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RUSH: You want to know what my job’s like, in part? So, after the open I go to the e-mail, my private e-mail box, people that know me: “You’re wrong. A long campaign hurts. This is what you ought to be saying.” So I promptly set up a mail rule to delete that stuff. It’s a New Yorker, so it’s typical New York Times panic and fear. I’m telling you, folks, don’t prejudge this electability question, and I am not telling you I am supporting Newt Gingrich. I’m not supporting anybody. I am supporting conservatism. I’m supporting the truth about Barack Obama coming out. I would much rather hear about Barack Obama, “He’s a Saul Alinsky radical,” than I would hear, “He’s in over his head.”
He’s not in over his head. He’s not incompetent. That’s how Romney and the base want Obama discussed.

Our people don’t think he’s a hapless, unlucky, in-over-his-head incompetent stumbling through life making the wrong decisions. They think he’s on a mission to transform this country in a way that it won’t be like anything we’ve ever seen since it was founded. They want somebody who sees that about Obama and is as oriented to saving the country as they are. The Republican establishment doesn’t have that candidate. They just do not have that candidate. If they’ve got that candidate, that candidate’s not willing to say so. When these party elites start talking about electability, they’re talking about their own electability. How did it ever get written — and this is not a slam on Romney, I don’t want anybody misunderstanding this. I’m talking about the Republican establishment.

From the get-go, the reason to support Romney is that he’s the guy that can beat Obama. Mitt Romney is 9-16 in his electoral career. He’s nine out of 25. That’s Mr. Electability? I don’t understand. I just think the process is gonna take care of itself. It’s designed to be long and drawn out so that all the flaws and the positive elements of people finally end up being fully on display with as few questions as possible. Romney could still end up being the conservative nominee to himself if he gets it.

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