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RUSH: We do not have limited dreams of our size and scope here or on our achievement at the EIB Network. AP even has a story on this: “Obama Pedals Modest American Dream.” It’s by Erica Werner. “This time around, President Barack Obama’s message can sound decidedly down-to-earth. Four years after winning the White House, Obama is dealing with a different economic –” and so forth and so on. It’s supposed to be a news article, not analysis or an editorial. The AP’s claiming Obama is no longer focused on the lofty version of overcoming divisions and remaking Washington. No, no, he’s come down to earth now.

Obama has come down to earth. He’s now concerned with the most building blocks of middle class economic security: a job, a house, a college education for the kids, health care, money for retirement. That’s it. That’s what he’s focused on. That’s it, no more grandiose dreams. He’s come down to earth. And they’re happy. They at AP think this is reasonable, responsible. My question is can you dorks at AP, Ms. Werner, can any of you point to where Obama has improved any of this is? He controls the student loan program. He controls health care. Hell, he controls the housing market. Can anybody tell me where any of this is any better with Obama in charge? Don’t try. You can’t.

Another very, very, very, very, very, very worried about rising gasoline prices now, Washington Post and New York Times, I think on Sunday both had stories, “Uh-oh, no, rising gas prices, could it possibly be damaging to Obama’s campaign?” New York Times, Washington Post both concerned about rising gasoline prices. Do you realize gasoline prices have never been higher at this time of year than they are right now? In some places in LA, $4.93 cents a gallon. They’ve never been higher. In his daily news briefing just now, Jay Carney, White House press spokesman, said there’s no magic solution to rising oil prices. “The president’s very aware of the pain Americans feel at the pump.”

Isn’t it funny. That’s not what we heard from the Democrats during the summer of 2008. No. See, every time the gasoline price went up, why didn’t Bush do something? Remember John Kerry who, by the way, served in Vietnam, if he were president, he’d go over there and he’d tell the Saudis what for. He’d go over there, he wouldn’t let the Saudis get away with this. He’d tell ’em what for. He’d make their minds right. He’d tell them what the reality of the world is. Every time the gas prices went up under Bush, Bush could do something about it. Heck, a lot of media people said there’s a magic guy behind the curtains in charge gas prices. They wanted to set out to find out who it might be. The price of gasoline’s up 90% since when Obama took office, folks. They’re right to be concerned about it.


RUSH: Scott, Jacksonville, Florida. I’m glad you waited, sir. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Raspberry Two If By Tea mega dittos from your number one listening in Jacksonville, Florida.

RUSH: Thank you very much, Scott. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Thank you. Yesterday Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats shouldn’t get cocky about their reelection hopes in 2012.

RUSH: She would know “cocky” if anybody would on that side.

CALLER: (chuckles) So my question, Rush, is: Shouldn’t Republicans take advantage of these rising gas prices to point to Obama’s lack of concern for America?

RUSH: Yeah. I think rising gas price, say, “What happened to Keystone pipeline?” Rising gas price, “Why is the drilling moratorium still going on in the Gulf?” Rising gasoline price, “Why the obstacles to domestic production?” And then if I were the Republicans, I’d go back and I’d get that Obama quote where he really wasn’t unhappy that the price of gas had hit four bucks. He was just unhappy how rapidly it happened. See, the dirty little secret, folks — Scott, I’m sure you know this — is Obama wants high gas prices. “Mr. Limbaugh, that is one of the most irresponsible things I have ever heard any talk show host say!”

Well, it’s very true, Mr. New Castrati. High gas prices will push people out of their cars and into electric cars and hybrids, mass transit. A high gasoline price is exactly what Obama wants. Obama wants pain. He wants interruptions to normalcy. Obama doesn’t want you being able to cheaply move around the country, cheaply move around your town. Obama doesn’t want that! This guy has invested everything he has, including your taxpayer dollars, into “green energy.” And you know the fraud that’s gone on there with the crony capitalism and the like. Obama’s not unhappy with $4 gasoline. Jay Carney said, “Eh, really not a whole lot that can be done about rising gas prices.” I think John Kerry… Didn’t John Kerry accuse Bush of having a secret deal with the Saudis? I think he did.

In the 2004 presidential campaign, he accused Bush of having some kind of secret deal to keep prices down during the campaign. It was some silly thing. But if I were the Republicans, I would make hay out of this, if for no other reason than to settle a score. You go back to 2006, rising gas prices, and check all the quotes from Democrats accusing Bush of doing it on purpose, or accusing Bush’s economic policies of causing it, or accusing Bush of not caring about it. Or, worse than that, Bush and Cheney personally profiting from it! You know, Cheney at Halliburton, Bush and the Bush family with Big Oil. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. That’s exactly what happened. They accused Bush and Cheney of profiting from rising oil prices. So damn right I turn it on ’em! I don’t think they’re gonna have to. The New York Times and the Washington Post both on Sunday had stories. It might have been Monday, although I don’t think so. This is Tuesday. Might have been Monday, but both papers were worried to death about rising gas price, what it meant to poor Obama’s election chances.

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