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RUSH: Obama put out his budget this morning, a week late and a trillion dollars short. You’ll be shocked to hear, ladies and gentlemen, that Obama’s budget actually increases spending. I know I was shocked when I saw that. Well, based on what he’s said in the past. You take him at his word, what he said in the past, this is outrageous. (to staff) You guys are just now getting your lunch delivery? Boy, am I glad I don’t depend on that. Jeez.

Anyway, his budget increases spending, and there are only two areas where there are spending cuts in Obama’s budget, which is DOA. It’s a total fantasy. It isn’t going anywhere. You wonder why he even put this thing out ’cause it’s just gonna get slapped down. Even Democrats are slapping it down today. But the two areas where the Obama budget has real spending cuts are in defense and just found another cut, that’s the postal service. Obama’s budget proposes cutting back mail delivery to five days a week. You may think, “Big deal, Rush, that’s not a big thing. Nobody gets real mail anyway.” Wait a minute. That’s not gonna be a very popular budget cut. How many Americans rely on government checks? How many of Obama’s constituents rely on government checks? It’s a big number.

Now, I really don’t know this. I’m embarrassed I have to ask. Does the government mail out checks anymore, or are they direct deposit? Both. Okay, so the people who do receive checks, this is a cutback. It could have an impact, minor, but at least it’s possible. According to the new Obama budget, the national debt will be $1 trillion higher in a decade than previously forecast. Now, he usually gives his budget some kinda name. His first budget was called “The New Era of Fiscal Responsibility.” I kid you not. I don’t know what he’s calling this one, maybe Occupy America. Maybe this budget is Greece 2. Have you seen what’s happening in Greece? They’re rioting. They’re burning restaurants, shops, storefronts. But the wrong people are burning Greece down.

Once again, the legitimate investors, bondholders and so forth who have been told that they’re only gonna get 30% of what they put back in, they’re the ones that ought to be burning the place down. The students and the freeloaders are the ones actually committing the arson, which is understandable. They’ve been raised to believe all of this stuff that government’s there to provide for them, all they have to do is grow up. They don’t even have to grow up. The reason for government is to provide them things, to give them everything that they want.

But you have to wonder why they even bother to print this thing, this budget. It’s a fantasy. Everybody knows it’s deader than dead on arrival. Harry Reid won’t even allow it to be voted on. He doesn’t want this budget to see the light of day. He doesn’t want anybody to even see this. You may have forgotten, last year Obama’s budget was voted down in the Senate 97 to zip, and that wasn’t even an election year. So I don’t know why they bother to put this on paper. You would think they’d want to hide the evidence. Now, three years ago Obama promised that he would cut the deficit in half in three years. Let’s go back to the audio sound bites. This is February 23rd, 2009 in Washington. This was during the open of the presidential fiscal responsibility summit.

OBAMA: We cannot and will not sustain deficits like these without end. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in Washington these past few years, we cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences to the next budget, the next administration, or the next generation. And that’s why today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.

RUSH: Now, I know what some of you are saying. “Rush, every politician lies about stuff like this. Why in the world are you wasting time with this sound bite?” The reason I’m not wasting time, the reason I’m re-airing this is because it’s an illustration. And remember what the avowed purpose of this program is, aside from the business aspects that have to be met. Once you get past those, if those don’t happen, the rest of this is academic. But once you get past those, if I had to say, if I had to express this program in the form of a mission statement or what have you, it would be to create a large, participating, voting, informed public. Real change happens at the ballot box, and the change at the ballot box that happens as a result of an informed, sizeable voting public is real. It’s substantive. There is mandate attached to it.

Now, I don’t think that’s idealistic at all. That is, in fact, how this was all intended when the country was founded. It was also understood by the founders that not everybody would be participating, that not all voters would be informed. That’s why voters didn’t elect the Senate in the founding of the country. It was well understood by the Founders that there would be a bunch of ne’er-do-wells or people that didn’t care, people that would rather watch the Grammys than learn about what’s going on in the country. Did you watch the Grammys last night? Kathryn watched the Grammys last night. I didn’t watch ’em, but I saw a list. I’ve never seen so many awards. Anyway, there are people that would rather do stuff like that and read Us magazine or In Touch, whatever, keep up with celebrities.

But the bottom line is, for those that pay attention, we actually want to increase that number, and we want to increase the number of them who are informed. And going back to 2008, the presidential campaign, remember how Obama portrayed himself, remember how he was portrayed by the media. Messianic. We had never before seen a politician like this. Someone who told the truth. Someone who was capable of uniting all the people, all the various divisions in the country. Somebody who was going to restore respect for America around the world. Somebody who was going to get rid of all the traditional harangues that take place in our political culture. Of course what’s happened is we have the most divisive president in our lifetimes, the most partisan president in our lifetimes, and we have a president who couldn’t tell the truth about the budget and spending to save his life.

So it’s important to go back and listen to him promise all of these things about budgets and spending, because he’s running a campaign this year that is the equivalent of him saying, “I’ve not been in the White House yet. Nothing that’s happened, taken place, have I had anything to do with.” He’s running a campaign, in a sense, that’s gonna replicate what his 2008 campaign was. The last three years happened but he had nothing to do with it. That’s going to be his approach. That’s why it’s important to go back and listen to this stuff. As more and more people start to get interested in this, the election year, as more and more people start to pay attention, as more and more people want to start measuring past promises, past projections against reality, the one thing that has to happen here is this election has to be about Obama.

I don’t care who our nominee is, this election must be about Obama and what he has wrought and what the future portends if he’s reelected.


RUSH: “Are people waking up?” Are they realizing who Obama is, or are they not? Is the outrage temporary? Is it temporary and personal, and therefore forgettable once it’s been dealt with, or is it systemic? The same thing with the budget question here. It’s the reason why we go back and dredge up a sound bite from February 23rd of 2009 at the White House. Listen to it again. Here is Obama promising to cut spending. He says we can’t keep spending this way. We’ve got to balance the budget. We can’t kick the can down the road! Everything he’s done, he said in February 23rd, 2009, barely a month into his term, wouldn’t. He said that none of what has happened was going to happen.

OBAMA: We cannot and will not sustain deficits like these without end. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom in Washington these past few years, we cannot simply spend as we please and defer the consequences to the next budget, the next administration, or the next generation.

RUSH: Right, right.

OBAMA: That’s why today I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.

RUSH: Well, it’s not possible. And there it is again: “The budget deficit [I] inherited.” This man has spent, already, the budgets of 2013 and 2014. They’re already spent, the entire federal budgets. That’s what his deficits have equaled. That’s how they’ve added up. I want to also tell you what I said in response to this. The day Obama made this pledge February 23rd, 2009, I, your host, El Rushbo, said this…

RUSH ARCHIVE: [E]verything I heard him say is a lie or sounds like a lie. Everything I heard him say is the exact opposite of what he has done or is going to do. He then, after giving this lecture on pay as you go, don’t spend what you don’t have, and we’re making great progress towards responsibly living within our means — and this is how community organizers work — he then released the group in the East Room into their breakout work study groups. He said, “I want you to not only identify the problems. I want you to come up with solutions. I want you to talk to yourselves about the problems and about the solutions. I want you to talk to people in other breakout groups. I want you to talk to me and my team, and then,” this is the best part of this, “report back later this afternoon with your results.” (laughs) So, to set stage here for you, Obama convenes this summit, this Fiscal Responsibility Summit. Everybody in the room knows that everything he says at them is jaw-dropping incredulous unbelievable. Then he dispatches them to their work groups, and at the end of the day they’re supposed to go back and report the solutions. Do you realize, folks, in three hours Barack Obama will have solved the nagging problem of fiscal irresponsibility. It’s going to be fixed by — well, three hours and 20 minutes, so five o’clock. By five o’clock Eastern time, the problem is solved.

RUSH: That was the game being played: “Breakout study groups.” That happened a lot in the first six months of this regime’s first term, and it was all four show. It was all on television. Remember, this was The Messiah who had just been elected! I mean, the media was still having on-air orgasms. Obama was being covered practically 24/7, at least during the business day. It was nonstop on the cable nets. All it is was seen. He sends people out to their “breakout groups,” has them come back, solve the problem, and the people in the hinterlands say, “Okay, problem is gonna be fixed! I can forget it. Finally we got a guy is gonna fix the problems.” Okay, it’s three years later now, and it’s time to remind everybody: Problems are worse and getting worse and there’s no end in sight as long as he remains in the White House.


RUSH: You want a laugher? Obama’s budget predicts federal revenues will rise by 17.5% in fiscal 2013. Federal revenues will rise by 17.5%? Federal revenue is not gonna rise. With all of the tax increases planned and all of the money that will be taken out of the private sector with Obamacare implemented, there’s not any way that federal revenues will rise by 17.5%. Also, unemployment will not be above 8%. So the 2013 budget is an absolute laugher. It is an entire joke. The new budget projects gross federal debt rising to $17.5 trillion. That is 107% of GDP.

Now, everybody’s out there talking about (at least they were before the CPAC weekend), “The Tea Party’s dead. The Tea Party’s faded away. The Tea Party’s just gone away. The Tea Party lost all of its momentum. The Tea Party’s lost its energy.” That hasn’t happened, and it’s gonna pick up whatever energy it left off with, and it’s gonna grow. It was spending and debt which was responsible for the Tea Party forming in the first place, and this budget that Obama has put out is just outrageous because it is a blueprint of what he would like. It’s not gonna happen, but it’s a blueprint of what he wants.


RUSH: Now, folks, this statistic that is in the budget — the new budget projects gross federal debt rising to $17.5 trillion in FY ’13. Not only is that 107% of GDP, the budget is gonna grow at more than $2 trillion next year, is what that means. Currently, the federal debt is $15.3 trillion, and some might say we’ve reached debt limits and expanded, so we’re up to $16 trillion. Regardless, the debt is going to go up more than $2.2 trillion. That’s almost twice as fast as Obama has been increasing the debt per year so far. He’s going to double the rate of increase of the debt with this budget. And remember… We just picked one sound bite, but you go back to the first three months of 2009 and you can find all kinds of examples of Obama (even after the first three months) talking about how we gotta get our fiscal house in order.

We can’t keep spending like this! We’ve gotta get it in control. And we knew what was happening. We were all being set up for tax increases. Now, politically it just didn’t work out for Obama to raise taxes the past three years. And even a year and a half ago, a little less than a year and a half ago, the “dead skunk” Congress or the dead whatever it was, that December meeting of Congress when Obama decided to not let the Bush tax cuts sunset. He knew that raising tax rates at that point would do horrible things, wreak all kinds of havoc on his reelection. He knows what tax increases do. He knows that they are a brake. (interruption) Yeah, the “dead duck session.” The lame duck, dead duck, whatever it was.

Obama knew that raising taxes back then two years ago, would be damaging to his reelection. ‘Cause he knows what tax increases do. They retard economic growth. So, knowing full well they retard economic growth, the fact that he intends to raise taxes and double the debt is as great an indicator as you need of what his intentions are for this country and our budget and our overall structure. He knows exactly what he’s doing. This is not somebody “in over his head.” This is not some well-intentioned little plebe who has no clue what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He was in Annandale, Virginia, this morning at Northern Virginia Community College where he went out and talked to a bunch of college kids (who have been raised and educated on far-left socialism since they were in the third grade, if not sooner) to explain his budget to them. We have three sound bites.

OBAMA: The budget that we’re releasing today is a reflection of shared responsibility. Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. That’s not fair. It doesn’t make sense at a time when we’ve gotta pull together to get the country moving. I don’t need a tax break. We don’t need to be providing additional tax cuts for folks who are doing really, really, really well! Do we want to keep these tax cuts for wealthiest Americans or do we want to keep investing in everything else: Education, clean energy, a strong military, care for our veterans? We can’t do both! We can’t afford it. Some people go around, they say, “Well, president’s engaging in class warfare.” That’s not class warfare. That’s common sense!

STUDENTS: (applause)

OBAMA: That’s common sense.

RUSH: It’s total class warfare. It’s all lies, it’s all misdirection, it’s all misrepresenting what is happening. Everything from Warren Buffett and his secretary on down on that list. “Do we want to keep these tax cuts for wealthiest Americans or do we want to keep investing in everything else: Education, clean energy…” Clean energy is nothing more than crony capitalism! It’s a total scandal. Obama’s clean energy endeavor is nothing more than scandal central. Strong military? He’s cutting the defense budget! He is weakening the military! Nothing the federal government is doing regarding education is improving it. Kids aren’t learning. They’re being indoctrinated with a left-wing agenda, and it’s more intense than ever. “Care for our veterans”? This from a man who disdains them? Here’s the next bite.

OBAMA: Warren Buffett’s doin’ fine. I’m doin’ fine. We don’t need the tax breaks. You need them. You’re the ones who have seen your wages stall. You’re the one[s] whose costs of everything from college to groceries has gone up. You’re the ones who deserve a break. And we don’t begrudge success in America; we aspire to it. We don’t envy the wealthy, but we do expect everybody to do their fair share.

RUSH: All right, I can’t… Just stop the tape. This is such a crock. The percentage of Americans who are paying taxes in this country: The top 1%’s paying close to 30%. The top 5% are paying close to 60%. The top 10% are paying almost all the taxes. It’s just absurd. To say that they’re not paying their fair share? This is about envy! He’s telling one group of Americans, a bunch of college kids who have no future because of him, that they’re suffering because of millionaires and billionaires. It’s disgusting! This is what he hopes to win reelection on. He’s banking on the fact that there are more people who’d rather sit around and do nothing — become wards of the state, become totally dependent on him — than there are people who would like to seek their dreams, be the best they can be, go out and pursue happiness. That’s what he’s banking on, folks. He is explicitly banking on the fact that he can be reelected by a dependent class that outnumbers a working class. And by “working class” I mean anybody that earns a dime or ten million dimes. That’s what he’s banking on. Here’s the next bite.

OBAMA: Americans understand if I get a tax break I don’t need and the country can’t afford, then one of two things are gonna happen: Either that means we have to add to our deficit —

RUSH: Wait a second! Stop it. Three sound bites in a row where Obama’s focus on him, like Clinton. (impression) “Hey, I don’t need a tax break. Ha! I’m rich now. I… I don’t need it.” This is nothing more than a ploy, as expressed earlier by me (brilliantly so if I might add) on this program. The reason filthy rich leftists run around and talk about how they don’t need a tax cut and they’re willing to pay more taxes: It’s how they keep college kids like the people in this audience off their backs. The Kennedy family perfected this. They’re rolling in dough, and yet everybody thought they were kind and compassionate, that they hated their wealth. And that they felt guilty over it and so they are gonna go out and make sure nobody else got wealthy like they did because it wasn’t fair and it’s un-American to have that kind of money.

That’s what these people are trying to do. Let me tell you: Americans do not run around and say, “If I get a tax break I don’t need and the country…” That’s not how Americans think. Producing Americans, working Americans, don’t think that way. They don’t talk that way. I have never… Well, I can’t say “never.” But the number of wealthy people I’ve known in my life, I can count on less than one hand the number of them who say to me, “I don’t need a tax cut!” Practically everybody who works in this country that I know (and I know a lot of people) is focused on how they can keep more of what they earn, not how they can find a way to give it away! Most people I know who work are not eager to let Obama have it. They’re not running around feeling guilty about it. They’re running around scared that somebody like Obama’s gonna come take it from them. They’re looking for ways to hide it!

They’re looking for ways to shelter it from people like Obama.

People do not run around and say, “If I get a tax break I don’t need and the country can’t afford…” Nobody that’s responsible talks about what the country can’t afford. The country can’t afford Obama! The country cannot afford Pelosi. The country can’t afford Reid. The country can’t afford any more Democrats. The country can’t afford any more socialists. We can afford and we can accommodate — and we should celebrate, we should encourage — the creation of wealth via hard work. Damn right he’s trying to stigmatize that, and he’s trying to guilt people. So when Warren Buffett comes along, “I don’t need this tax cut. I don’t need it. I’m all for getting rid of the estate tax,” that’s just so that you don’t someday march on Warren Buffett’s house and try to take his money. The filthy rich in this country… I’ve had so many people ask me, “How come these guys, Rush, are all talking about how they favor tax increases?” I say it’s all a game. It’s to keep the peasants with the pitchforks away from ’em. It’s all phony.

There’s not a one of these guys who got where they are by agreeing with what they’re saying now and by behaving the way they talk now. Warren Buffett didn’t get where he is with policies, philosophies, and business practice that are reflected by his current language. Just the opposite. So all these filthy rich people who talk liberalism and who try to make people think they live liberalism, they’re scared. They want an insurance policy. They want a moat around their homes and their businesses that you can’t cross in anger. So that’s how they do it. They speak of disdaining wealth. They talk about how they don’t need any more tax cuts, while they go out and try to earn even more, and Warren Buffett fights current tax bills that he has.

Warren Buffett’s not beaten a path to the IRS saying, “How much do I owe you?” Warren Buffett is in a battle with them right now. They’re telling him he owes more than he wants to pay. But publicly Warren Buffett wants you to think that he goes to the IRS every day and writes a check because he feels so bad about earning so much and being taxed so little. It’s all absurd. It’s all a lie. It’s all class envy. Obama’s speech today to these students at Northern Virginia Community College proves that Occupy Wall Street is already running our country. They already occupy the White House. That kind of thinking is already running this country. Here’s Obama talking to a bunch of college kids talking about their wages stalling? They don’t have any wages. They’re not earning anything yet, and if they do, it’s part-time. They’ve not entered the full-time workforce yet. This is a community college. He expects everybody to do their fair share except the half of us who pay nothing. They’re not gonna do their fair share.

They’re gonna continue to sit there and do nothing and receive the rewards for it, because in Obama’s world, they’re victims. They don’t have anything because the rich have stolen it from, except Warren Buffett who hasn’t stolen it from ’em because Warren Buffett doesn’t think he needs a tax cut so he’s cool. I don’t know how many, but I’ll guarantee you of these kids in this audience today very few of them are paying income tax. Some of them earn enough probably to have to pay some income tax, but it’s insignificant. He’s promising the takers that he’s gonna take even more from the producers. That’s what the speech is. That’s what his campaign is. Obama is seeking reelection with the votes of the takers, and he’s promised ’em that he’s gonna take even more from the producers. That’s what we’re watching. That’s what he thinks he can win reelection on. That’s where he thinks the country is. By design, that’s where he wants the country.


RUSH: You know, Warren Buffett’s secretary pays a lot more for food than Obama does, and she pays a lot more for rent or housing than Obama does, and Warren Buffett’s secretary probably pays more to travel than Obama does. What’s fair about that, Mr. President?

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