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RUSH: Lincoln, Kansas, and this is Keith. Keith, great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, my overview on the whole situation is this. First of all, Newt should never let Fannie Mae or the ethics violation bother him, first of all. Secondly, Romney will spend five times more, the establishment wants him, the Republican establishment, the regime wants him. They know that they get Romney in there, they can get him to go across the aisle, we’ll have control of the Senate and the House.

RUSH: Wait, whoa, whoa, hold it, hold it. I’m just confused, and I’m not sure I understood what you just said. You just said they know they get Romney in there, they get him to go across the aisle, and then we’ll have control of the House and Senate. I don’t understand how those two go together. What good is having control of the Senate if Romney goes across the aisle? I assume you mean works with Democrats.

CALLER: Yes, he’ll work with both of them, and the health care that he still believes in the mandate, I still believe the Republicans will go work with the Democrats, and they will get it together. They’ll just try to change it, they’ll try to repeal it and they’ll put it in their own version and Romney will get what he really wants basically even if it goes to the states where they set up a commonwealth like in Massachusetts. Not only that, but he has the tendency, too, to be able to — he has nothing in — I don’t see nothing in stone on his tax reform. The thing about it is any state that he ran, that was 47th in job creation, not only that but if Barney Frank and his own partner can get married in that state, if this guy’s been pro-choice before, if he’s been —

RUSH: Okay, wait, I need to know something here to be able to understand this. Are you criticizing Romney or are you for him?

CALLER: No, I’m for Newt, but here’s the problem. I see right now Romney gaining all the momentum. And if Newt lets that bother him and if Romney spends five to one, then this is what the Obama administration wants because they’re not gonna afford him any debates. It’s gonna be just a money against money, a billion against $200 million on the airways. I’ll guarantee you, Obama will not afford him the debates that he would like to have to make any kind of a statement about Obama’s one out of two in poverty or his $5.8 trillion spending or his $14 million on food stamps or the fact that he spent $5.8 trillion. I mean the guy and Bush together have spent $10.7 trillion. That’s more than all the presidents since 1776. Where Gingrich, if he gets in there, the establishment knows he’ll change the czars, the departments, he’ll go against what they had to shake hands on for many, many years. Gingrich will make a statement if he gets in there. They don’t want it. They know he’ll change Washington. They don’t want it changed.

RUSH: Okay. I get you now. So Romney is the establishment. No matter what party, the establishment will get what they want whenever they want it. Romney will give it to ’em. The difference between the parties are minuscule. There will be health care, maybe change at the margin a little bit, but it will still be there, still be a mandate. That’s what you’re saying?

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. And Newt is not gonna do this just like on that new stock amendment where the insider trading, like Peter Schweizer, this has been going on for a while. And, I’ll tell you what, they do not want the establishment changed. I don’t care how they go about it, they’re going to do everything they can, and it’s basically working against Newt because it’s like, the regime, the Obama administration wants Romney, the Republican establishment wants Romney. I support Newt because I think he’s the only one that will stand up against them.

RUSH: All right. Okay. I thought that’s where you were going, but I thought you were gonna say something entirely different based on what’s on the call screener board. I apologize. I thought you were going to say it’s over, that the game’s been rigged, that Romney’s in there ’cause everybody wants him in there and it’s over and I thought were just gonna be fatalistic about it. So that’s my mistake. I’m having trouble following what you were saying based on what I thought you were gonna say.

Doug in Salem, Oregon, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I guess I’ve got a question for you.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And you’re the wise teacher. Why does the establishment, or anybody else for that matter, want the loser to McCain in ’08 to be our nominee?

RUSH: Well, why would Romney bring the loser up on stage to endorse him?

CALLER: Well, yeah, that too.

RUSH: I didn’t understand that. I think what that was, if you want to know the truth, I think that was the establishment looking to people like you and saying, “Look at this, (raspberry) you. This is who we are, and you may think you can stop us, but you can’t.” I think that was an anti-Tea Party, that was an anti-conservative statement by the establishment. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. And that’s why they’re hanging together. Huckabee admitted in 2008 he hated Romney, but now he loves him. He’s endorsed him, because Romney’s not saying bad things about him this year ’cause he’s not running against him.

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