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RUSH: You go over to the Romney campaign, you get this. “Mitt Romney adviser,” not friend, not acquaintance, not long lost buddy. “Mitt Romney adviser Norm Coleman, a former senator from Minnesota, predicted the GOP wonÂ’t repeal the DemocratsÂ’ healthcare reform law even if a Republican candidate defeats President Obama this November. ‘You will not repeal the act in its entirety, but you will see major changes, particularly if there is a Republican president. You canÂ’t whole-cloth throw it out.'”

So, Newt… (laughing) there’s gonna be a “draft Limbaugh” movement before this is all over. So Newt says, (imitation) “No, no, the sex and Lewinsky stuff, hell, no, no problem, I was worried about the lying under oath.” Romney’s out there, the first thing he says at every debate, (imitation) “I’m gonna repeal Obamacare. I’m gonna get rid of it. It’s the last thing we’re gonna have, it’s destructive. It will tear the country apart.” Every debate. Every campaign appearance. Every speech. He probably dreams it. “I’m gonna repeal Obamacare.” Romney adviser: “No, we won’t be able to repeal Obamacare. There’s no way. You’re never gonna be able to get rid of it in its entirety.”


RUSH: By the way, the Romney campaign is distancing itself from Norm Coleman’s comments. The Gingrich campaign is not distancing itself from sex. “Hey, the sex is cool. Sex? No problem! It’s lying under oath.” Coleman went out there and said, “(giggling) Yeah, I’m an adviser to Romney, let me tell you…” This is almost as bad… By the way, the Newt people… Folks, I’m sorry. I have got so much going on in my mind. Really, this is a classic overload day and I’m doing my best to edit myself. If I did stream of consciousness, you’d want to commit me. I wouldn’t be finishing sentences. Every word would remind me of something else I wanted to say. Bear with me today. I really… Every neuron, every synapse is firing overtime.

There is literally so much. Colemans’s out there and he says: Hey, yeah, I’m a Romney adviser; ain’t no way health care is gonna be repealed. “With all due respect to Sen. Coleman, he’s wrong,” campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said via e-mail. “Gov. Romney can and will repeal Obamacare and is committed to doing so.” PS: Who was Norm Coleman? Newt has an ad. Well, Newt’s super PAC has an ad and it is being universally praised. This Newt super PAC ad is going bonkers. It’s aimed right between Romney’s eyes. Do you remember we had a story a… Well, we told you about the story in Forbes magazine:

Two Romney advisers are out there saying they were called by the White House for assistance in putting together Obamacare. Two of the people that helped put Romneycare together went to the Oval Office, and Obama was there, Forbes had story, and advised them on how to do Obamacare based on Romneycare. This one of the reasons Tea Party Republicans have problems with Mitt. So Gingrich has an ad. The Gingrich super PAC has an ad that’s titled Meet the Men Who Gave Us Obamacare, and it’s a direct recitation of the meat details of that Forbes story. Remember there was a debate that night when that story came out, and I was stunned that nobody in the Republican side mentioned that story. It’s been a couple of months now but it’s finally out at an ad.

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