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RUSH: Folks, we are doing some fun tests here in different markets with Two If By Tea. And what we’re doing is it’s gonna pop up in stores. Every now and then as just a little… Sort of like along the lines of, you remember Today Show, they used to have a feature, “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” We’re gonna have sort of the same kind of thing, Where Today is Two If By Tea? And we’re just having it pop up in various stores out there for the pure fun of it. So, today, if you happen to be at Jungle Jim’s outside Cincinnati… It’s in Fairfield Ohio. It’s on Dixie Highway, 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, Ohio. We got it on display there. You go in to Jungle Jim’s and you can buy Two If By Tea.

I think we’ve got all the flavors there. (interruption) How did what? (interruption) Well, that’s for us to know. “How do you get your store on the list?” We got all that handled. That’s our business. We’re not gonna do it every day. We’re just having fun with it. You know, put Rush Revere there every day or every week it might be a different story. Today it’s Jungle Jim’s on 5440 Dixie Highway in Fairfield Ohio — “while supplies last,” which probably isn’t gonna be very long now, but it’s out there. We got all the flavors. People have said to me, “We like ordering on the Internet, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to go down to the store…” Okay, there’s a few… Okay, you want to book a plane reservation to Cincinnati go to Jungle Jim’s you can do it — or, if you live there, drive on over.

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