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RUSH: Bruce in Melbourne, Florida. Glad you called, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Rush, thank you. I just want to say how fortunate I am that, in spite of Obama’s interpretation of the Constitution and even Ginsburg’s interpretation, the boys at FCC, I’m able to listen to you on the radio.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I do have respect for Santorum. I view myself as a conservative, but I have several concerns. First off, if you look at voter turnout in most of the states thus far, it has been lower than in previous elections, and I hope this isn’t gonna signal this disenfranchisement and an apathy that may really show a similar pattern in the national election regardless of who our candidate is. And then I have two other points. I’d just like to hear what you think on the first point.

RUSH: Whether the low turnout in the primaries yesterday means anything as far as the general? I don’t think so. No, no, no, no.

CALLER: — gonna be reflective of what we’re gonna see, those people coming out, you know, in support of the GOP candidate.

RUSH: No, no, no. It’s two different things. What’s happening right now in the GOP primary process is the conservative media is hell-bent on getting a message out that Romney’s the nominee, that Romney’s it, it’s over. And there are some who resent that, “Okay, screw it, I’m not gonna bother with it.” And I don’t think low turnout, plus, you know, Colorado’s a caucus state, it’s a very weird way that things happen there, but I don’t think a low turnout is a signal of what’s gonna happen in the November elections. That’s gonna be its own separate campaign and it’s gonna have its own separate things that motivate, anger, inspire people or what have you. Some of these caucuses and primaries, the results are not even binding, the delegates are not bound over by virtue of the results here. So there’s a lot of factors here that could explain the low turnout that don’t mean anything as far as the general is concerned.

CALLER: Okay. I guess then going into my second point, just your views on such, is that in spite of the conservatives having a two-to-one edge over liberals and how abysmal this country really is under the Obama administration, and third, whatever guys they have up there, conservatives and Libertarian guys to the public, we do see that in some of the key polling, even with Rasmussen today, shows that right now 50% of Americans somewhat approve of the way Obama is leading the nation, and 49% disapprove, Obama wins now in Virginia. Is that signaling, in your opinion, that we really have reached a state of American — how can I say — it’s perception of Americans who really show that we’ve reached an impasse, have really lost core values in this country?

RUSH: Not yet — not yet. I can understand why people would have that fear. We won’t be able to determine that until November. And even then it’s gonna depend on what choice people have. November is gonna be quite telling, I think, in regards to your question about whether or not a significant percentage of the country has lost its core values, even though there are twice as many people who say that they are conservative as they are liberal. Don’t forget this, and I know one of the reasons why you have the question, you take the 40% who identify as conservative, the 20% who identify as liberals. You have the rest who may not even know what time it is that day when they get up. They’re busy watching all these pop culture TV shows, and when you talk about core values, they may not have any themselves. They may not be concerned about it.

They may not know much about American politics. They may not care. And as such they’re gonna vote on things that have nothing to do with the way you are going to vote, issues. They’re gonna vote on emotion. Some of them might even vote on the candidate that promises to give them the most and pay off their student loan. Who knows. But we face a crossroads. I mean the American left has purposefully established, tried to establish as many dependent people on government as possible in this country. And this hasn’t happened overnight. It’s been happening at a steady but slow pace, and it’s almost undetectable at times, how it happens.

So we’ll find out. I am not yet ready to concede that the country is anywhere near that point, in fact. I look at the 2010 midterms. But if you’re the opposition party, you just can’t rely on the result without trying to be involved in it. It’s gonna take some work and some education and the right kind of campaign to prevail. Always does.

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