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RUSH: David in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been holding on for over two hours. Nothing we could do could force him to hang up. So we thought we’d better take the call. Hi, David, how are you?

CALLER: Excellent, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thanks so much for holding on.

CALLER: I would wait a lot longer than that for you. Here we go. Two main things I’ve learned from you over the years, two decades of listening to you as a student. Liberals, when they propose something which is supposed to be the best for the people or the best for their constituents, it’s the exact opposite, which is the thing that would work best. We’ve seen it many times.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. And that they lie. The two go hand in hand. You’re exactly right.

CALLER: Correct. The second thing, Rush, is that whatever they blame the Republicans, the conservatives — no matter how outlandish, no matter how ridiculous — it is that very thing that they themselves are guilty of, correct?

RUSH: In many cases. In many cases, that’s exactly right.

CALLER: With that being said, Rush. (chuckles) Harry Reid says the Republicans are putting arsenic and mercury into the water stream, the water system. Doesn’t that mean that we should ask the logical question: What the hell does Harry Reid know about arsenic and mercury in our water supply?

RUSH: Well, let me tell you what’s going on here. The simple fact of the matter here is that this is absurd. This “mercury in the water” dates back to 2001 when George W. Bush was inaugurated and the Democrats came along and said that Bush is not in favor of changing the standards of permissible levels of arsenic in the water. There is arsenic in the water supply. It’s there. Arsenic is a trace element and it’s in a bunch of places, and the Democrats… Here’s the important point to me. Let’s say that you’re an average American, and your day consists of getting up and watching the Today Show. Then you switch over to MTV.

After that you watch a couple soap operas, and then you read Us Weekly and People magazine. And your day consists of living for Entertainment Tonight and whatever those other entertainment shows are at 6:30. You live and breathe for it, and you can’t wait for the Grammys to come out. Then Whitney Houston dies and you absorb 23 straight hours of it without going to bed. In the middle of all that, you happen to hear Harry Reid say, “Republicans are poisoning the water and the air! They want more arsenic in the water,” and so forth, and you believe it. Harry Reid was talking about the Keystone pipeline as a means of trying to convince people that what the Republicans were gonna end up doing…

They love oil so much, they were gonna look the other way at all the toxins and poisons that would end up in the water supply, and his point was Republicans don’t care. “They love oil more than you! They don’t care if you die.” Have you ever noticed Republican CEOs want to kill their customers? The drug companies want their customers to die! Big Oil wants their customers to die. Well, if you listen to them, that’s the logical conclusion that you have to make after listening to Democrats describe what they do. Reid brought it up because the Republicans are trying to get Keystone in exchange for a payroll tax cut continuance, and he’s trying to scare the half-brains who pay attention now and then. He knows…

This is the scary thing: He knows that there are going to be some people who believe Republicans want to poison the air and water. I mean, folks, that is the entire foundation for environmental wackoism. “Republicans like pollution! Republicans want dirtier water and dirty air.” Somehow, they’re gonna see to it that only you have to breathe it or drink it. We think that it’s outrageous that Reid would say it, and it is. But there’s something worse. The scary thing is that there are some people who believe him, and don’t doubt me. This a Democrat Party refrain: “Republicans want to kill the environment! Republicans love pollution and the poison! Republicans want to kill people!” The Nazis used to accuse the Jews of poisoning the wells. It’s a common leftist tactic. Harry Reid might think he’s original, but he’s not.

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