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RUSH: So I had a long, long, long day yesterday, and I’m arriving back at about, what was it, 9:30. I’m landing at 9:30, I’d been watching the State of the Union show, that campaign speech for a half hour, and, folks, every e-mail I’m getting, “Well, that’s it, Rush. We can’t win. This is over. We can’t top this. It’s finished. My God, it’s over. We don’t have a prayer. This is so good, he’s giving away the store. Americans are such idiots, gonna fall for it.” I had to shut down my e-mail because I’m listening to the most vacuous, empty, filled-with-lies speech. It was boring. It was actually boring.

I watched some of the post-debate analysis, and I was actually surprised to hear some of the Fox people say that. I thought the Fox people were gonna be praising this speech to the hilt, as Obama’s back, ’cause that’s all I had gotten from my friends. I was pulling what little hair I have left out last night, “Jesus, for crying out loud, why are people such pessimists?” ‘Cause this is not what that speech was. This was not a, “It’s over, we can’t beat this guy,” kinda speech. This speech was recycled. In fact, the GOP, the RNC, somebody’s put together a short video to show he uses exact phrases from State of the Union show to State of the Union show to State of the Union show.


RUSH: Folks, I have to tell you, I was telling Snerdley today that speech, yeah, it was a campaign speech, and yeah, it was this and that, it was a repeat and so forth. It was chock-full of lies. It was fantasyland. No, it didn’t soar. It was boring. It was an hour-and-a-half long. There was nothing to set it apart, nothing about it that’s going to be memorable in a positive way. General Motors, the number one car company in the world again? It just isn’t true. None of the economic news is true. He did two things. He lied. He tried to paint the economy as back. We are back, except where we’re not back, and that’s Bush’s fault. But we are back.

He also used the usual trick of speaking about events in America as though he’s running for office for the first time. He’s running against things that are happening that are his policies that he is pretending he’s had nothing to do with. He knows full well he’s not gonna be called on that by the media. There was one offhand less-than-casual reference to Obamacare, which you would think in a State of the Union with a socialist doing the remarks, making the remarks, that he would be singing the praises of that piece of legislation and talking about what a game-changer it is and how it’s the best thing that happened to the country. Not a word of substance about it.

In fact, there are a lot of facts that were omitted in the State of the Union speech. He didn’t talk about the 13.1 million unemployed Americans. He didn’t talk about the 5.6 million unemployed Americans who have been on unemployment longer than 27 weeks. He didn’t talk about 8.1 million involuntary part-time workers. He didn’t talk about the falling civilian labor force participation rate was 64%. The number of jobs, the universe of jobs shrinking, didn’t bring that up. Didn’t talk about the national debt, $15.2 trillion, five trillion of which is his! Do you realize one-third of our entire national debt as a nation over 200 years, one-third of it is his, his alone. Of course he didn’t bring it up. He didn’t talk about the Keystone pipeline.

This speech was so filled with contradictions. He talked about teamwork is what made America great? Teamwork? Do you know, ladies and gentlemen, how wrong that is? Do you know what our founding documents are about? The rights and freedom of the individual versus government. There’s nothing about teamwork. There’s nothing about compromise, getting along and working together. The whole point of this government, the whole point of this country, the whole point of this founding was to champion the power and the rights and the civil rights and the freedoms and the liberty of the individual over government. I’m gonna tell you, if anybody on our side running for office anywhere — Senate, House, president — is on their game, this is an immediate, I mean they have just, Obama unwittingly has tossed a softball with the bases loaded.

This is worth two grand slams, this whole concept of teamwork, when this country was premised on the power, the rights of the individual, on the uniqueness of all of us, that we are different, that we all bring different things. Then there was this, whatever we do, we gotta have fairness. There must be fairness. That’s a code word for class warfare. Fairness is in the liberal dictionary, and it gives them the opportunity, the right, the power to redistribute wealth. That’s what fairness is.

And another example of hypocrisy. Obama starts off his State of the Union address by thanking the military while at the same time he is slashing the Pentagon budget by about a trillion dollars and firing 80,000 soldiers. Opens up by praising an element of government that he is slashing to shreds. He closed it, too. You know, I’ll tell you what’s also obvious here. This speech, it was a lie from front to back, and it was an attempt — it was Obama’s attempt — to align himself with America’s greatness. And, folks, it didn’t work.

Now, for those of us who know Obama. It mighta worked for some of you who don’t. For those of us who know Obama, it was pitiful. We know he didn’t mean it. He’s talking about American greatness all night? He doesn’t believe that. He doesn’t believe what he said. What we learned last night is how much trouble he’s in. We learned what he thinks he has to say in order to win reelection. We had it confirmed: He cannot run on his record. He cannot run on the current condition for most Americans in this country. He can’t run on life as it is in America.

He has to join the platitudes of this country. He has to make it appear as though he is one of us and has the same love for the traditions and institutions that made this country great, but it came off as phony. It came off as empty. And then there was this. “On the day I took office, our auto industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said (sic) we should let it die. With a million jobs at stake, I refused to let that happen. In exchange for help we demanded responsibility. We got workers and automakers to settle their differences. We got the industry to retool and restructure. Today General Motors is back on top as the world’s number one automaker”?

When did I miss that? Yeah, okay, in China! That’s who’s buying the cars. Okay, cool. “Chrysler has grown faster in the US…” By the way, I’m not gonna believe any set of such numbers this regime puts out this year. I’m not gonna believe the unemployment number; I don’t believe this General Motors number. What an absolute crock. Anyway, after talking about all the wonderful, great, miraculous things he did with General Motors, then what did he say? “It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts, and no cop-outs. An America built to lasts, insists on responsibility from everybody.” Now, maybe I’m a bitter clinger, but the car companies appear to have received a bailout to me. The UAW got a bailout to me, and the UAW was handed General Motors and Chrysler, if you ask me. Now, I don’t know what that is if it’s not a bailout. So he spends a whole speech talking about, “No more bailouts. We’re not gonna do that! No handouts, no cop-outs,” and then he gives as his greatest example of American prosperity a company he bailed out! Who wrote this? This speech was an embarrassment.


RUSH: Folks, seriously now — and then Warren Buffett’s secretary? That’s a whole ‘nother subject that I gotta get to here. (interruption) No, I don’t know… (interruption) Warren… (interruption) No, Warren Buffet’s sec… Now I’ve stepped in it now. Well, I’ve almost stepped in it. Look, folks, I really want to beg your indulgence here today. I can’t tell you how fast my brain’s working. I can’t physically mouth, articulate everything I’m thinking and I can’t tell you how frustrated because I’m thinking some of the greatest stuff right now. I’m thinking some of the funniest stuff. It will eventually come outta here. You just gotta hang in with me. I mean, literally…

This is one of those classic overload days, and I have become expert at overload at weeding out the unimportant, editing out the stuff that really doesn’t matter. But today it’s a veritable smorgasbord. It’s a buffet. It’s a gold mine out there. So just hang in there with me. AP did a fact-check story. The original headline on this story: “Obama Pushes Plans That Flopped Before.” State-Controlled Media! AP! That was the headline: “Obama Pushes Plans That Flopped Before.” I don’t know how long it lasted, but it’s gone now. About the number of people that watched, this is a good way to put it in perspective. The Sunday night football game on Fox was the highest rated NFC Championship Game in 17 years.

That game had nearly double the audience of last night’s State of the Union, which aired on ALL networks. The championship game, NFC Championship Game aired on one network on Fox Sunday at 6:30, and it had twice the audience — actually it wasn’t a State of the Union; it was actually a Class Warfare Rally last night in the House chamber on every network. To put this in perspective. So the magic, The Messiah, the hope and change, all that, it’s gone. The magic, all that stuff, it’s gone. Last night was deadbeat city. It really was.

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