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RUSH: Michelle in Star, Idaho. Thanks for calling; thanks for waiting. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. I’ve been listening to you since 1988 since I graduated from high school. My mom, Marybeth, introduced my boyfriend at the time — he’s my husband now — and we’ve been to listening to you ever since. We just love you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you. You’re a lifer. You’ve been around since the very beginning, ’88.

CALLER: That’s right. My mom found you and we graduated, I feel like. I didn’t go to college but I feel like I did go to your university, and you speak my mind. So you are the man that speaks my mind.

RUSH: See, that’s it! We validate on this program.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: We don’t create mind-numbed robots. She already agreed with me before she even knew me.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: Well, I do agree on the bigger issues, the assault on our Constitution, but I do want to address the Catholic Church issue. I know it’s a side issue.

RUSH: That’s the assault. That’s an assault on the Constitution. It’s all wrapped up in that.

CALLER: Oh, it is. It is. And I think that it’s just a real shame what the Catholic Church has done to itself. I think that when you look over time, they basically are reaping what they sew. There’s consequences to their actions. And with their schools, their hospitals, and their universities, they started accepting state and federal funds. And so you can see the deterioration across the board. You can go into a Catholic school, and those children are not even learning Church history. My son goes to a classical Christian school, and he is learning all about Church history; about, you know, America’s history, world history, Medieval Times. You know, everything. He’s in fourth grade, and he’s just learned about St. Thomas —

RUSH: Yeah —

CALLER: — and how he became a saint and how he was standing up against the king. And how history just is repeating itself. And it’s just a real shame what the Catholic Church has done. I was baptized Catholic, raised Catholic, and I have to say I left the Church. When I was “burdened with a child,” (giggles), I decided, you know, first and foremost the most important thing to me was his education. Luckily I was able to find a school that is teaching him all of this and reinforcing our values and our principles. But, yeah, the Catholic Church, I think they really dropped the ball. You know, when they started also on other issues like illegal immigration to say, “Let our borders stay wide open,” and said nothing and took these people into the hospitals, it’s created this problem we’re having with the health care system and the costs of everything.

RUSH: Yeah. You know, it’s an interesting point. Once you accept federal funding, federal money, they, by definition, are going to have — or going to assert, the government will — some say-so or some control. In fact, a great illustration of this is the school lunch program. When schools accept federal funds for the school lunch program, the Feds then turn around and use that as the linkage to the curriculum. The Feds say, “If you’re going to take money from the school lunch program, we’re gonna tell you what you can and can’t teach.” This is how the Feds insert themselves via the lunch program.

It’s the same thing… Half the population is dependent. We had the story yesterday about the rising dependence. It’s not just the Catholic Church. The Democrat Party has set out to purposely enslave as many people as possible to federal money and have as much of their lives as possible paid for by federal money, so they will constantly vote Democrat and then entrench Democrats in power. Now, I’m not saying that people end up being corrupted by it. I’m just saying: Follow the money and you’ll find an answer to practically every question that you ask. And it’s an allure. You know, this giant stash of money from the federal government. They offer it to you. Everybody needs more money. Everybody wants more money.

They come along and offer it to you in legislation when you’re Catholic Church, Catholic school, whatever. You take it, and then the Feds will use that as a way inside your door. It’s a tough thing. (sigh) The solution is more people like me, and it’s easy for me to say. I don’t know when this happened to me. I don’t know when it was. Sometime early in my life when I was not able to totally provide for myself, I’d been fired or something, and I just hated that. I just hated it, and I vowed one of my goals in life was I was never going to be dependent on anybody for my needs, ’cause I figured, “When you’re dependent on people for your needs, they own you. It’s over.”

And I vowed that was going to be something that I would never experience again. And when I say that, people say, “Well, yeah, easy for you to say.” Well, no. It hasn’t been easy, is the point. (interruption) No, it’s not “social Darwinism.” It’s not. It’s called “social responsibility.” (interruption) Social Darwinism, natural selection, all that garbage? You know, Darwin was full of it! One of the biggest problems the culture has is that Darwin is considered an authority on things. That’s for another day. I appreciate the call. The whole notion of accepting federal money — as far as the Catholic Church is concerned — is an accurate thing to say. It does provide the federal government a way in.

Folks, the $25 billion settlement with the banks over foreclosure abuses? This is a story Bloomberg has today. It’s pretty big out there. It “may result in a wave of home seizures, inflicting short term pain on delinquent US borrowers while making a long-term housing recovery more likely,” but the new foreclosures that are gonna take place with Obama funding is going to have an immediate deleterious effect on the housing market. A lot of concern about it.

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