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RUSH: Mike in Fremont, Ohio. Great to have you, sir. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, mega dittos there, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you there very much, sir.

CALLER: Okay, I was wondering about what’s gonna happen if Newt is the “nominatee” and he does get to be president because I think he can beat Obama. All these guys trashing him, all these leader Republicans, how they gonna work with him?

RUSH: I don’t know because I think they really hate him.

CALLER: Yeah, they do. I can tell that, too.

RUSH: They hate this guy, and I don’t think they want him to win. If he gets the nomination, I don’t think they want him to be president.

CALLER: Well, they don’t. I think he could really take it to Obama, and that’s the problem, and these other guys are just gonna suck up. So…

RUSH: Well, the way politics is, at the end of the campaign they’ll find a way. It always happens. This isn’t the first internecine battle of this kind. This is not the first campaign where people have asked the question that you’re asking here: “Oh, my God, how are these guys gonna put it back together and love each other?” I just take you back to 2008. They hated Romney! The McCain people hated Romney. Huckabee haaaaaaaaaaa-aa-ted Romney. Now they’re endorsing him. It’s politics. Let me tell you why: The money. If they win, they control the money. That’s power. They will find a way to love each other. Never fear. Republicans want to be in charge of the money. You know, the sad, sad thing is that we really don’t have a free market. We have the illusion of one.

One of the really true facts of life in America today is that big corporations don’t want a free market. They want intimate relationships with powerful politicians. They want intimate relationships with the powerful politicians who regulate the market. They want to be on the winning side when politicians start regulating the market. I give you as an example (and there are countless examples) Jeffrey Immelt at General Electric. These CEOs all know that no matter which party’s in charge, they’re going to be regulating business. It’s not a roll of the dice. It’s standard operating business procedure. If the government has the power to regulate your business, you get in bed with them to limit the damage and maybe on the upside get regulations in your favor. Sadly, folks, that’s the truth. That’s the way it happens.


RUSH: I hope, at the end of all this, whoever is coordinating this on Newt has the guts and the gumption to go after Obama this way. But I have my doubts. Because I’ve heard the stories about the RNC interviewing various polling groups seeking advice on how best to go after Obama. “Ohhhh, don’t be critical!” They’re telling them. “Oh, no, no! Don’t be critical. Obama’s loved, personally popular! It’s… Don’t call him a socialist. Don’t call him anything. Oh, no, no, no, no, no! You’ve gotta oppose Obama and his policies.” Fine. So we’ll treat Obama with kid gloves. We will destroy ourselves. We’ll eat each other alive. I just hope that there is some of this in reserve for Obama.

Maybe part of this game plan is to get Newt to self-deport out of the race. That came up in the debate the other night. Who was it, Romney, well, we’re gonna do self-deportation as immigration control? The economy here is not that hot. People are leaving. There are no opportunities here for the illegals; they’re self-deporting themselves. They’re hoping Newt self-deports himself out of the campaign. Isn’t gonna happen. But there is a debate tonight, and this is a massive coordinated attack. I don’t know it’s a conspiracy. But it’s coordinated. All of this stuff has hit in one day.

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