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RUSH: Here’s Alan Simpson. He was on Face to Face with CBS News yesterday. I guess this is CBSNews.com. Bob Schieffer was talking to Senator Simpson. Schieffer said, “Let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on these days in politics. What is it, Senator, with this Republican primary? It just seems to be there’s a certain part of the Republican Party that’s not ready to sign off to Mitt Romney and say, ‘He’s one of us,’ that he’s a conservative. Are you a Romney man? I don’t even — I don’t even — know, Senator!”

SIMPSON: (haltingly) I am convinced that if you get into these social issues and just stay in there about abortion and homosexuality — and even mental health they bring up. Somehow they’re gonna take us out to Alaska and float us out on the Bering Sea or something. Here’s a party that believes in government out of your life, the precious right of privacy, and the right to be left alone. How, then, can they have the hypocrisy of fiddling around in these social issues? We won’t have a prayer!

RUSH: There’s Alan Simpson bemoaning the Republican Party’s immersion in the social issues and exhibiting a total lack of knowledge of how they are being discussed, a total ignorance of how the social issues even entered the fray. It all happened because of Obama. Obama working with George Stephanopoulos asking a question at a debate in New Hampshire in early January about contraception, Obama talking about Jesus would support his tax policies.


RUSH: One more Alan Simpson sound bite and then back to the phones we will go. This is the second half. Simpson has just said he doesn’t understand the hypocrisy, the Republican Party and the social issues, and he’s obviously clueless that it was all brought up by the Democrats who have nothing else to run on. The ignorance of establishment Republicans never ceases to amaze me, and I’m not talking about stupidity. Don’t misunderstand. I’m talking about a genuine lack of understanding. This a career Republican, a senator who still doesn’t appear to understand how the Democrats operate, doesn’t understand the strategies of the left. It’s striking to me. It’s just striking. So he’s on with Bob Schieffer on CBS Face to Face. Schieffer says, “So you think when you’re talking about getting tangled up in these social issues that Rick Santorum is just too identified with those issues to run a good campaign?”

SIMPSON: He is rigid and homophobic. He believes that gays and lesbians, he mentioned in an interview in 2003 about bestiality and gays and lesbians. I think that’s disgusting, and they asked him what he said, I want a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, and they said, “Well, what about the people who are already married?” And he said, “Well, they would be nullified.” I mean, what’s human, what’s kind about that? We’re all human beings. We all know or love somebody who’s gay or lesbian, so what the hell is that about? To me, it’s startling and borders on disgust.

RUSH: Well, Santorum’s a homophobe and borders on disgust. This is Alan Simpson speaking with Bob Schieffer yesterday. (interruption) Bestiality? That’s how you pronounce it, it’s the correct way to pronounce it. It is not beast-iality. It’s bestiality. That’s how you pronounce it. Well, he’s a senator, he would know that. He wouldn’t be expected to know Democrat campaign tactics, but he’s from Wyoming, he would know about sex with animals. He would know how to pronounce it. He got it right.

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