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RUSH: Great editorial in the Wall Street Journal — and I’ll tell you another reason I loved Santorum last night. He actually referred to global warming as a hoax. You hear that? He called it a hoax. He did, and it is. The Wall Street Journal has an editorial today that’s very important, very important. Here’s a pull-quote: “Why is there so much passion about global warming, and why has the issue become so vexing that the American Physical Society, from which Dr. Giaever resigned a few months ago, refused the seemingly reasonable request by many of its members to remove the word ‘incontrovertible’ from its description of a scientific issue? There are several reasons, but a good place to start is the old question ‘cui bono?’

“Or the modern update, ‘Follow the money.’ … There is no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy.” Wall Street Journal. There it is. The evidence continues to mount. They even have the guts to say that CO2 is not a pollutant. Carbon dioxide, what we exhale. Finally some common sense is entering this in the mainstream media. Here’s another pull-quote: “Alarmism over climate is of great benefit to many, providing government funding for academic research and a reason for government bureaucracies to grow. Alarmism also offers an excuse for governments to raise taxes…” I mean, I could have written this! The Wall Street Journal is simply rewording what I said. Here’s the way you are destroying the planet. Not on purpose, no, no!

You’ve been duped by Big Oil and Big Gas and Big Everybody, and you’re driving these cars around, driving these SUVs; you think you’re keeping your family safe. But you’re destroying the climate, and you are killing the polar bear environment, and you’re killing the polar bears. You’re killing all these animals. Species are dying! Now, what do we do about it? Well, you’re guilty. Not intentionally, though. We’ll let you off the hook. You simply have to go along with raising taxes. You have to agree to a tax increase. You have to agree to stop driving all these things and using the light bulbs that you wanna use and you gotta live your life the way we say. Pay higher taxes, go out and drive a bunch of junk cars and so forth, and you can save the planet.

And, of course, the dunces of our culture say, “Ooh, wow,” ’cause everybody wants to matter, everybody wants their life to have meaning. So the Wizards of Smart tell ’em, “You can save the planet,” and people (wallowing away in their otherwise miserable lives) are given meaning. “Wow, I can save the planet? Oh, man, that’s great,” and then they become evangels for the whole cause. They start wearing ribbons, they drive little podunk cars, and then they get in your face and tell how you ought to live like them because you’re destroying the planet. And their lives have meaning, and the whole thing perpetuates itself. “Alarmism also offers an excuse for governments to raise taxes, taxpayer-funded subsidies for businesses that understand how to work the political system, and a lure for big donations to charitable foundations promising to save the planet,” and it also allows smart CEOs to come up with green aspects of their business. Like McDonald’s.

“Look at this, our new Styrofoam container has less Styrofoam. We’re saving the planet. Come in and buy our Big Mac.” And then they get credit for caring about the climate. I just see a marketing opportunity because you’ve been duped. Anything that saves the planet, people want their lives to matter. They want their lives to have meaning. They’ve unwittingly been destroying the planet, and so, and so, all I have to do is buy a Big Mac in this 50% less Styrofoam container and I’m mattering. So they go buy Big Macs, think they’re helping out, and the CEOs say, “Oh man, what a scam we got going here. Our clientele thinks that they’re saving the planet. All we gotta do is tell them that by buying our stuff they’re saving polar bears.”

That’s how you get one of those, was it a Nissan commercial? Some polar bear wanders a neighborhood in suburbia. Yeah, the Leaf, wandering a suburban neighborhood looking for somebody driving a car that will not kill his iceberg. He finds the driver. He finds the car in the driveway. The polar bear goes up and hugs the driver. And Nissan thinks, man, are we smart. It’s been one of the biggest scams out there, folks, and it continues. But nevertheless the Journal is on the case. I can’t believe I’m reading it there. I mean even though they’re conservatives on the editorial page, I’ve never seen it this pointed.

For example, “Speaking for many scientists and engineers who have looked carefully and independently at the science of climate, we have a message to any candidate for public office: There is no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to ‘decarbonize’ the world’s economy. Even if one accepts the inflated climate forecasts of the IPCC, aggressive greenhouse-gas control policies are not justified economically.” Not only that, we can’t do it.

“Spain Suspends Subsidies for New Renewable Energy Power Plants.” You know, green technology, that’s been one of the constant themes of the regime, all of his state of the hoax speeches, the class warfare rallies. From the 2010 state of the hoax we can put Americans to work today building the infrastructure of tomorrow, from the first real roads to the Interstate Highway System, our nation has always been built to compete. There’s no reason Europe or China should have the fastest trains, the new factories that manufacture clean energy products.

Do you know why Obama gives speeches written on the eighth grade level, by the way? It’s the only demographic naive enough to believe what he’s saying, people with an eighth grade level of understanding. It’s like he said in Vegas yesterday, (imitating Obama) “Yeah, we want to build stuff, we want to make stuff, and we want to move it. That’s my economic theme for America, build stuff, and make stuff, and move it. And sell stuff, too, yeah, we want to sell it.” So what do we have here? Spain has had its Sputnik moment. They were the Soviets, and they lost.

“Spain’s government suspended subsidies for new renewable energy plants as part of the administration’s efforts to curb the budget deficit. The government today passed a decree that will halt subsidies for new wind, solar, co-generation or waste incineration plants, as it bids to rein in electric system debts that reached 24 billion euros ($31 billion),” by the end of last year. So Spain, green energy, green jobs, they lost all kinds of stuff, economy went in the tank, and now going further, suspending subsidies for renewable energy plants. Obamaism is collapsing everywhere around the world it’s being tried.


RUSH: That Wall Street Journal editorial is signed by 16 scientists who put their names to this. That’s gutsy. There’s also an article about Germany cutting its solar subsidies as well. Obamaism everywhere around the world is going down the tubes, except here, where we’re still getting it cranked up.

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