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RUSH: Now, a little bit on the Obama super PAC. Does it not sound a little strange to you that Obama only has $59,000 in his super PAC? I happen to believe that’s a very fishy — very fishy — report. Because back on February 1st, it was reported that Steven “Spendberg” gave the PAC a hundred thousand dollars and that the SEIU gave a million dollars. Now, maybe Obama spent some, but Steven “Spendberg” gave a hundred grand, the SEIU a million, and they’re reporting Obama has $59,000. Now the Obama campaign is using this excuse of low fundraising totals — which I, frankly, don’t believe. I don’t believe they’re that bad.

Because Obama’s gonna start being more closely involved with them. He’s gonna start appearing at Priority USA events. After having said he was not gonna do super PACs, was going to have nothing to do with them (remember that?), he’s done a total 180. Remember, now, it was Obama who started all this religion-in-politics stuff. This recent iteration of it, he started it by equating… What was it specifically? He equated Jesus with one of his plans. It was payroll tax cut, right? He equated Jesus in the Bible. Everything that’s come after that has simply been reacting to it or responding to it. Obama also put down PACs.

Remember, the super PACs exist for one reason: Citizens United, the Supreme Court case, which said corporate entities and others could donate to political campaigns. That’s the super PAC. And of course Obama and his bunch were totally opposed to that Supreme Court decision, even went so far as during a State of the Union speech publicly impugning members of the Supreme Court for that decision. And it was Justice Alito during the State of the Union speech where he shouted back at Obama, “No, that’s not true.” Well, he didn’t shout back, but he shook his head, “No, it’s not true.” So Obama said, “I’m not gonna have anything to do with super PACs.” Now he is, he’s changed his mind. So I think they’re gonna underreport what’s in this super PAC as best they can to make it look like it’s not that big a deal when it actually is.

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