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RUSH: It’s telephone time, Open Line Friday. We go to the Tuckahoe, New York, and Francesco. Francesco, great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to maybe throw some light on why they can’t add, subtract, and divide to a correct unemployment number. If you look at the majority of politicians in this country, they’re all pretty much lawyers. And if you go back a little further and see what lawyers’ backgrounds are, what they study in school? It’s pretty much history or political science. They just have no real training on anything. We just got to get more engineers and doctors in there. And if you look at the who goes in to study college history and political science — maybe I’m biased, I’m an engineer myself — but it’s not the at the top of the class from high school. You never see a valedictorian, salutatorian go in to study history or political science. They usually go into engineering — or business, maybe — or medicine. It’s just ridiculous how this country… I have no way to agree with Trump at all.

RUSH: What would you do to change this? I recall Patsy Schroeder and a number of other feminazis once said that there weren’t enough women in the Senate and the House. What will we do about this?

CALLER: Well, I mean, I don’t know. I mean, you know, we have… Every job out there for, you know, county… I used to be county engineer for Westchester County, New York, for the Health Department. We have qualifications for even basic levels of those. I had to have an engineering degree. I had to have this, that. You want to go higher, you have to have a license to be a senior engineer there. Why is it that for politicians, we have no credentials? We have no standards for them! I mean, if you went back and looked at some of these people’s grades in high school, they’re pathetic!

RUSH: Come on, we’re talking lawyers. What do you want here?

CALLER: You know, it’s funny, too, because I have a big family — a big, Italian family — and I have about nine lawyers that are cousins. And, you know, it’s kind of like they’re not educated. They’re smart people, but even the most smart person that goes into law all they study and have their background in is history. Even though they could be smart persons, they just don’t have what it takes to do a job. I mean, look at the super PAC committee.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Any of those people have a finance degree? Any of those people have any kind of training in that?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I mean, it’s pathetic.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: Pathetic.

RUSH: You know, one of the best Halloween costumes I ever saw? A guy showed up, and he actually had a giant balloon on his head with cut-outs for the mouth and the eyes. He had a balloon on his head.

I said, “What are you? What is this guy?”

He said, “I’m a lawyer.”

“A lawyer?”

“Yeah. It’s a condom.”

I said, “You put a balloon on your head and that’s a condom?”

“Yeah. So what does that make me? I’m a lawyer.”

“Ohhhh. Okay. I like that.”

Let me tell you something out there, Francesco. (laughing) Do you know…? (laughing) Do you know why so many lawyers are in Congress and in politics? ‘Cause they want to write the laws. And the reason they want to write the laws is guess who one of the largest groups of people that contribute to Democrats is? It’s lawyers. The plaintiff’s bar, tort lawyers. Tort reform is always fought. Can you imagine one of the biggest changes in this country culturally, politically, societally, if loser-pays became part of lawsuits? Loser pays! You’d wipe out over half of these crazy lawsuits that take place. Businesses that have been shut down would still be in business. Loser pays. Tort reform.

It’s a closed group of people. But I agree with you: There’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t limit the number of lawyers in Congress. The Constitution doesn’t permit it. It’s the same problem the women had. They were bellyaching and crying: “Not enough women in Congress!” What are we supposed to do? I’ll tell you what was inherently bad about it was them making the point, “Only women can represent women! Only African-Americans can represent African-Americans!” I think what we ought to do for politicians is actually issue a License to Steal, rather than have it done on the sly. Just issue a license — and if you win elective office, you get the license. It says there, “License to Steal.” This is what happens.

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