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RUSH: Remington in Charleston, South Carolina. Hi, Remington, thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Big fan of your show. Glad you could take my call. I have one quick question for you. Do you think somebody who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has up to $25 million invested in the Cayman Islands, made his living bankrupting corporations, really represents the bulk of Americans?

RUSH: Well, do I think that, you know, anybody who earns $500,000 a year represents most Americans?

CALLER: Well, I mean they certainly represent slightly more than, you know, someone who has —

RUSH: I’m not going there. This is a trap you are laying for the host, and a novice, inexperienced host would fall for it, but I don’t even accept your premise. What is your premise about this, that Romney doesn’t represent the bulk of America because he’s invested $25 million in the Caymans?

CALLER: Well, I mean most Americans that I know and talk to every day don’t have the ability to offshore, you know, millions of funds in secret bank accounts —

RUSH: They’re not secret. They’re not secret and they’re not shelters and they’re not illegal. Investing in these things in the Caymans — and the ABC story even admits it — is no different than Warren Buffett investing in NetJets. Most Americans can’t invest in NetJets, either. Most Americans can’t invest significantly in ABC and have control over it. Most Americans are not gonna be paid $7 billion by Disney for an animated computer company like Steve Jobs was. Steve Jobs I think has far more relatability to far more Americans than a lot of other people who only make $50,000. Do you want to be governed by a bunch of people who make $75,000 a year?

CALLER: Well, I mean, as far as you’re talking about earlier in the program, made a really good point mentioning that Wall Street Journal editorial about the greed age in the 1980s being so significant. What was so significant about that greed age was that it widened the income gap between the top 1% and everybody else for an entire generation.

RUSH: Well, no.

CALLER: Now the top 1% has 200% more than 60% of —

RUSH: That’s not true either. That is another myth that has been going around for 30 years. The income gap actually hasn’t been widening and the people in the top 1% move in and out of it. It’s not the same 1%. He sounds like an Occupy guy. I don’t know what makes you happy, Remington, I don’t know what makes you happy, maybe a name-change, but if that won’t do it, why don’t you try to become Romney? Why don’t you try to get in on this action? You are an American, what good is it doing you to sit around and resent all this stuff?

How is that making you happy? If you want to sit around with a bunch of people in their own excrement, spreading disease and so forth and thinking you’re making a difference, I’m telling you you’re not. Not in a positive way. There’s a glorious country out there with gobs and gobs of opportunity. You, too, could have $25 million in the Caymans if you get off your duff and give it a shot. It’s possible in this country, and if you don’t want to put it in the Caymans, invest it wherever you want. Green energy. Go broke. But you can do it.


RUSH: In closing, let me describe for you the most important income gap, as an example. The income gap for Mark Zuckerberg: His income before Facebook; his income after Facebook. How about that income gap? And that’s what we want proportionately for everybody, that kind of income gap: Growth from nothing to something! Think about that.

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