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RUSH: Did you see the story? All of a sudden, I’m minding my own business, trying to do a little show prep on Sunday, and I’m reading the New York Post and, lo and behold, there’s another Kennedy babe, JFK babe. Out of the blue. Now, Monica Lewinsky was 23. This babe was 18 or 19 and JFK sees her somewhere. It was a Clinton redux. Of course JFK did it first. Actually, Clinton was JFK redux. They bring the babe into the swimming pool. JFK does the number in the swimming pool. Invites her up to the residence when Jackie’s not around. Has her “service” other members of his administration. She falls in love. Even after she tells him she’s getting married, he still continues. “No big deal to me.”

And this goes on up until a week prior to his assassination. So it’s another Kennedy babe. And I got to thinking. I know with Democrats sex doesn’t matter, especially when it “doesn’t detract from your job,” blah, blah, blah, blah. But regardless… It only matters for Newt, for example. Which, frankly (chuckling), a lot of people have trouble believing those stories. JFK you believe it. A lot of people say, “Newt? Really? Okay. There must be something we don’t know.” Anyway, the media knew all this back then. This is what happens when the media is having an affair with a politician, when the media is having an affair with a candidate or the media’s having an affair with an elected official.

This is what happens. The whole Kennedy thing, everybody back then knew it, but there was no reporting of it. It was “Camelot” and all.

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