No coincidence? Is Obama really doing that? Is Obama promoting the expansion of domestic energy?

He opposes this. This is what I mean. He’s creating an absolute made-up, virtual economy, and now he’s making up virtual policies! “In his latest attempt to show that he, more than any of the Republican presidential contenders, knows that voters’ pocketbooks remain pinched, even as the economy improves overall…” What? This is the most incredible story. It’s Obama’s “latest attempt to show that he knows better than any of the Republicans that voters’ pocketbooks remain pinched. … There is evidence that the nation’s becoming markedly more optimistic and that Obama benefits from that attitude.

“Thirty percent in the poll described the economy as good, a 15-point increase since December and the highest level since the AP-GfK poll first asked the question in 2009. Roughly the same share say the economy got better in the past month. Eighteen percent said it got worst. The most positive read in over a year.” Now, this story is gonna be in every newspaper there is. They may even run it two days in a row. So we’ve got a virtual fake economy. Obama’s casting the new norm to be 13 million unemployment, 46 million on food stamps, half of Americans not paying any income tax, 30% of mortgage holders underwater.

And we got a booming economy, and it didn’t get discussed in the first hour last night! I was shouting Obama’s name at the TV as we were watching.

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